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  1. Bob_Z


    It's been a long, long time. Anything to report, Ben?
  2. Bob_Z

    Prepar3DV4.3 2D Panel

    I use P3d, and have since V3, and don't have any "nasty washed out, stutterey scenery." If you do, there probably is something wrong with your setup.
  3. I have installed P3d v. 4.4 and CP now says it cannot connect to SimConect. The sim then closes and will not start again until I make changes in the sim. Not sure if this is a CP issue or not, but sometime evrything works until I close the sim and then the problem comes back.
  4. Bob_Z

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    Nobody is sure about anything. I presume PMDG and other developers are under a NDA until tomorrow. Wait a day and then find out.
  5. Bob_Z

    Aurasim CYYC Runway Update

    Ben hasn't been around since April. He has posted some things on Facebook saying he is working on some things. Who knows?
  6. Bob_Z

    great guide-747-400

    On the other hand, I was waiting in a Bo for a B737 to land on a damp, cloudy day. After he landed and left the runway, he said that the "little guy should have had more lights on so we could see him." YMMV.
  7. Bob_Z

    Odd problem, ntice a few others have as well

    Make sure you are putting in the correct code. I had the problem and found out I was putting in an old FSX code into a P3d v.4 version. The airplane worked, but it kept asking for a validation code.
  8. Bob_Z

    BVA News?

    Any news?
  9. Bob_Z

    Multiple Items of Same Name

    I shall do so. It's a strange one.
  10. Bob_Z

    Multiple Items of Same Name

    Got the sim problem fixed, but the validation problem remains. It only effects the 747-700 variation. All other 737s as well as 747 and 777 don't ask for validation.
  11. Bob_Z

    Multiple Items of Same Name

    I think I attacked it 🙂 [Click and drag to move] I had a problem with P3d v4 ot stating correctly. After trying to fix things, I had to do what I hate to do because it often causes more problems than it fixes - reinstall everything. That worked but then I didn't have a dll.xml version in my AppData folder for SimStarter. That meant I had to reinstall my PMDG products. It was after that when the duplicate simobjects started. I did find another instance in the config file. I thought I had checked there before I posted, but I must have missed it. The validation problem started before I had to reinstall anything. My FLexNet Licensing Service 64 is running Automatic. There is another Flexnet Licensing Service that is manual. The issue only affects the 737-700NGX WL in one livery, the Southwest Classic. I uninstalled the livery, but then when I started the sim, it said the livery was missing and it would start in visualiztion mode. I could then switch to another livery and it wouldn't ask for activation. I reset the default scenario, but the d*** sim won't start at all. Thanks, Dan
  12. Bob_Z

    Multiple Items of Same Name

    What did you do to solve it? This is the 737 and a house livery that you can't delete.
  13. When I start P3d v 4.3 I get a message that "there are multiple items with the same name. They must have unique names." Then it lists PMDG 737-700NGX House Winglets. Then F:\LockheedMartin\P3dv4\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDH 737-700NGX WL. The second one is correct, I can't find the first one. T e livery manager for the -700NGX WL lists two house liveries, is that correct? Also, every time is try to load the -700, I'm asked for my activation code.
  14. I mean stopped working. When I press the main key nothing happens, the panel does not appear. I reinstalled and re-did the key assignments at least three times. Both versions were working fine, no new add-ons.
  15. Both versions of FS2Crew, 777 and 737, stopped working. Everything was fine and then nothing. I reinstalled, disabled and enable again. Nothing.