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  1. Bob_Z

    *Airline2Sim Status Apr 27th Update*

    Once again we are left hanging several months after last hearing anything.
  2. CP presets not working in the PMDG 777-300ER. CP does function normally in the 777-200 and 777F and PMDG 737 variants and 747. It has stopped once before then it started working again, but now not at all. Using version V0.4.217 Beta with P3D v.4.3.
  3. Thanks. I guess I can wait for the update.
  4. New to MCE and slightly confused. I have version Do I need to install the the things included in the MCE2768 cited in this thread?
  5. Bob_Z

    737 Update.???

    No such problem here, v. 4.3 client only and PMDG.
  6. I can't get any presets from the community. Do they exist for these two add ons?
  7. I get the same messge when looking for presets for the Tfdi 717. Are there no presets for either aircraft?
  8. Duh. On the way
  9. Sure. Where do I find the email address?
  10. I have just bought the Maddog X and tried to find community presets, but I get a message saying there was "sn error processing your request, please try again later." I presume there are community presets for the Maddog, so I am a bit at a loss.
  11. Bob_Z

    Which Delta Virtual?

    There seem to be several virtual Deltas: Delta Virtual (which appears somewhat dormant), Delta Virtual Air Lines (two words Air Lines), Virtual Delta Airlines (new?), and Delta Virtual Airlines (one word Airlines). Does anyone have a preference?
  12. Kyle, If you had posted that on Saturday afternoon, I bet this thread would have been half the length. There still would have been whining, but maybe not as much.l 😊
  13. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say I hacked something out. I didn't say anything about PMDG not working on anything else. I only commented on your statement that people should try doing something for a long period time and then see how they felt when criticized. . I realize this will go nowhere, so lets drop the whole thing and see what GFO has to offer.
  14. I haven't said anything about the product other than to wonder how it would affect VAs. I want to wait until I see more about it before making any decision and I was never expecting an airplane. The message of yours that I responded to did, indeed, make it seem as if criticizing the product was criticizing you personally. I'm sure you felt that after all your hard work everyone would have stood up and applauded, but the world don't work that way. A huge number of the comments following R obert's talk were childish and your response can be seen that way as well. Anyway, it's all water under the bridge. I have great respect for anyone who works hard at developing anything and I'm sure things will calm down. Someday, I'll tell you about some of the reactions I get from people over what I did for a living.