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  1. I heard you still can view there
  2. Thanks for the heads up appreciate the reply.
  3. Guys, I know Heathrow really well but I'm looking to take my son to see some arrivals/departures. Where is the best place to park and view? Thanks
  4. Kyle, My last name is very unique and I require privacy. Iv been an avid pmdg fan since thier early days as you'll see on my pmdg history store page. I have had many laughs with you're boss Robert on these forums with no problem till yesterday. Thank you for the update, I shall use the official route.
  5. Thank you for the answer, this is the latest installer from my order history download. Aploigses but I won't sign with my full name for confidential reasons but my first name will suffice.
  6. Gents, i'm trying to install my 737 expansion into fsx steam. following on from installing the base package and every other pmdg module no problem, but for some reason upon launching the 737/6/700 installer it says fsx not found?
  7. Hey guys, Iv had a massive absense from the fsx/p3d mainly due to DCS. Iv decided to get back into the fsx world due to my love of the MD11, Am I reading it correctly that PMDG have decided to stop selling the MD11? Luckily I was a supporter from day go but I mean wow! The module has took some right stick over the years I personally think it was groundbreaking and one of PMDG best add-ons. I get the feeling it's the unwanted child of theirs lol.
  8. Such sad news, his ideas have been cemented as the back bone of the flght sim community, long live avsim and may Tom be in peace
  9. i agree with the price tag but you never know how much its cost them to develop this product everyones got over heads but also it think people are use to there pricing for the GA props they developed
  10. Last night on there facebook page, carenado showed earlier previews of there newest product in development the CJ2, no interior shots just external, what ever people want to say about carenado's flight systems e.g in depth you cant knock them for steeping up into the biz jet market and trying to bring there products up in detail, no one else has giving it ago yet, i say fair play to you! we all bang on about how there's a lack of biz jets, keep it up guys!
  11. i just keep finding b200 material cant find 350i anywhere?
  12. Do I switch or do I hang out for the new crj for fsx that's due in soon lol wish I could afford both!
  13. Thank you for the input guys, I really interested in the flight factor 757 as FSX is really lacking s decent one, any opions? Also weather programs like asn for x plane?
  14. Hey guys, Iv been a Ms flight sim guy since fs95, but with the big changes going on I'm thinking of leaving fsx but in in 2 minds if I should give p3d my full support of five X plane a try because as we know its not a cheap hobby lol, so I was wondering if anyone could drop a few points on getting x plane up to a good standard what add ons scenery and tweaks bear in mind I'm looking for realistic aircraft Cheers Paul
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