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  1. ieydis

    very low frame rate ???

    Many people here have complained about the Orbx CaL sceneries being absolute FPS hogs and have subsequently disabled them. IMHO, Orbx Vector + LC does a more than acceptable job rendering the scenery accurately without the need for the Cal package. That being said, did you have SO CAL installed on your old rig, i.e. are you comparing apples to apples? When you say "I was getting better frames.." the details are important.
  2. ieydis

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    Great job on this!
  3. ieydis

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    The question I asked was only relevant to the Maddog and what I think I'm hearing is that the VC PBR textures have not been released yet. Is this correct?
  4. ieydis

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    Apologize if this is dumb question but how does one enable PBR textures in the VC? Do you still need to download the PBR livery or just check the option box for PBR in the config? Thanks!
  5. ieydis

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    I didn't need to activate them. They were active from default. I'd post in their support forum.
  6. How's the new expansion pack? No comments yet on the boards so just wondering....
  7. ieydis

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    It looks like they pulled any reference to the public beta from the forums. Anyone know what gives?
  8. ieydis

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    I agree with Joe on PL. For me, much worse performance - stutters all over the place. With my 8700K, HT Off and plays nice at 5Ghz.
  9. Sorry, does this work for the -400 too or is it just for the 8? Thanks,
  10. ieydis

    US Airports

    KJAX is available - designed by Cielosim (just google it). I have it and it's quite nice. There is a somewhat OK KPHL by SunSkyJet (freeware) which is dated but otherwise fine.
  11. ieydis

    several questions

    So you pause it when minimizing it or you let it run in the background? Even paused your ram will not clear so not sure what you mean by 0 CPU and 0 RAM.
  12. ieydis

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    The plane has something going for it but cockpit night lighting is truly a gross joke - looks something out of pre-FS9. $30 for a new variant with identical features albeit a slightly different flight model? Me don't think so....
  13. ieydis

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Completely agree with Bert. Wasn't a believer until I tried it. 8700K definitely better with HT off. This is for P3D. Any other more "modern" application or game, all bets are off. P3D though is where I spend majority time on my computer so it's all that matters to me. 😁
  14. ieydis

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    Wow, when it rains, it pours! Aerosoft, FSL and now TFDi. Just need the PMDG -8 and we're all set. 😃
  15. ieydis

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    A good little aircraft just got a lot gooder. 😁 Kudos to Aerosoft!