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  1. Try...you'll be surprised with performance....
  2. Well......Indeed. Smooth as smooth can be. Although I still can't see visual difference at FL 370 but very enjoyable taxi at heavy EHAM, smooth take off and so far perfect experience without VECTOR.
  3. I see that...but still is it any general thought about VECTOR. I can try to remove it not a big deal, just wanted to gather some thoughts here..... 🙂
  4. So what is the verdict? Ever since introduction of V5, there is talk that VECTOR is not necessary and doesn't do much. I have to admit, ever since I built my new PC and installed everything back I have VECTOR. I guess I should un-install to see how it looks or if any performance to be gained. But if someone had it installed and removed I would like to know opinion. I've been simminig to long and forgot how "base" looks. Also I do have Global if that makes any difference.
  5. I have issue in V5. I ran update twice so not sure if that caused issue but I am getting error P3D message that "couati had to stop for unhandled add-on..." and asked me to close. Here is the log log. I am not sure if that is similar issue and what is the best remedy. So if you can advise please. Thanks couatl v4.0 (build 4612) panic log started on Sun Feb 13 13:17:06 2022 problem raised by addon <unknown> Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\common\fsm.py", line 73, in executeDoFuncToCompletion File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\__init__.py", line 3152, in do File ".\GSX\__init__.py", line 1263, in prepareGate File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\__init__.py", line 3793, in setGate File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 155, in setGate File ".\common\criticalsection.py", line 23, in _synchronized File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\passengerStairs.py", line 90, in dematerialize File ".\common\criticalsection.py", line 23, in _synchronized File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 266, in dematerialize File ".\GSX\assistanceServices\baseAssistanceVehicle.py", line 239, in detachObjects AttributeError: IKSimObjectMover instance has no attribute 'detachObjects' {'Airport': 'CYHZ', 'Requested assistance services at': 'Gate A 14', 'User Pos': (44.88558002367845, -63.51347366860305, 139.481 m, 4.48093 m, 270.9999977599754, 0.0031462418846786022, -0.0, 0.0, 4.572, 1.0)}
  6. I am trying to get NVIDIA performance overlay to work on my monitor but FPS doesn't show. It is always N/A. Everything else shows properly. I tried advanced as well or basic but FPS are no go. I had before only FPS displayed but that disappeared as well.... LOL. Not even sure why. Not sure if anyone has a tip I can use to fix this. Also it doesn't have to be NVIDIA. I tried overlay from GPU tweak but no go! If anyone else has suggestion I would appreciate...... Thanks
  7. In V4.5 you could have a lot's of other nice things....Weather (clouds specially), water.... I wish we have this performance and weather like in 4.5....
  8. Traffic is still the killer unfortunately...other than that as far as I can see, good to go.
  9. In one SIM though.... LOL
  10. They will never do that.....You are asking them to admit something they were rushed in (maybe). That venture could be bad decision (maybe...for now it is because initial Hype is over). I still remember year 2005 (I think) and Flight Simulator. You never know... For all we know, we have EV....but missing infrastructure....But investments are booming. Will see.
  11. I have this once only on LPPT while pushing back off the gate. As soon as I moved (start taxi) that "thing" was gone. It was odd really but never encountered again. It looks that appears only on the ground....
  12. Well....I can't say that's regular occurrence. What bothers me are 2 different views. If METAR is correct and in my case it's more or less correct, I see perfectly what METAR is showing from Cockpit, once outside....LOL....almost bright sunshine, nothing to do with reality...I am a bit puzzled with that so I decided to stay "inside" so I have clear picture.......... 🙂
  13. I had issue after 7- 8 hrs when using Chrono with PMDG 747. At the time it was not "compatible" and according to guys at the PMDG forum. Once I switched to to FS real Time even though not official either never had that again.Haven't flow for sometime long routes so I can't tell you more. Also I had CTD with their product when entering data in FMC as well. They tried to replicate issue but at the end they advised to re-install whole package since everything on their end indicated no issue. I did and all worked as it should. Not sure if you are using anything along that might cause that issue.
  14. That's what I noticed and that is a change for me though. Only issue before I had with FT CYYZ but on the rest of the airports I never had any issue. Now at CYYZ it is constant FPS and no fluctuation. Actually now FPS drops only while on descend or bellow 5000FT on take off. That could be that loading might have impact on it (FPS). But all is even somehow. Overall much smoother which is actually a key, not the number itself. As long there are no stutters I don't care what's the number in my top right corner.....
  15. And indeed, as Rob pointed, once we adjust AF and everything else to our CPU, results are very much visible. In my case I played with several settings (10700K) and suggested setting definitely works. However, in my case I can't say that FPS number went significantly up, but smoothness is definitely there like never before. I did monitored my cores and suggested relieved some clogged cores which I assume were giving me stutters in some cases. I would say that HF1 is definitely better but some certain tweaks made it better. So let's test more until we find right settings for our hardware and that should produce smooth and nice ride. P.S. But how quickly we forgot ongoing issue with EA and cloudes.... LOL
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