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  1. R Smith

    ATC menu Greyed out.

    Ok I've been over to the LM forums, turns out there is a bug in p3dv4s ATC, flying now and the atc is working for now.
  2. R Smith

    ATC menu Greyed out.

    not tried that yet to be honest, I'm loading the 737 from the get go, I'll try this way and see what happens. I've set the one under vhf 1 so its lit up, tried others too but same, radio is definitely on, when i used the pmdg 777 on fsx all i had to do is activate the arrow button as you decribed to work with ATC but doing the same with the 737 in p3dv4 is giving me problems. Oh i wasnt aware of that, I'll take a look and also have another go with the sim today. Thanks for the replies guys. Richard Smith.
  3. R Smith

    ATC menu Greyed out.

    Hello me again. I can;t figure out why i can't talk to ATC, the menu options are greyed out, the radios are turned on, also pressed the button VHF1 button with the arrow on it like you do with the 777 but the options are still greyed out. I've read through the manual but i'm still stuck. Thanks. Richard Smith.
  4. I feel silly, somehow sent the activation email was im the other folder instead of inbox. False alarm.
  5. Just bought the 737ngx and the 600/700 pack, got given a download link and downloaded an installed them, but i haven't got an email with the activation codes, logging into my account only show a 777 i got for FSX last year? I don't know whats going on but i'm really concerned now. Thanks. Richard Smith.
  6. R Smith

    Licence Tranferr FSX to P3dv4?

    I understand now, thank you I loved flying it in FSX "When FSX stays working", I'll most likely be getting it again for p3d. 😄
  7. R Smith

    Licence Tranferr FSX to P3dv4?

    Thanks for the reply, looks like I'm buying another one. 😫 If you don't mind me asking but do you know why the p3d 777 costs more than the fsx version?
  8. Hi guys, Finally blew my lid at FSX OOM errors and took the plunge and got P3dv4 and have migrated all my orbx and most of my airports to it, however i have my beloved pmdg 777 200lr and the 300 expansion pack. Would it be possible to transfer my license key from my FSX version to a p3d version, i know this sounds silly but I would really like to be able to migrate it to p3d. Thanks.
  9. R Smith

    Need help with GSX.

    Wait scratch that still having problems again, worked ok when at EGKK, off loaded with Virgin services with British airways crate liveries, today flew to Corfu LGKR and serviced by Olympic and it's now offloading Olympic liveries crates instead of the BA ones, aircraft.cfg still have the atc_parking_codes = BAW still set. What a mess...
  10. R Smith

    Need help with GSX.

    Thanks this did the trick, thanks for the help, clear and straight to the point.
  11. R Smith

    Need help with GSX.

    I've already tried this, however I'll give it another go tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. R Smith

    Need help with GSX.

    It used to work this way before, since I bought it this is what it did but after one of the updates it no longer does this.
  13. And yes I have been to the GSX forum for assistance but I'm getting nowhere with him... My problem is this, my GSX isn't off loading the same crate liveries that were loaded from the start of the flight. Example 1: how it should be. Load with British Airways ground handling and get loaded with British Airways Crates, fly to destination, get serviced by lets say Lufthansa and British Airways crates would still come out of the cargo hold. Example 2: how it is now after a number of updates via live update. Load with British Airways ground handling and get loaded with British Airways Crates, fly to destination, get serviced by Lufthansa but now it will unload Lufthansa crate liveries instead of the BA ones that were loaded at the start, this is wrong. I'm having issues getting any kind of useful assistance from Virtualiti other than excuses and "Nothing wrong at my end" comments. If anybody can help I would really appreciate it.
  14. R Smith

    qw black panel with error messages on it

    This, I do exactly the same and it works.
  15. R Smith

    Steam Update

    One can dream...