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  1. killairbus

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    OrientThai & 1Time please -Angelo Busato
  2. killairbus

    PMDG 747-400v3 QOTS II Repaint Thread

    This would be great to own but a monster to paint -Angelo Busato
  3. I love the flap linkages, and everything about the exterior really, PMDG's modeling has come a long way since the MD-11. -Angelo Busato
  4. killairbus

    747-400D questions

    Thank you very much Dick! "and please don't kill the airbus. They are also good aircraft." Hahaha, maybe I'll be convinced otherwise when PMDG makes one. -Angelo
  5. So I'm doing a flight with max ZFW and the flight plan says I'll have about 9,000kgs when I land at my destination. I decided to check what my CG would be at approach by loading 9,000kgs of fuel at the gate and the problem is with full payload, the TOCG is too forward at that fuel amount, 12.7%. So my question is if this is a safety hazard to be on final approach with TOCG that forward? Is TOCG synonymous with CG in flight in the manner that, if it's too forward at take off it's too forward for all phases of the flight especially landing? Sorry if my wording may confuse you, I'll clarify if need be. -Angelo Busato
  6. killairbus

    Fuel planning question

    Yes I've been confounded over what to consider the minimum fuel needed for cooling, in the manuals it's the 13,000kgs and on other sources around 6,000kgs. -Angelo
  7. Thank you so much for the mtows and for suggesting simbrief! I wasn't aware there was a free alternative to PFPX. One more question, are the MTOWs the same across all three engine suppliers? -Thank you Angelo
  8. Do I put in the route 2 origin as is in route one or or put in route 1's destination as route 2's origin? -Angelo
  9. Darn, if that's really the case... have you simulated a Qanats 400 standard KLAX to YSSY? Could you tell me your usual Zero fuel weight and reserve fuel? -Angelo
  10. I've never really bothered adding an alternate into the FMC, I always have reserve fuel at 19.5kg as an estimated default value. But now I want to find out a more accurate value by adding an alternate to calculate the fuel I'll need to get there. Trouble is, I can't seem to find where in the manuals do they talk about adding an alternate airport in the FMC. If someone could give me a page number I'd appreciate it. Also: What is the MTOW and Max taxi weight for the 400? Is it 394.6 and 395.9kg as stated in the manuals? -Angelo
  11. killairbus

    No invalid v speeds?

    In the 747v3, if I set a flex temp that's too high I get a message saying that my v speeds are invalid. This is good because it tells me I won't clear the runway with the weights I added into the MCDU. But i I don't think the 777-300ER has this feature right? Because I can set 99 degrees and it still calculates v speeds even though I'm at 322 metric tons.
  12. killairbus

    Operations Center Update Failure

    I installed a zenmate vpn for a free 7 day trial and switched my internet location, and ran the updater! It worked! -Angelo Busato
  13. Yes except for using a VPN in order to connect to a server elsewhere. -Angelo
  14. The OC updater can't download product modules, it's the same issue from this thread.
  15. Until this update issue is resolved, it would be nice if we could have to version just before the July 28 update. I can't install new liveries without the OC and get to flying my favorite airlines. Does PMDG have a way to send me and others affected by the update issue, a link to download the last OC? -And I'd like to suggest that for future OCs to have an option for us to choose which server to connect to in case it's a problem server side. -Angelo Busato