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  1. Nice tool. Thanks for the tip!
  2. No. You need to select the option to use it when running the FSLTL config (last question).
  3. Well they have. In the latest version of FSLTL you can use FS Traffic models as priority. So you will have real-time traffic and use the best models which increase FPS. Good enough?
  4. 10 Physical, 20 logical please. i9-10900K Thank you!
  5. Ok, there it is again 😀. So I would need to also disable the xVision LUA? Isn't that a big part of the overall engine.
  6. Enhanced Cloudscapes did have a LUA script. Enhanced Skycapes does not. Is that correct?
  7. Would love if someone posted a more comprehensive instruction set on how to incorporate with xVision. I know unchecking fog/scattering/clouds is recommended but others say disable LUA script on xVision as well. Not understanding LUA scripts and how they clash between the two it would be great to have detailed instructions before I spend the dough. Thanks!
  8. Same issue for me guys. I was in MSFS land for a while but decided to load up 5.2 just to see what progress is being made. Liked what I saw visually but then noticed the CPU usage and also saw CPU throttling due to temps - which never happened in MSFS even in Ultra settings. For traffic I use Ultimate Traffic Live 2 btw. Hoping LM takes a look. Ilya
  9. I flew a night flight and everything seemed super smooth and better than before. When I tried in the daytime, I noticed perhaps why the performance was better. The autogen draw distance seems to have be tinkered with. I get a lot more popping of trees/buildings than before and everything is drawn at a smaller distance. Does anyone else notice especially flying over large cities? This is a trade-off that I'm not sure I'm super happy with. I know in FSX there was a way to tweak this. Not sure if there is any setting in the new system that has a similar effect.
  10. I believe they incorporated the hotfix in the main file. Ilya
  11. Good thing we don't play games around here.... 🤣
  12. You guys know there is a workaround for this, right? Use Lorby's excellent free Addon Organizer, where you can copy all of your scenery to scenery.cfg, run the vector scan and then restore the scenery.cfg back. Works like a charm and makes the Vector scan much more effective.
  13. What monitor and what resolution are you running? I have a 4K so using the most basic AA settings which also helps with performance especially with dynamic lighting. For shading, I use Envshade, set it and forget it. Looks great. Ilya
  14. I use what's called a stereo mini mixer - cheap to get on Amazon. You can combine multiple signals into one audio stream which means P3D and ATC.net so it all comes from one source. Sounds more realistic than playing it through an Ipod/Pad next to you.....
  15. Many people here have complained about the Orbx CaL sceneries being absolute FPS hogs and have subsequently disabled them. IMHO, Orbx Vector + LC does a more than acceptable job rendering the scenery accurately without the need for the Cal package. That being said, did you have SO CAL installed on your old rig, i.e. are you comparing apples to apples? When you say "I was getting better frames.." the details are important.
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