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  1. Hi all, Some years ago PMDG offered printed manuals (FCOM, FCTM and QRH) for their NGX. I’ve been looking all over the web for a real QRH, but haven’t been successful as of yet. I think it would make a nice addition to my home cockpit so I thought perhaps someone here has one lying around gathering dust. I do have a few real QRH’s in digital PDF form but it would probably be wildly expensive to print all 424 pages myself, and besides, I don’t know what paper size they’re printed on and in what binder size they are placed. So, any suggestions? Anyone have an old QRH lying around? many thanks, Stefan
  2. Hi all, I'm currently looking to buy several parts of hardware, amongst them is an MCP. I was wondering: If I - for example - ask the F/O to set a certain flight level, will this change be reflected on the 'real' MCP? I'm assuming that when I ask the F/O to engage a certain A/P mode like LNAV or Command A, this will not be reflected on the 'real' mcp, is this correct? Thanks, Stefan
  3. Sorry for my late response guys, but Partition Magic screwed up my harddisk so I've reinstalled Vista ( after a LOT of hussles :S ) so I have to reconfigure and install everything again. I'll check the options hopefully tonight. Cheers,Stefan
  4. Stephen, I'll look into it, maybe it's indeed something at Simroutes's side.Thanks!
  5. Ok thanks Cristi. I'll try that, but keep in mind that I, just like in RL, use differents routes, as I get my routes from FlightPlanPro which validates the route it found at the CFMU validator. So I get different routes for the same flight each time. So building an own database won't work! ;-) I'll debug tonight, will let you know asap.Thanks again for helping, I appreciate it!Stefan
  6. Finally some answers, thanks guys! 'Trisager, it's with every route, not just a particual one.. Cristi, if I did it that way, why would I want to make use of the co.route feature anyway? Thanks for the help and replies!
  7. Hi Everyone,To start off my first post here, I have to say I just LOVE the NGX!When I started flightsimming, I flew the 737 nearly 9/10 flights. Then, I wanted to fly something else, just for a change.Now I've 'rediscovered' the 737 and boy do I like it. Anyways, I'd like to start using the company route feature of the FMC, rather then manually typing the sometimes lenghty routes.This is what I do, step by step, I hope it might just help. 1. I get myself a CFMU validated route from FlightPlanPro. ( CFMU because I only fly in Europe, and FlightPlanPro is freeware, go check it out on flightplanpro.eu!! )2. I go to Simroutes.com, click generate route, fill the form out and copy+paste the route in, and click 'Generate Route'3. I choose 'PMDG' from the dropdown menu and download the '.rte' file generated by Simroutes.com ( In my case it's called EHRDLEAL.rte )4. Since you need admin rights to place/move/edit something in the \FLIGHTPLANS\NGX map, I download the .rte file to my desktop, then I move it to \FLIGHTPLANS\NGX folder. I then start fsx, choose the 738 with Winglets, do my pre-flight checks ( While standing at EHRD/ Rotterdam ), align the IR's, and while they're busy, I start my FMC work.I arrive at the route-page, fill out my dep/arr/rwy/cs entries, and then I enter EHRDLEAL in the company route line. Before executing, I cross-check the route with the route I have in my OFP ( Operational Flight Plan ) which turns out to be completly different! It's like it mixed all of the waypoints and like it removed some of the waypoints too Any ideas on what could be causing this? Is this an error from Simroutes' side or from PMDG's? Thanks in advance,Stefan
  8. Hello ,Today I bought also the PSS 757 and I got the same problem with it , my FMC screen is black ( nothing appears on it ) and also when i'm in 2d panel and I click on Set ( the Setup panel ) I got no letters or anything , just the panel itself. ( and the blocks where things should be writed in ) so I downloaded those 2 fonts from the net and placed them in: C:program filesWINDOWSfonts and deleted them from the same folder. I started FS2004 and the 757 but nothing changed. So I thought maybe if I copy them in the fonts folder of FS2004.Maybe that's the solution!Greetings from a rainy country called Holland.. ;P
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