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  1. LOL....what a confusion....I deleted one....🤥
  2. I'll try that.....BTW latest driver I have is 445.87....and that I have since April 14. Usually they bombarding us once a week....Is that the latest one?
  3. Well...there I have only p3d with new logo. Even though that I have two sims, on one pC. Basically I can't choose V4 or V5. Not sure if that's how supposed to be but it is in my case....I guess I can do that.
  4. So many changes....yes. To make V5 smooth and indeed it is. But due to lack of "real" favourites in V5 I figure I will use v4.5 again for time being...but unable to. Mostly adjustments were in the NCP panel for P3D...now I can't even remember how many changes I made...LOL. CPU is firing on all 8 cores even (?!) no bottleneck there.... I guess if I revert to default will help. I can try of course. Except 747 and QW787 no...yes I added only ASP4 and deleted old ASP for v4.5. but as I said that doesn't make any difference. On or off. I have to say one thing...FPS are steady...but at 9 FPS...LOL😀. I can't used it but.....
  5. Nothing on V4.5.....Only thing is new ASP4...but when I shut that nothing changes. As I said I reinstalled ORBX base, but nothing that I can think off why that would deteriorate to the point almost stall.....scenery looks OK.
  6. I wasn't using V4.5 for a month, ever since V5 was installed over a month ago....I flew with 747 and 787 (all smooth and good). As we know there are no more updates PMDG/FSL (delayed for some reason) and I decided to switch back and use V4.5 to fly my favourites. I haven't change anything in setting but I am chocking with 9-10 FPS....on the ground and in the air..... Not sure if re-installing ORBX base could contribute to this issue, but I don't think so. Lowering settings to minimum doesn't change absolutely nothing. SIM simply got stuck on 9 FPS and SIM won't budge. What I tried so far, deleted gen files and .cfg, repaired Client and other than that nothing. Not sure if anyone else experienced same or similar thing, please let me know....not sure if I should try anything else. Only thing I was doing is setting V5 to my liking....and made it smooth. They supposed to be separate SIMs so not sure what I could do to make it this way. I always had very performance on V4.5.
  7. Thanks Vic...that worked.....never had this issue before....
  8. Hey guys....when I try to update ORBX object flow it says that my terrain.cfg file is missing or is corrupt.....I checked and it's not missing, how do I know if is corrupt? Can I download that separately...? Not sure how to attach here to be checked.... Thanks
  9. But what happens if you try to "forgot your password"...and create new one.....? did you tried that?
  10. Not sure...I have only one log-in for both....once there I have option what to download.....v4.5 or v5.....
  11. What do you mean...? I use one log-in for both....for LM download purchase page?
  12. Make sense...I never used SSAA...it is to heavy on my PC...
  13. Not exactly.....so it is not error with every PC....What I see so far high end GPU's are more "complaining" that us with lower end....Either to much OC or some other "distribution" doesn't work....
  14. Correct....improved over last version and smooth.....bit slippery on LNAV/VNAV...and I have issue with GSX2...Keeps CTD every time I request something from GSX2. I thought once I update to V5 it will disappear but nope...Only issue I have with V5.... I posted on their forum even but no answer...not sure if anyone else had it.
  15. Interesting result once you attempt to go there...LOL Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead..!😎
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