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  1. Thanks for that. I've downloaded the files and copied them to my EZCA2 folder and will give it a try. Do I still need to keep the 'turbulence effect scale' setting in AS2016 as 35?
  2. So managed to work out that it was actually the Ezdok 2.0 profile causing this problem as the effects processor settings send additional turbulence data to AS2016. Turning these down seems to have fixed the problem. Does anyone who uses Ezdock 2.0 have these settings turned on at all when using AS?
  3. Hi, I just recently purchased AS2016 and installed it in P3D running on Windows 10 64-bit and have performed a few test flights in the NGX. I'm experiencing quite negative affects of turbulence on the aircraft once airborne causing it to bank left and right wildly during climb, this gets progressively worse near cruise and almost impossible to maintain straight and level flight. I'm not sure if it's AS2016 causing this or something else such as FSUIPC but I have just updated FSUIPC4 to 4.97 (P3D 3.4) to try and fix it without any success. So far I've tried the following. Turn down turbulence scale, wind turbulence effects, and wake turbulence in AS2016 Update FSUIPC Confirmed turbulence and thermal effects are disabled in P3D Confirmed wind smoothing is disabled in FSUIPC So far this is the only aircraft I've tested with AS2016 and it's been a while since I've flown it but I don't remember these effects being so bad with ASN. I've also just updated to the latest version of the NGX (1.20.8413) via Operations Center.
  4. I managed to pick up their 777 base pack the other day as I want to occasionally fly the -200ER type with three engine variants that's been missing from the rest of my fleet (I already own the PMDG 777 types). Have to say I've enjoyed it so far after a couple of short flights. Not as detailed and in-depth as the PMDG but definitely flyable with no major issues so far. $10 USD well spent.
  5. The winds aloft generally seem OK however they seem fairly inaccurate when flying over oceans. I did a flight from NZAA to RKSI the other day crossing the Pacific and had a tailwind almost the whole way when there should have been headwinds, this greatly affected fuel burn and I ended up a bit heavy on arrival. Midway through the flight I would disable xEnviro and turn on default XP 10 weather, then compared the winds with the ones reported on SkyVector for those altitudes and they were the same. Both sources use NOAA so would expect them to be accurate. I then turned xEnviro back on and got the tailwinds once again. Everything else about xEnviro so far is excellent and it produces some stunning visuals and effects however I do hope the devs put a bit more focus on areas such as wind data.
  6. Awesome shots! Yes the weather depiction off coasts is great however I was referring to flying over open ocean. I noticed on several occasions that no weather was being depicted, but I may be wrong as I'm currently flying just north of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific enroute to RKSI and the cloud coverage looks really good right now. I'm still a bit concerned about winds aloft over oceans as I should have a light headwind when I currently have a tailwind instead.
  7. Has anyone noticed that when flying oceanic routes xEnviro no longer depicts correct winds aloft and cloud coverage? I've done a couple of flights over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans recently and noticed the sky is always clear and winds are not reported correctly. Other than that absolutely been loving this product so far. It would be a shame if oceanic weather is not covered as it would limit my flying to only over the continents.
  8. Interesting. I did notice it happen only in variable wind conditions. I also started noticing stutters and pauses after their most recent hotfix especially during cloudy and overcast conditions. I'll try without the time sync option and see how it goes.
  9. I've started using this again now since it became supported on X-Plane (used to use FSGRW with FSX but then upgraded to ASN) and absolutely love it. It's great to finally see a decent weather add-on for X-Plane with proper upper air winds, no abrupt weather updates and proper depiction of dewpoint on METAR (unlike NOAA plugin). I was getting random disconnects from the sim before but the hotfix has since fixed that. I find that there actually is some turbulence. It's a lot more subtle than what you get with NOAA plugin or FSRealWX but it's there, I did a flight in the JAR A330 last night from LTBA to LSGG and it was definitely there during cruise over southern Europe.
  10. Hi Doug, Thanks for the info and heads-up about the Win 10 consumer preview. I actually have an ISO image of a tech preview I burnt to disc a while back but haven't had a chance to install as yet, is it the same thing or have they come out with something newer since then?
  11. Does anyone know if this issue still exists with FSX SE running Win 8.1 or have DTG managed to fix it?
  12. I haven't yet had a chance to download and try out the update so hopefully will get some time this weekend. So far I've been very impressed with this aircraft and has become one of my favourites in X-Plane. I actually quite like the updated the cockpit textures that came with the previous update. Love those screenshots! Are you using any additional scenery for Sydney area? I notice a nicely detailed city centre in the background of one of them.
  13. I think they might be making the assumption that because the majority of their user base aren't real 777 pilots (which is probably true) then we won't notice the difference. Not everyone uses more than one platform and has both the PMDG and FF 777's like we do so a lot of people who only use XP will only get exposure to the FF 777. As much as I like XP for it's fluidness and visuals especially at night time I still find that overall the PMDG 777 gives me more of a sensation of an actual 777 than the FF does, not just in terms of visuals but also consistency with the real aircraft in terms of systems accuracy (electronic checklists, TO de-rates, FMS inconsistencies etc). The FF may have a lot of systems modelled as well but after a bit of study you do notice they aren't entirely accurate.
  14. Well depends on how you look at it. If you've never used one before then yes, it would be more challenging. If you simply program an FMC and push autopilot right after take-off then probably not so challenging. It's challenging flying IFR using radio nav aids like in the FJSim 727 and 737 but you'd normally use an FMC if simulating airliner ops in a modern jet.
  15. I think if you're simulating an airliner to maximum detail then the FMS is extremely important as this is the 'bread and butter' of flying these types of aircraft. I think it's just as important as engines, flight model, hydraulics etc and should not be overlooked. Sure you can opt to have a simpler model with a more 'basic' or no FMC, but you're just not going to learn as much IMO. If like me you master flying the model on a basic level then you'll just end up 'thirsting' for something more challenging and more complex that operates EXACTLY like it does in real life. GA planes and older generation jets don't have an FMS but they're a different kettle of fish entirely. I think FF did a much better job overall on their 757.
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