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  1. I mean stopped working. When I press the main key nothing happens, the panel does not appear. I reinstalled and re-did the key assignments at least three times. Both versions were working fine, no new add-ons.
  2. Both versions of FS2Crew, 777 and 737, stopped working. Everything was fine and then nothing. I reinstalled, disabled and enable again. Nothing.
  3. Fkying KJFK-LFPG in PMDG 777-300. Flight plan specifies cruise altitude of FL310. After takeoff, I'm cleared in small increments to 17,000, but never told to climb to cruise altitude, even after passing several waypoints with cruise altitudes. No altitude restrictions present. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?
  4. Bob_Z

    Problem with Yoke button

    Dan. Yes, all that works, but I was trying to give the OP the simplest route. Many people, me included for the most part, don't like FSUIPC. I use mouse for AP. Yoke controls fo rspeedbrake and AP disconnect.
  5. Bob_Z

    Problem with Yoke button

    Are you saying that PMDG products can't use yoke buttons and keyboard commands set through the simulator? I've been doing that for years without FSUIPC.
  6. Bob_Z

    Time for an update...

    He's actve once in a while on Facebook under his Airline2Sim name, but seems to have abandoned us.
  7. Thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  8. Bob_Z

    BVA News?

    Thanks. I'll keep my eye on it.
  9. Bob_Z

    BVA News?

    I think so. The recxruitment tab doesn't work. I would like to join, but guess I have to wait.
  10. Bob_Z

    BVA News?

    That's the new website?
  11. Bob_Z

    BVA News?

    Any update on when BVA might come back?
  12. Bob_Z

    Request on Release

    Well, the idea didn't work.
  13. Bob_Z

    Request on Release

    I just bought it, too. I just wanted a thread without all the Whopees and every 5-second download reports. Not too much to ask.
  14. Bob_Z

    Request on Release

    When the 747-8 i sreleased, would it be possible to contain questions and answers about problems, bugs and such to a thread separate from the string of word not allowed thank yous?
  15. Is there any real news? A couple of screenies and lots of word not allowed stuff.