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  1. I just tested my download speed because we all know how important our wifi speed is going to be. I have 52 dl speed on my laptop and 270 dl speed on my phone. They both us the same network so how are they so different? If the game was played on the phone I would be all set but of course it will need to be played on the slow laptop. Can anyone help me understand what this all means.
  2. yes I had the load addon airport problem and yes putting the dummy file in worked.
  3. I have been using 4.4 for while without too many problems but I see that Shenzen airport is out but it says 4.5 is the requirement. I have lots of add ons so when the update question comes up I usually ignore it because all my add ons are for 4.4. For years I did not have Shenzen airport in my P3D, it doesn't exist in the base game for me (don't ask). But now that there is a dedicated scenery for it I find myself considering updating. I have been reading posts about updating only client or updating only content or updating both and I am confused on what the procedure is. I have read stories about having to update all pbr sceneries and a nightmare update with orbx. I don't want to alter too much a working game to only get one scenery so what would be the recommendation from all the experts out there. Thank you
  4. I have been using ai aircraft editor to remove "double" textures because I already have them with AIG OCI and I have noticed in the aircraft cfg there are big spaces in the list of aircraft but they are numbered correctly just gaps here and there. Could that be the cause? Another issue I have is when I look at the simobjects folder there seems to be entries that end in .OWL and I don't know what they are and I certainly didn't create those. Anybody have that issue?
  5. I do use a mixture of custom AI but I am slowly trying to get everything into AIG OCI once everything is released. The funny thing is that lately I have been deleting my older AI when AIG release a flight plan for it so I can get rid of unwanted textures and models.This should make things better and smoother but if that's the problem then it backfired.
  6. I have a big problem now that just seemed to pop up. I use super traffic board to watch ai planes and when I select an aircraft to watch, the game crashes. But it's not all the time and not at all airports. I even have the crash when I select shift A to in the game to see the next ai plane. I thought it may be a memory or performance thing but my memory never went above 31 percent and my cpu was fine. I am not technical but that's what I saw in the task manager. At this point I am excited if I get to watch a full flight without the game crashing. I would appreciate any advice on this, thanks.
  7. Is there a way to stop the warning message popup from popping up?, Some times the window pops "under" the P3D startup screen and I don't see it until I realize that P3D has taken 30 minutes to start 😉
  8. Is OLBA worth the trouble to install it into P3D V4? I see that it needs other files to make it work and that's a little more involved than others. I have been trying to get away from downloading freeware that doesn't say it works with P3D but there is no payware version.
  9. I wouldn't call it top notch but it's better than nothing. I don't fly there a lot but it's nice to have when I am in the mood. Looks like it should be freeware when compared to the sceneries nowadays. The million dollar question that I need answered is why is it a 3gb scenery?. If you are limited on computer space, I would not install it unless it's an airport that means something to you.
  10. Hi all, I decided to see if the Lagos airport payware worked in P3D V4 and to my surprise it seems to work (so far). I also discovered the scenery is almost 3gb but I can't see why that is. The textures are not that great so I am thinking it's photo scenery but the folder only says photo files are about 125kb each and there are only 5 files. I would like to know if anyone else has this scenery and if they took out the photo scenery to help and is it really that size. It's a big size for an airport I only fly to once in a while so I am not sure I want to use precious computer space for it. There are so many more airports to be released (I hope) and I don't want to miss out.
  11. yes they work now. I use lorby add on manager and I had to activate it again.
  12. I have installed correctly before but I flew to Jakarta recently and had planes driving through the bridges.
  13. Yeah, I bought that a long time ago too😀. It doesn't work for P3D V4 that I know of.
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