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  1. Honestly, I can't see that LM would drop P3D and continue with its commercial accounts only. They've been in business for long time. If where is smoke there is a fire thing....then we should have something soon. Let's hope so.
  2. Something new and improved as always. P3D is here with us to stay at least that's official news by LM. I don't think that people at LM are sitting on their hands. And...for some to create "fake screen shots"? Not sure what would be the purpose for that. But nothing surprises me... One thing is guaranteed or at least might make sense. LM needs to stay competitive and if they don't will know in next couple months. But for some reason I am optimistic....If not for us simmers than for their main customers but once they and if make such change then we could have something for us and hopefully what we need and expect. For now V5 works fantastic at least for me. But yes, I would like to see more of it in new update whatever that might be.
  3. Best way to get help is their Forum and someone will help you.
  4. I had 6700K for a while and served me well for over 5 years and at that time I used 970 than 1070, all the way till December 2020. Yeah not perfect but workable with moderate settings. Of course, upgrade brought lot's of clarity and smoothens with SIM. Some pricing came down and availability is much better so if you can spare some money you might pick decent PC parts. Don't overkill because in this case "bigger" is not better.....
  5. I never solved GSX mystery myself either. If you end up with the plane in same position that's still OK. Often I end up going somewhere off and away the airport. By now I tried everything. I watched videos on YT and they are doing same thing I am trying to do. But very often I have some issues. I have to say for most part it's ok but when needs some "adjustments" than things go wrong very quickly. I would like to see troubleshooting video somewhere.
  6. As per REX manual you need to start REXSF first and than everything after. REXSF stays on all the time in order to function properly. Of course, if you have ASP3 make sure to disable REXSF WX engine in settings.
  7. Not sure if anyone already answered...but in the future P3AO would do the trick without wasting time..... Also if you have FSDT sceneries or any of their product this might help.... https://qlm1.net/virtualisoftware/qlmcustomersite/
  8. We already read that before...yet there is a ton of support here and with P3D. But what many missed is, that we don't share same interests. Some prefer just GA and MSFS is maybe perfect for that. Some of us prefer long IFR flights simulating real world aviation with all add-ons available with P3D, that actually works. As we know by now (and still waiting), dynamic is still way off, there are still many issues to be solved and there are many questions not answered, list is to long to mention. Until than, MSFS and "big money offered to developers" and that "everything ceased for P3D" doesn't mean nothing to many people. As I see it that is business decision for many developers. But for us here nothing changes. Just occasional and sudden "P3D hater" who want's to steer people to something that he thinks is better and where future is.... Maybe is, but for now, MSFS is far off. I am following very closely MSFS development and once gets close to what we have I will be first one to jump. But definitely not "on line" All this creates some useless debate. Because, there is still no definition about "BEST" of anything. However many of us are eager to see new P3D development and upgrade/update. LM for years provided us with decent software and we all enjoyed thousands of hrs of unbelievable fun. Let's see if they are going to surprise us in coming months. Mary Xmas and Happy holidays to all of you!👍
  9. Rex SF is and it is important since it's compatible with ENVISION and works really nice......REX APTS and everything else I am not sure we will ever see for P3D.
  10. In short...you will be impressed. I like PMDG and it is really good however I am most impressed with manual flying with Bus. Specially with automation and easiness to prepare plane for descent and landing. I am unable to adjust PMDG manual flying to my liking.
  11. I use the same...and it is best remedy so far. I created shortcuts on keyboard for lighter and darker and it really works...
  12. Try...you'll be surprised with performance....
  13. Well......Indeed. Smooth as smooth can be. Although I still can't see visual difference at FL 370 but very enjoyable taxi at heavy EHAM, smooth take off and so far perfect experience without VECTOR.
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