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  1. Occasionally I get some lower flight levels and I was wondering if the auto step climb would work with that or is it strictly for climbing? also if my initial is at FL380 and I have go down to FL370 do I still type it as 37000S even though it's lower? -Angelo Busato
  2. I got two Thai jets registered as HS-TGP, do I have to give them two different registrations to avoid confusing the panel configuration? Or can two different liveries share the same name just fine? -Angelo Busato
  3. killairbus

    Am I too conservative?

    And here I thought reserve fuel was simply FAR + Alt... well thanks for all the answers everybody I appreciate the time taken to answer this! This post was spurred by an obersvation on two flight plans I acquired for a United flight. On KORD to VHHH, the flight plan showed if we diverted we would've made ZGGG with fuel well above FAR+ALT. But on the inbound leg we would've diverted to the filed alternate just under the reserves. -Angelo Busato
  4. killairbus

    Am I too conservative?

    I tend to file my flight plans with enough fuel to reach my alternate that's above my reserves. Am I too conservative with this? Is it ok to divert and land with some of my reserve fuel used? -Angelo Busato
  5. I meant when were they first offered by Boeing -Angelo Busato
  6. Hi, What Years were the following options introduced for the 400 PAX? LCD displays Engine Autostart Aux Hyd 1 Updated fuel system Thanks -Angelo Busato
  7. Hi, I was wondering where I can read up in the manual more about the differences between the original and updated fuel system? These are options that can be selected in the Equipment page on the FMC but I couldn't find a reference to them in the manuals about the differences between them. Also where can I read more about the different weight and balance systems? And can a 747 be equipped with a "single" weight and balance system despite not having a stab tank equipped? I ask because I assumed that the fuel ballast system needs that tank in order to ballast fuel. edit: I'm sorry, the details of each option are listed in the Introduction Manual, sorry for the post -Angelo Busato
  8. Interesting, why is that? -Angelo Busato
  9. Hello, When I did the IND LTS test I noticed that the asterisk like fire warning lights on the fuel control switches did not light up. They only did so with the overhead fire test. -Angelo Busato FSX:SE 747-400
  10. killairbus

    5th engine doesn't increase ZFW.

    Thanks! -Angelo Busato
  11. I was wondering how difficult would it be to source some documents to get an idea of how heavy a spare engine on the RR 400 weighs and if PMDG had a verifiable source would they consider adding it in the next update? -Angelo Busato
  12. killairbus

    FMC can power up in CnD state

    This is a very small thing, I haven't turned on the battery and I don't have any external power attached, but I managed to turn on the FMC while the flight deck was cold and dark -Angelo Busato
  13. killairbus

    No wind data on select waypoints

    The strange thing is I've never fidled with any of the FMC's weather settings on the 777, or 747 but I always got full wind data from the route data when I asked for it. -Angelo Busato
  14. killairbus

    No wind data on select waypoints

    No I don't have an active Sky account, I don't use any weather programs, but I've had wind data before for all my waypoints on previous flights. Including on this version of the 400. The wind data was based on the fair preselected weather settings on the FSX weather menu, so it's always a constant 270-285/25kts. -Angelo Busato
  15. Routing: EGLL-KSEA DCT WELIN UN57 TNT DCT BEL DCT ADODO/M085F340 DCT 62N020W 65N030W 67N040W/M085F360 68N050W 68N060W/N0481F360 68N070W 67N080W 65N091W 62N100W/N0482F380 DCT YMM J508 CALLY DCT BOJAM J527 YNY J503 FOLDY DCT GLASR GLASR1 I asked for route data after setting up my ACARS, I'm offline, and wind data did not show up on: ADODO/M085F340 DCT 62N020W 65N030W 67N040W/M085F360 68N050W 68N060W/N0481F360 68N070W 67N080W 65N091W 62N100W/N0482F380 DCT YMM J508 CALLY DCT BOJAM J527 YNY waypoints. I've never had a problem with this before, I either got full wind data or none at all. Why are only some of my waypoints getting wind data? -Angelo Busato FSX:SE 747-400 G-CIVX the waypoints were entered manually