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  1. Bert, I tried the code change but to no avail and then reverted to V4.2 of your mod but the problem was still there for me. I then reverted to the original panel folder without your mod and the manual start-up is now working. Im going to put the latest version of your mod back on as I would much rather have the enhancements you made and have to CTRL E or menu start than have a more realistic start without them.
  2. I too installed the latest version of Berts mod as soon as I updated and installed V1.2. Well spotted Alexander and thanks Bert for the code change, will give it a try.
  3. Seems not Alexander 🙄 Thanks Mark, will give that a try.
  4. I have just uninstalled 1.1 and installed 1.2 and now find that its not possible to perform a manual engine start. Whilst I was seeing the max torque issue now and again with the previous versions when manually starting and this now appears to have been fixed, with 1.2 when the condition levers are moved to the start position, the engines refuse to start. The start sound can be heard then it just fades and loops as if the fuel has not been introduced . Have to use CTRL E or use the start options from the pop-up now. Is anyone else having this issue? Im running FSX-SE with DX10Fixer btw.
  5. Thanks for this mod Bert, works great 🙂
  6. A British Midland livery from before they changed the blue/light grey to blue/dark grey sometime in the late 90s would be fantastic. As in this example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alan_lord/5712622601
  7. Slado

    GTN frozen

    Having looked at this again, Im getting the GTN freeze with the Loganair livery but not with the Flybe. I havent flown any of the others yet. Ive updated the aircraft to version 1.1 but am still seeing this problem with either all cores or auto set in the GTN config.
  8. Looks like a bug that no power is displayed when the display switch is set to EXT PWR but if you turn on EXT PWR and see that the EXT PWR ON, L BAT and R BAT lights are on, you should be able to start the engines regardless of the static elements setting. The EXT PWR AVAIL light will only illuminate when tow car and static elements is selected to on and the parking brake is on. Not sure if the batteries drain as I have the FSUIPC misc option set to extend battery life. Would be better if external power was a separate item on the shift 3 menu really.
  9. Slado

    GTN frozen

    Also worth checking you have the latest version of the GTN. Mine was locking up completely in the Saab (both VC and pop-up) and would only reset after the avionics power was cycled off and on. After downloading and installing the current version from the Flight1 store, I noted that the GTN Config tool version went from V2.03 to V2.05 which seems to have fixed it for me.
  10. Had the same problem myself Tony then found there are engine shut off click-spots directly under the condition levers to the left and right of the "COND" label.
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