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  1. I don't have CTD, However, looking at my LOG I see few errors related to MS Office and was wondering was is this about...But I see few others have issues as well...
  2. Same problem here...had to get previous driver....
  3. Confirmed...not sure with this update....
  4. Hmm, actually I never paid attention to that, thinking should change by itself, but I was wrong...LOL Actually not sure if is EA, but it is very blue, Could be that side effect. Using Envshade but world from 35000 feet in my case is very Blue...LOL. Have to nail this adjustments somehow....
  5. I get that is second day of Spring only and in settings (P3D) showing Spring but CYYZ and whole northern Canada is covered by snow...like is XMAS. Europe and rest of the World showing no snow? So how do I get rid of that? 😙 Can't remember I ever had that before......
  6. with q787 few things can go wrong....Haven't used it after update. But I've been using on PMDG very often and works nicely. Use DIST for your value and try, should make rings correctly for IN/OUT WPTS.
  7. (word not allowed) if you do (word not allowed) if you don't...I am not sure that this work properly. Only thing is that I am missing from V4.5 is weather, clouds and night lights....but as they said personal preference. I don't like nothing with EA, I hope they will make it better....
  8. Why would you need RTE 2? just use fix to simplify. If you use Simbrief scroll down to ETOPS and enter values....
  9. Hmmm. No matter what I do I am unable to have time update change. Sometimes it works with FS Real time if I use "start update". But often just crashes after "loading generated scenery". I know that FS is not officially updated product for V5 but it worked.....and suddenly stopped. FlyChrono worked as well but that doesn't work anymore out of blue. I would think that issue is with my Sim but I haven't had any change at all, was smooth and effective for last 34 months. Not sure if anything else is around that I can use.?
  10. Well,,,all depends on your (AI) traffic set up. Also bear in mind that even if you "call" APU and if is not set up properly it might "hit" airplane and you crash as well...or luggage train passing or fuel truck coming and turning near wing. Quite a few things are not realistically set. Unless you want to re-start everything every time I am suggesting to uncheck IGNORE CRASH.
  11. CRASH meaning...? CTD or crashed into something at the APT? Did you uncheck " IGNORE CRASH" in P3D settings?
  12. Thanks Gerard, I'll try that. Odd that suddenly happened for no reason, unless T7 made some changes....
  13. New cfg? you mean to delete old one?
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