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  1. Hi, @woodstock327 Just in case Dave has not correctly got your question (or maybe it's me so I apologize!) what you describe works perfectly for me (com1 = P2ATC, com2=ATIS of arrival airport) but when you set that in the plane using the dials in the plane not via the Pilot2ATC application. I hope that was your question. cheers Louis
  2. Hi, I had no weather either for the past 5 days but when I upgraded to latest it started to work again. Maybe a coincidence but wanted to let you guys know. cheers Louis
  3. Hi, I am seeing severe stutters and FPS drops during transitions. Like someone said earlier the FPS can remain OK (30+) but the stutters are there in both cockpit and external view. I had hope about Weather Force since in my case (Canada), the default weather is rarely accurate plus the ATIS always reports 3 layers of clouds and the dew point is always 10. I hope Asobo fixis the weather one day. cheers Louis
  4. @shadow133 The winds aloft are similar to the ones on the ground in velocity and direction so not very realistic. Also, if the "current" metar station that is tracked by the mod has a gust factor then you will also experience that. It's a very good start but it needs more work at higher altitude. cheers Louis
  5. I have been testing this weather engine for a few days and I agree it is brilliant. It is very good for vatsim flying or if you want matching conditions at airports. It does not simulate the winds aloft though and that may be a problem for people flying high as the planning (fuel and ETAs) will be off. The author said that he/she will try to add this in the future. Actually 1.4 does have an experimental winds aloft but it is not very good IMO. overall though very solid mod. Thanks to the author! cheers Louis
  6. @cwburnett many thanks for your prompt answer. I will press NAV on the AP. I will wait for 0.3.1 before testing again. cheers Louis
  7. Hi, As per title, I cannot find a way to "properly" skip a waypoint using the FMS. For example, on a SID you often takeoff on a vector then instructed to a heading to catch the first waypoint say "A" of the SID. I tried the direct to function (I think the button is called "dir" but I'm not in front of my gaming computer right now) and it works except that it will not sequence to the following waypoints once "A" has been reached. It's like it does not continue the flight plan or something. I have to "direct to" each one manually after. Is there a proper way to do this ? I entered the flight plan manually in the FMS if it matters. I also tried to click on "A" so it would end up in the scratch pad then click on the button next to "vector" to replace it (a la 737) but that did not work. many thanks for your help. cheers Louis
  8. same here. Live weather has nothing to do with what I see on sky vector. ex KBTV cheers Louis
  9. Hi, Thank you for the reply. I found the problem. It is not related to this beautiful aircraft. My X52 (and quadrant more on this later) throttles are simply erratic. When I move it up it just comes down to idle and shaking rapidly. The reason I did not see this problem right away is that there is a lock in the Lear 35A so the throttle don't move until you start the engine and unlock it to inject fuel. I have the same behavior in the default mooney bravo. I have tried another throttle (I have a saitek yoke + quadrant) and I have the same problem. I have deleted all joystick configurations, tried pretty much everything except re-installing P3D. The only thing that I have noticed is depending where (location) I start the sim I don't always get that behavior. I simply don't see the relation between location and throttle but that's what I've noticed. This is not a windows joystick issue since I don't have this problem in Xplane 11. So unless someone has a great idea I will stop trouble shooting and move to the other sim for now until I find the energy to re-install P3D and my gazillions of addons πŸ™‚ thanks for your support anyway. cheers Louis
  10. Hi Everyone, I am probably doing something very stupid but I cannot start the engines. I follow this as per capceo thread: 1. BATT 1&2 – On 2. DC Volts – Confirm 28V. If all you get is 24V, the GPU is no good. 3. Primary Inverter – On 4. Autopilot Master – On 5. Radio Altimeter – On 6. Standby Battery – On 7. Avionics Master – On 8. Yaw Damper Power PRI and SEC – On 9. Radar – Standby 10. AC or Heat – As Required 11. Standby Gyro – Uncage 12. Aux Hyd Pump – On 13. Flaps – Set 8 or 20 (99% of takeoffs in the Lear are Flaps 8, more on this in a bit) 14. Parking Brake – Set 15. Aux Hyd Pump – Off then turn the beacon on and make sure the ac or heat is off. Then, put the right starter to "start", wait for N2 to go to 17% then introduce fuel. What happens is that the fuel flow make a ticking sound and if I look outside i can see black and white smoke coming out of the engine. I searched the forum for someone having the same issue but could not find anything. many thanks for your help cheers Louis
  11. Hi Again, Just though I would give you an update since you were very kind to help me. This week-end I did some trouble shooting and found that ORBX Vector was the culprit. Uninstalling vector did the trick. To answer a previous comment, my addons scenery are: Global base pack Global Vector Global OpenLC North America Orbx Trees Orbx Buildings HD Global airport pack (freeware) @Mace: I can't find KCOI on the "left list" in the configuraing tool of Vector so I cannot disable AEC for it. I guess I will have to live with airports that have this problem unless I remove Vector. cheers Louis
  12. Hi, No I am using the default mesh. I also made a test where I removed KCOI from ORBX and ran with the default KCOI and I have the same problem. @Evros: I tried your suggestion but no success. Thanks for helping. cheers Louis
  13. Hi Everyone, I have ORBX freeware airport pack and at some airport I have grass covering the runway. For example at KCOI https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnIJtsNQ0MJkhACOsKqEEsdkbjzo?e=hmOki7 I have try the ADE->List->Taxi links->Reset All Draw Flags trick then recompile but it does not work. I get the same as the original. I am probably doing something wrong so can anyone point me in the right direction ? many thanks cheers Louis
  14. Yes you can at least for the US https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/ cheers Louis
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