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  1. In the 747v3, if I set a flex temp that's too high I get a message saying that my v speeds are invalid. This is good because it tells me I won't clear the runway with the weights I added into the MCDU. But i I don't think the 777-300ER has this feature right? Because I can set 99 degrees and it still calculates v speeds even though I'm at 322 metric tons.
  2. I installed a zenmate vpn for a free 7 day trial and switched my internet location, and ran the updater! It worked! -Angelo Busato
  3. Yes except for using a VPN in order to connect to a server elsewhere. -Angelo
  4. The OC updater can't download product modules, it's the same issue from this thread.
  5. Until this update issue is resolved, it would be nice if we could have to version just before the July 28 update. I can't install new liveries without the OC and get to flying my favorite airlines. Does PMDG have a way to send me and others affected by the update issue, a link to download the last OC? -And I'd like to suggest that for future OCs to have an option for us to choose which server to connect to in case it's a problem server side. -Angelo Busato
  6. This is odd because I'm in the USA and I have turned off defender, my AV, and the firewall but the update stops itself much earlier. With the anti viruses and firewall up the update stops only later at the 737 P3D product modules. -Angelo Busato -
  7. I've been mentioning this problem, I've been trying to download it from here in the US. -Angelo Busato
  8. Oh sorry about the miscommunication, I deleted the OC after it couldn't update itself because it's unable to download "product modules." And I read on another topic that I should delete everything in the OC's directory and run the updater but it still didn't fix it and it cant complete its installation because it's still unable to download these "product modules.". -Angelo Busato
  9. My OC was deleted after I tried to troubleshoot an update problem, and I can't reinstall it because it can't download "Product Modules." So I'm wondering, do I need to have the OC in order to buy and download another PMDG product and its expansion? Can I install both the product and expansion from the PMDG website? -Angelo Busato
  10. Yes and I'm sure there are no connectivity issues, as I have downloaded and run the 747 installer successfully.
  11. Now it's stopping the update because it cant install "Product Module '737NGX P3D.dll I have turned off my antivirus and firewall but the OC updater still can't download these "Product Modules." -Angelo Busato
  12. As the updater runs it stops and a message says "Product Module '737NGX P4D.dll' has failed to download after 3 attempts. Please try again." I'm going to try and turn my antivirus off. -Angelo Busato
  13. I have just come back from a three month break from simulating only to discover you guys are making HUGE changes! That's awesome but since I've been away, I have small questions. -Do I have to uninstall my old 747 before going into my account and downloading the full installer? -My OC has trouble updating the pmdg product modules (747,777, 737, etc.) it cant download the module and I think I should go into the directory and delete everything except for the OpsCenterUpdater.exe. Is this an ok method to get around this? -Angelo Busato
  14. There should be a special list for aircraft painted in the alliance liveries All Star alliance 747s All Sky Team 747s and All One World 747s. -Angelo Busato
  15. Something else to add, it goes invalid now after I input a fuel load that is excessively over the MTOW. Unless it was intended to be that way, I have been simply misusing the FMC and I apologize for wasting the time of you all. -Angelo Busato