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  1. same here. Live weather has nothing to do with what I see on sky vector. ex KBTV cheers Louis
  2. Hi, Thank you for the reply. I found the problem. It is not related to this beautiful aircraft. My X52 (and quadrant more on this later) throttles are simply erratic. When I move it up it just comes down to idle and shaking rapidly. The reason I did not see this problem right away is that there is a lock in the Lear 35A so the throttle don't move until you start the engine and unlock it to inject fuel. I have the same behavior in the default mooney bravo. I have tried another throttle (I have a saitek yoke + quadrant) and I have the same problem. I have deleted all joystick configurations, tried pretty much everything except re-installing P3D. The only thing that I have noticed is depending where (location) I start the sim I don't always get that behavior. I simply don't see the relation between location and throttle but that's what I've noticed. This is not a windows joystick issue since I don't have this problem in Xplane 11. So unless someone has a great idea I will stop trouble shooting and move to the other sim for now until I find the energy to re-install P3D and my gazillions of addons πŸ™‚ thanks for your support anyway. cheers Louis
  3. Hi Everyone, I am probably doing something very stupid but I cannot start the engines. I follow this as per capceo thread: 1. BATT 1&2 – On 2. DC Volts – Confirm 28V. If all you get is 24V, the GPU is no good. 3. Primary Inverter – On 4. Autopilot Master – On 5. Radio Altimeter – On 6. Standby Battery – On 7. Avionics Master – On 8. Yaw Damper Power PRI and SEC – On 9. Radar – Standby 10. AC or Heat – As Required 11. Standby Gyro – Uncage 12. Aux Hyd Pump – On 13. Flaps – Set 8 or 20 (99% of takeoffs in the Lear are Flaps 8, more on this in a bit) 14. Parking Brake – Set 15. Aux Hyd Pump – Off then turn the beacon on and make sure the ac or heat is off. Then, put the right starter to "start", wait for N2 to go to 17% then introduce fuel. What happens is that the fuel flow make a ticking sound and if I look outside i can see black and white smoke coming out of the engine. I searched the forum for someone having the same issue but could not find anything. many thanks for your help cheers Louis
  4. Hi Again, Just though I would give you an update since you were very kind to help me. This week-end I did some trouble shooting and found that ORBX Vector was the culprit. Uninstalling vector did the trick. To answer a previous comment, my addons scenery are: Global base pack Global Vector Global OpenLC North America Orbx Trees Orbx Buildings HD Global airport pack (freeware) @Mace: I can't find KCOI on the "left list" in the configuraing tool of Vector so I cannot disable AEC for it. I guess I will have to live with airports that have this problem unless I remove Vector. cheers Louis
  5. Hi, No I am using the default mesh. I also made a test where I removed KCOI from ORBX and ran with the default KCOI and I have the same problem. @Evros: I tried your suggestion but no success. Thanks for helping. cheers Louis
  6. Hi Everyone, I have ORBX freeware airport pack and at some airport I have grass covering the runway. For example at KCOI https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnIJtsNQ0MJkhACOsKqEEsdkbjzo?e=hmOki7 I have try the ADE->List->Taxi links->Reset All Draw Flags trick then recompile but it does not work. I get the same as the original. I am probably doing something wrong so can anyone point me in the right direction ? many thanks cheers Louis
  7. Yes you can at least for the US https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/ cheers Louis
  8. Hi, KBOS to KORF. Cruise Alt FL280. No SID and no STAR. ILS Approach R23 with CCV IAF. ATC did not give me any descent so I started to descend on my own over KORF and I had to backtrack to CCV and catch the ILS. I'm using Xplane 11.3 RC1. Am I doing something wrong ? I got the "expect ILS R23 with CCV transition" but never got the descent.I am using I will send the log to admin@pilot2atc.com many thanks cheers Louis
  9. Hi Dave, Re-did the same flight and this time I got the descend no problem. thanks for your help. cheers Louis
  10. Hi Dave, thanks for your support. I will download R3 when it is posted and try. cheers Louis
  11. Hi, Same problem here flight plan is KSPI/18 SPI J80 VHP GUNNE4 KCMH/10R I was at FL270 and never got a decend instruction then I started the descend on my own and ATC kept asking me to fly at FL 270. I will send the log at admin@pilot2atc.com. I'm running the thanks cheers Louis
  12. Hi Dave, I confirm that ILS is favored over RNAV. I tried a few times with success. No clue what I was doing wrong before. Anyway thanks for the support. cheers Louis
  13. Hi, I have a question related to instrument approaches. I fly the Learjet 25D with the GTN 750. It does ILS but the auto pilot does not have WaaS (LPV) capabilities. I have ATC assigns SIDs, STARs and Approaches. I have Force Pilot Runway Selection unchecked. It seems that pilot2ATC favors RNAV approaches to ILS in the few flights I have done. Since I cannot do WaaS approach I'm wondering what are my options. I want to keep it has realistic as possible. So can I just call Approach and ask for the same runway but with the ILS instead ? I assume that this would be how it is done in real life. What about "Force Pilot Runway Selection" ? Should I leave that unchecked or ? many thanks for your help, cheers Louis
  14. Hi Dave, many thanks for your prompt support. cheers Louis
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