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  1. If it ain't Boeing, I will just go by bus ... ;-)

  2. If it ain't Airbus I fly by Boeing ... ;-)

  3. I do not really know ... ;-)

  4. Can't stop loving you (the QOTS II that is) ;-)

  5. Queen of the bus or fly by Boeing?

  6. PMDG crew, how about "fume events"? Oliver Maertens
  7. I don't know; would have to look it up in the documentation (FCOM) first. Wait, on second thought, it could be the angle of attack (AOA) gauge. Oliver Maertens
  8. I tried with the current version and Travis helped me by operating the landing gear, for example. There are nine flap settings in the FSL aircraft.cfg, and once I've figured out how they correspond to the Airbus configs, I'm sure Travis will help me setting the flaps, too.
  9. I was able to "shrink" the GUI a bit. Does anyone know why AS16 keeps asking for an internet connection, every time I lauch it? I bought the upgrade version, ASN is still installed on my system, and FSS sent me a new AS16 serial key (dunno where to enter it, though; installation went via my old ASN key). EDIT: In their forum the AS team confirmed that this is by design.
  10. Thanks for the H-U. Got my upgrade from ASN for about 21 EUR. (FSX version) A huuuge GUI and why does AS16 ask for a live internet connection on startup, even though I am in manual wx mode? The rest is fine, though ... ;-)
  11. As mentioned already, a few "medium-depth features" are still being fine-tuned internally and still have to be released in a servicepack - secondary flightplan, winds per waypoint and offsets, for example. But the overall system depth is amazing and so is the feel and the character of the airplane. It seems to me that in terms of systems and immersion factor the PMDG B777 has been exceeded.
  12. For a comparison: The same A320-X installation (2D and VC, 1.024 bit) into my main FSX-MS in DX9 mode, with VFR Germany (PS and autogen), two addon airports (EDNY to EDDT, the older version), AI traffic (MT6 at 20%/20%), real weather (native FSX wx) resulted in 3.6 to 3.9 GB VAS usage, and "mediocre" fps (around 20 fps, but the A320-X is smooth, similar to the PMDG B777). That was with "medium" graphics settings. It seems possible to me that, with a bit of finetuning, I could get consistent 20+ fps and a slightly bigger safety margin in VAS. Just to reiterate, that was in DX9 mode "only".
  13. After some testing back and forth I finally opted for the 2D cockpit *AND* the VC, but in 1.024 textures only. Made FSX-SE my secondary flightsim installation and put all my existing Western Europe photoscenery in there, as a playground for the A320-X. (No autogen, no ground shadows, a modicum of AI traffic and the like). Some 'permanent' popups for one MCDU, for the switching panel, and the SD on a 2nd monitor; the rest of the panels I work by cycling through the predefined VC views. VAS OK, fps OK, works a treat ... (DX10 mode for my FSX-SE; not a single addon in there which would require the fixer. And my FSX-SE was only 5 bucks during a Steam sale. Existing ASN, FDC and RadarContact do not care which sim I am using, so the whole "Airbus biotope" had a total cost of 5(!) bucks only.)
  14. Works on the FSL bus (just tested in flight). But, as mentioned, not the safest feature to use in the real world. (You wouldn't open descend down to 1.000 ft AGL IRL, either.)
  15. The FSL installers installed the A320 into my FSX-MS and my FSX-SE simultaneously. FSX-SE is my secondary sim with only a couple of addons in it. VAS usage and fps with the FSL A320 are amazing and FSX-SE is only between 5 and 7.50 bucks during Steam sales. That's pretty inexpensive and only a fraction of the upcoming FSL upgrade price from FSX to P3D. I still have to check out the A320 performance in my primary, overloaded FSX-MS, but I am very hopeful.
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