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  1. exstense

    Remote DU

    Sidenote: When switching between full-screen and windowed, I have occasionally a CTD. Very frustrating
  2. If you're not paying attention to his mustache and sweater, and you can live with low-resolution display, then these might be useful tutorials about the 747-400 FMA and Systems. youtube 747-400 FMA and Systems PS. For me it was new, for you perhaps old stuff
  3. exstense

    Remote DU

    Hi John, I've used this: https://www.spacedesk.net/ You can move a window to a tablet with it. I tested it with the lower du, FMC's, cdu's and ECL It does work perfectly with the touch functionality, but hits heavy on your FPS and therefor I'm not using it that much. I do not know if spacedesk will stay a free app, or if there are problems with it. I prefer Mark's Simserver
  4. exstense

    Simserver EFB and Navigraph

    Berts, Thank you for your explanation. I use the Navigraph apps you described. And that works very well. Indeed, I can also print the charts to a .pdf and place them in the folder you mentioned. I was just looking forward to an EFB on my tablet that would behave like in my VC, and would immerse me more in virtual flying. That was a little disappointing. I now use a tablet acting as my EFB (without the charts) and a tablet with my Navigraph apps. I'm just spoiled 😉
  5. exstense

    Simserver EFB and Navigraph

    Okay, thank you. I understand. Shall I still submit a support ticket (sort of a reminder), or is that useless?
  6. I posted this on the Remote Server forum: And Mark replied: I'm not asking for a date, just wanted to know if this is possibly something that will eventually be picked up?
  7. Okay, Thanks. I will place this post on the PMDG forum
  8. Everything works fine.... but I am not able to view the Terminal Charts on my tablet. It states: Navigraph Terminal Charts cannot be viewed on yhis device due to license restrictions. This is a big disappointment. Hopefully am I doing something wrong. It's probably my fault, I should have looked better on the 'view only' version. I think it is / was wise if this had been better communicated. Maybe that was done, but I missed it
  9. Wow, you are fast. I found out what to do and deleted my post, but you already replied 💪
  10. exstense

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Since the 747-8 has just been updated (few hours ago), does this mean that you will release the EFB today? Or do you have to wait for some more testing results?
  11. .. until the Brexit in March 2019 😟
  12. why are pilots so mysterious about which airlines they have flown. Why is it 'not done' to say that they have flown for (for example) BA?
  13. exstense

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Question, If I want to view a chart in your new EFB, is that displayed in the resolution of my PC screen, or in the resolution of my Ipad? When I view PDFs in the EFB, they are less sharp than when I look at them on my Ipad, which makes sense. I look forward to your app