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  1. Think I have it sorted. Needed to adjust brakes
  2. If choc ks were in or PB on, the aircraft wouldn't move at all. It st\arts back several yards and then goes into the rearing.
  3. Latest versions of FSL A320, P3d v5, UGCX. After a long time with no problems, once again the aircraft rears up during pushback resulting in a tail strike. This happended quite a while ago, then stopped. Now it has started again.
  4. Ben hasn't been around in months. He seems to disappear for long periods, comes back for a bit and then gone again.
  5. To use this, I would need to turn off all TOGA products, ASCA and Pascal tweaks, correct?
  6. During Ben's previous long absences, the sites, etc. seem to have been paid for.
  7. Tis is normal for Ben. He disappears for several months and then returns for a while with new content and then gone again.... Undsercover ops?
  8. I will try others, it seems strange that they don't respond. It will lose them a prospective member.
  9. I applied to this VA but application was rejected because is attached a wrong piece of information to prove I had at least 25 hours with another VA. I sent an email to the person who sent the rejection (which contained an invitation to submit a corrected attachment). He never answered and subsequent emails asking for an explanation all went unanswered. Not sure if the VA exists or what. Anybody know about them?
  10. It's par for the course with Ben. Around for a while and then gone again.
  11. Not uncommon for Ben to show up for a while, do some new stucf and then disappear.
  12. I today's email about scenery, you mentioned an inibuilds patch for Aerosoft's RotterdamX. There isn't a patch on inibuilds for Rotterdam. Did you mean the compatibility file?
  13. I have version 1.7 according to the app. The website order section doesn't list the version, just lets you download what is there.
  14. OK. I'll uninstall it first. Ticket tomorrow.
  15. Never installed it before. Various problems waiting for FSLabs updates, my health, etc. That has little to do with what is not happening now.
  16. Account control hasn't been on in years.
  17. That didn't work. I get a message saying access to C:\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\add-ons.cfg was denied.
  18. Another question. The videos are quite dark, especially when showing the cockpit. Is this normal or is it me?
  19. Yes, the one in AppData points to the right path.
  20. Nothing custom about the installation. Normal add-on.xml straight from the installer. Why can't you answer my question?
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