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  1. Ben hasn't been around for a couple of months and not sure when, or if, he will return. Until that happens, it appears that downloading the videos is the only way to go.
  2. Thanks. I have it sorted out now.
  3. Thanks. I think I figured it our between what you said and experimenting.
  4. I realize Ben is not back yet, but maybe someone else can answer this question. In the last video of the training flight they are flying in Heading Select mode after turning back to VECKI. Then there is a pause and when it resumes, they are in LNAV mode. I can't get that to happen correctly. If I press the SEL button, nothing happens. If I press LNAV, it shows in white under Heading Select in the PFD. How did the get rid of the Heading Select?
  5. I'm flying with Heading Select engaged and now I want to fly to a waypoint. Since I'm not sure of the heading to the point, I presume I would engage LNAV after programming the route into the FMC. When I engage LNAV, the PFD still shows Heading Select in green with LNAV below it in white. Pushing the SEL button does nothing. I'm ding something wrong, but not sure what.
  6. Thanks. That did it.
  7. The panel in the Cargomaster is very dark, to the point that nothing can be seen. It's there, I can see the pedestal, but noting forward of that. The Grand Caravan EX is fine.
  8. This crying for announcement is funny. Where or when did you get he idea that something was imminent? RSR said in the OP that they were working on some things and that, historically, means several months at least. Calm down.
  9. If you use ORBX scenery, don't delete v.3 until you install the scenery in v.4. The installer uses many of the files in v.3. Do not copy the files over though.
  10. It was the previous version before the update, not well out of date at all.
  11. For what it's worth, the problem was resolved my uninstalling ALL PMDG aircraft and starting again from scratch. It worked. Why? I don't know.
  12. It's the texture resolution, which I always set to high or ultra. For some reason when I load the DC-6, it drops to low or nothing. I will check with LM.
  13. When I was going to take screenies of my display settings I noticed that the Texture Resolution was blank. When I reset it to medium, it cleared up the problem. Not sure why it changed on its own, but that cleared the blurries. When I loaded another aircraft, the resolution stayed as I set it. When in switched to the DC-6, the resolution went from medium to low. When I started a scenario with the DC-6 after changing the resolution to medium, it went back to low. I will open a ticket.
  14. OK. Reinstalling didn't help either.
  15. Panel mippapping is enabled. This blurriness only happens with the DC-6 and is recent. It was fine before a couple of days ago.