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  1. I was in contact with him recently. He said he was planning to return, but no timeline.
  2. Ben has been busy with life, but I believe he may come back. Not sure when.
  3. I got that past sorted, but still working on some other things. I would suggest that you put together some "how-to" threads dealing with the FSUIPC xml setup. All of the ones on the site deal with the old-style Modules set up.
  4. Still having problems. On the Maintenance page it to install core LINDA software it wants LINDA source. I have LINDA installed to FSUIPC folder in P3d v5 add-ons folder. Nothing I select will give me a source location. ALso, when I try to sync to sim, only FTX Default aircraft shows. I have imported several modules.
  5. Reinstalled. LINDA files are in FSUIPC6 folder in v5 add-ons folder. Everything OK now except no profiles in the drop-down list. There is a LINDA modules folder in my P3dv5 folder that has all the profiles in it. Should I delete that folder and re-download the profiles?
  6. Do I just delete the LINDA files to uninstall them? Is there an update from
  7. Both add-ons folders (4.5 and 5) have FSUIPC6 folders and both of those folders have xml.dll files. The LINDA files are also in both the 4.5 and 5 FSIPC6 folders, is that correct or should they be only in the v5 folder? My LINDA is is there an update?
  8. I didn't mention I was running P3d v4.5. Started v5. FSIPC is in the add-ons in the sim. There is an FSUIPC.ini and an xml.dll in the documents v5 add-ons. I've sent the LINDA2.log, but still no FSUIPx.log.
  9. Sorry, got that late last night. Will email shortly.
  10. Yes, ticked both. I used 6.0.4
  11. I have LINDA 3.2.0 and FSUIPC (registered) in the FSUIPC6 folder in the P3d 5 add-ons folder. I believe that means it should work in P3d v4.5. When I start LINDA and try to sync it to the sim, the flt sim/FSUIPC configs says the FSUIPC files not found. Not sure what is wrong.
  12. He hasn't been seen in months. Released the Greek island stuff and gone.
  13. I have version 1.1.65 S, which I believe is the latest, migrated to ORBX. However, ORBX Central says the installed version is 1.1.62. When I open CP I get a message saying CP cannot update because it can't access a path to a temp folder that contains the immersion manager .exe file. If I tr to use this file, it tells me I cannot access it. I have reinstalled CP from ORBX and verified files. I saw in another thread that this was a bug that was supposed to be fixed in the latest version. I also get the same type of message if I try to use an aircraft for which I am using Immersion. Is there a way to stop this message?
  14. I have version 1.1.65 S and I am still getting the update bug
  15. Ben has not been active on here or anywhere I can find for many months. Presume he has given up without telling anyone.
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