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  1. So this is user error/misunderstanding The iBlueYonder ver of 6B6 Minute Man had SODE operations that allowed pilot controlled landing lights, T Hanger movement when aircraft was near by. The port over to Orbx does not have these features.
  2. @Evros How would I identify which files? Thxs
  3. I just x-posted on Orbx and will X-post the solution. thxs
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bnqiX51rNJpVGBP18
  5. Today I hopped back over to Minute Man 6B6 and noticed I have double windsocks and the SODE hanger doors are already open, rather than opening as I taxi close to them. picture attached with areas of concern highlighted. I reinstalled SODE and 6B6 with no effect.
  6. Thanks I'll check that out. They just added a C-47 Live ATC video on the Flying Squirrel channel. Can't wait to do some of this.
  7. Hey @Noell that is all FlyTampa's work with their KBOS v2 or redux (forgot how it's marketed)
  8. Hi Sean, I attempted to install the XMLTool but I receive a message indicating the dll.xml is wrong or corrupt. I appreciate you and the team's help with next steps to resolve. Thxs
  9. Thanks Bert, I've dropped an email to support. The flightplan does not appear on the G1000 even when loaded through P3D's flight planner.
  10. Hi, I've contacted Sean over the weekend but wondering if anyone has experienced this with the newly released DA62. I have multiple issues involving no sound, G1000 alert and default nav missing and startup procedure not working through the VC/clickable cockpit. The install seems to go as expected. -The DA62 config app appears. -The DA62 is available at the P3D startup page and loads at the airport I select with all modeling interior & exterior in their glory. Issues - Sound - My P3D sound settings are at 50% but I have no interior sounds i.e. doors closing/open, latches/switches clicking. - The Elect Master doesn't start the power sequence. I can do CTRL E and the power comes on. G1000 initializes...etc - The G1000 has no default nav info in flight plan, nearest airport, direct and the alert message box has line items are 0 zeros. - I was able to start the engines through CTRL E and do have engines sounds exterior but still nothing in the cockpit I've uninstalled, confirmed my Norton anti virus is turned off and reinstalled. I experienced the same issues. Any help you can provide would be outstanding. I didn't see a forum/support or ticket system but happy to send this to a formal support area you have if I missed such an area. Simon G1000 IMAGE https://ibb.co/4Ftt09S
  11. Thanks I checked for dxgi.dll and the only remaining ones are associated with WinSxS directX files that I don't think I should nor can delete.
  12. Hi, I'm running P3D4.1 and have the open beta Tfdi 717. Due to a screen in screen problem i'm having in the 717 VC, Tfdi support has asked that I remove reshade to start problem solving. Through PTA I 1st tried to reintroduce the original P3D shaders. The problem in the 717 VC persisted. I deleted the reshade/reshader folder and the 3 dxgi files from the P3D root folder. The problem persisted In both situations the "Shift & F2" reshader config overlay banner still appears during the load sequence of P3D. I'm uncertain if reshade is full removed and don't want to report back to tfdi incorrect info. Any community help on completely removing reshade and whether I should expect the reshade config banner to be removed also. thanks,
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