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  1. Also, maybe late, but on the about the same note, thanks Joel, for clarifying that Canadian tail numbers begin with a C. Thanks again to everyone who helped and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day. Sincerely, kosmo.
  2. Hello, I must be stupid or something, because just now I have tried what Murray said in his earlier message, prior to even seeing it, and it worked completely fine. 🤦‍♂️ For my tail, I selected "Lema" as the 'airline' and entered everything else into the flight number window. Worked without a hitch. I'm just wondering why it didn't allow me to enter any letters when I had tried it, as I wrote, earlier. Possibly me being stupid again. Sorry for wasting the time of yours, wonderful people. And thank you all for your help. Sincerely, kosmo. P.S. Thinking over this again I feel like this was extremely idiotic and I should've tried changing it more than one time before coming here... Should've done it like they say back here: "Measure 9 times and cut on the 10th one..." I hope you'll excuse this blunder of mine. Thanks again.
  3. Charlie, I think you misunderstood something in this mish-mash 🙂. I can set my tail number fine in FSX. The "issue" is with Radar Contact. And I may have misunderstood the last part myself, but for the tail number beginning, it usually depends on country, e.g. N is for the US (and maybe Canada?), D for Germany, etc. Sincerely, kosmo.
  4. Your curiosity shall be quenched 😄. I'm using FSX Steam Edition. I've heard and seen RC working even on P3D, so that shouldn't be of issue 😀. Sincerely, kosmo.
  5. I see. Well, thanks for the help anyways. I'll try to work something out and publish here if I do find something that works. Sincerely, kosmo. P.S. There should be more nice and helpful people like you in the world.
  6. Ray, thanks again for the help, sadly I'm not at my PC, I will probably be on it only tomorrow (for the record, I'm on GMT+2). I tried changing the callsign earlier already, but the callsign display box is not a text field, it didn't allow me to change it. Either I was interacting with it the wrong way, or it's just not modifiable. For the flight number field, it only allows numericals and not letters. My tail number (and preferably the "callsign") would be LY-WSR for the time being. Sincerely, kosmo.
  7. Alright, I'll try finding that. But I'm using the free version of FSUIPC so it's probably not there, or I never noticed it. Sincerely, kosmo. P.S. I don't think that it will change anything, as the airline/callsign and flight number are changed from within RC itself...
  8. *cough* Private-owned aircraft fly IFR at times too, I believe. Anyways, that's rather sad. I'll probably attempt to add it as a custom airline then. Thanks for the help anyways, Ray. Sincerely, kosmo.
  9. I recently got Radar Contact and so far I'm loving it. But I have a question. Since these days I'm mainly flying GA aircraft, I was wondering if there is a way to have the Controller contact/call you by your tail number instead of a callsign and flight number. I would be primarily looking for a way to do it without modifying any files, but if there's no way of doing it without adding/changing a couple of lines, I won't mind doing that. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, kosmonautas. P.S. I'm sorry if there was a topic opened about this already, as I have not found one, and a Google search came up empty about it, despite a couple of rephrasings.
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