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  1. My FMC is showing all call outs are active. The sounds ‘v’ call outs, flap ‘clicks’, brake clicks were all active until yesterday. Today they are not there. I have not altered any settings I have tried a re install but the sounds are still not active. Can any member help me please? I am using FSX STEAM Donald Leaton
  2. On occasions when my PMDG 777 & 747 are loading very slowly, I get a very quick glimpse of the inside seating etc., of the passenger section before it is quickly covered up. Just wondered if there is a way of activating this internal view to have a better look at this part of the aircraft? Missing the level of detail PMDG go to! thank you Donald Leaton
  3. muskrat

    Throttle Issue

    thank you..Budbud. i'll check out what you say. My CH Flightsim yoke is getting a bit old now. Donald
  4. muskrat

    Throttle Issue

    I choose to start the engines on the above aircraft with the DEFAULT 777 in the FMC menu. It starts the sequence and then an alert activates (making the same sound as if the throttles are pushed full forward whilst stationary....i.e. beep. beep, beep etc_ I then immediately reload with the DEFAULT 777 option, push my throttles full forward and back, and the alert stops. All is normal. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now but the problem still exists. Can any member advise what is amiss here please? Thank you Donald Leaton .
  5. I do not start the engines on the PMDG 777 from Cold & Dark, but use the 777 Default on the FMC. the engines start but I then get warning sound (a beep, beep,beep,beep...) but cannot see any alerts displayed. Have read the manual but cannot see any reason for this. Can any member assist please? Thank you Donald Leaton
  6. Please ignore...I cannot post a picture....sorry.
  7. What is this YO YO type thing on the tail of my 747 QOTS? thank you Donald.
  8. Is there an option in the FMC settings to set the speed the IRS sets itself up? in the previous version this could be done in the 'options' menu thank you Donald Leaton
  9. same thing happens with McAfee A/V. When I disable it and the firewall I can gain access to the livery manager/updater etc. But when I enable it the files disappear and i receive a TROJAN warning...Artemis!5D213A3CF4F4......which does nor exist. What a caper! Donald Leaton ,
  10. That looks great but how do I activate it in the cockpit? Thanks Donald Leaton
  11. Is there a service pack 1 yet for the QOTS vIII ? Thank you Donald Leaton
  12. I have Active Sky 2016 installed. Is this compatible with weather radar display in the cockpit of the QOTS ? Thank you Donald Leaton
  13. change password

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