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  1. OK um, I'll just have to live with it i guess, sounds complicated.
  2. I'm getting this issue with my Alpha India Ai Air buses, their ai's come in a large package via an installer, as a result i don't know how to apply the above fix due to not knowing how the center1 setting should be in the first place.
  3. Ok got it back, managed to find a work around, please delete my Cpt Bambi 2 account.
  4. I'm having trouble getting p3dv4 to pick this add on up, followed the instructions on adding the add-on.xml text file and pasting the required details into it, then pasting the whole Global Ai ship traffic folder to my p3dv4 add on's folder in my documents, however after starting p3d i don't get the message asking to activate the add on. Also looking in the add on's list in p3d also doesn't show it. Any ideas?
  5. I spoke to these guys at the Cosford show this year, wonderful people and i'm more than happy to give my money to them.
  6. Hi, i have the FS2 crew for my Aerosoft Airbus Professional on p3dv4. It's great but there is one thing i would like to do, I prefer the Cabin crew sounds that Aerosoft provide and not the Fs2crew ones, however FS2crew seems to disable it in the MCDU options and i have to keep manually turning it back on but sometimes i forget to do it. Is there a way to stop FS2crew from disabling it on start up? Thanks.
  7. I've just got the alai repaints ect installed, WOW what a transformation i'm well impressed.
  8. Thanks guys, the included instruction look very complicated (I'm not computer savvy), going to take some reading to understand.
  9. I know this is a bit of a necro post but can somebody tell me how to get UTL manager to see the flai models and repaints please so i can start assigning them.
  10. Ok I've been over to the LM forums, turns out there is a bug in p3dv4s ATC, flying now and the atc is working for now.
  11. not tried that yet to be honest, I'm loading the 737 from the get go, I'll try this way and see what happens. I've set the one under vhf 1 so its lit up, tried others too but same, radio is definitely on, when i used the pmdg 777 on fsx all i had to do is activate the arrow button as you decribed to work with ATC but doing the same with the 737 in p3dv4 is giving me problems. Oh i wasnt aware of that, I'll take a look and also have another go with the sim today. Thanks for the replies guys. Richard Smith.
  12. Hello me again. I can;t figure out why i can't talk to ATC, the menu options are greyed out, the radios are turned on, also pressed the button VHF1 button with the arrow on it like you do with the 777 but the options are still greyed out. I've read through the manual but i'm still stuck. Thanks. Richard Smith.
  13. I feel silly, somehow sent the activation email was im the other folder instead of inbox. False alarm.
  14. Just bought the 737ngx and the 600/700 pack, got given a download link and downloaded an installed them, but i haven't got an email with the activation codes, logging into my account only show a 777 i got for FSX last year? I don't know whats going on but i'm really concerned now. Thanks. Richard Smith.
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