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  1. @scottb613 I don't use FSUIPC. I just notice that the falcon handles completely differently than all my other aircraft I use.
  2. As this bid getting more and more refined, the only thing that still feels odd is the super sensitive nose wheel steering. A slight input on my rudder pedals hava a huge effect while t/o run.
  3. Sorry, but what does FDE means?
  4. While capturing the LOC, the plane did a slight overshoot, above 1nm, before it turned back on the LOC course. My approach angle was was about 40°. I also noticed that it starts the turn quite late. I noticed the plane almost instantly comes to a stop with reverse thrust. Is it really that powerful? Lastly, any way to turn of the flight director ? Really enjoying it so far, will be a very nice biz jet for P3D 👍
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