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  1. bosflo

    need help with a program

    Do I need to convert both textures in the texture folder. There is a l.bmp file and a T.bmp file.
  2. So I made a huge discovery that most of my repaints for ai planes don't show up in P3D V4 because they are made with bmp textures instead of DDS. I have no idea what that means really but in reading the forums people have talked about DXTbmp. They mention that this is the best program to use to convert. I downloaded the program but I see it's mostly for repainting planes and that is not what I want to do. I have not been able to find a complete manual for the program so I came here. I would just like to convert the textures so my repaints show up on the ai planes. The repainters have already done the work so I don't want to tinker with those. Has anyone used this program and if so will it provide me a way to make my repaints work?
  3. I have many add on sceneries and have spent lots of time creating my own ai, so you get the picture. I have everything all working pretty well. and have not updated for a while. I am always afraid of disturbing my setup with updates so naturally I am fearing this one. I have now read that some upcoming sceneries are only going to be made for 4.4 so does that mean that sceneries won't work with 4.3 anymore and if there is an update to an existing scenery does that mean I have to update to 4.4.? I really don't want to update again because I don't care about the PBR thing and I am pretty sure this new technology will kill my framerates. So what are most 4.3 people doing? are you waiting for add ons to be compatible and then update or are you biting the bullet and just doing a complete reinstall of everything (again)😉
  4. yeah it seems like a bigger problem now. I uninstalled FTX Vector because I thought that was the culprit but it was not. I don't see a big difference without vector but I may put it back in. The default add on VABB does have elevation problems but it's only the runways and only when ai planes land but not when they taxi out. Weird
  5. yes, I did that already and it still does not work. I found the VABB folder but it was in a different folder. I put the extension .off next to the folder but it didn't work either. I also updated Vector and surprise surprise it didn't work either.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I just thought about installing VABB into P3D V4. I have ORBX Vector and I don't see VABB in the configuration settings to disable it. I changed the VABB file to .off in the Vector file but it still doesn't work.. When I start P3D V4 I get a message saying to delete vabb or it won't open. I also took out the three files mentioned earlier but that actually made it worse. So has anyone found the right combination to get it to work. Thanks
  7. bosflo

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    So I have been tinkering around with skyforce for a day and I noticed a few "issues". The first one is the fact that I have to pick my clouds in skyforce. So far I haven' t seen a way to install everything and then have skyforce use them at random. There are so many different choices but I want them all. It would be nice if it had the global dynamic textures in active sky that changes the clouds based on weather conditions. The second thing is that when skyforce changes the weather it goes from overcast to clear in seconds while it loads the next weather station. This does not look realistic and takes away from the realism of a long flight. I don't think active sky did this so there is that in consideration. I also didn't see any choice to change the speed of change or something like it. I would like to just use one product that will do it all and if skyforce can achieve these issues for me, then I would go with them. So I am still on the fence about using skyforce.
  8. bosflo

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I also took the plunge and bought REX skyforce because you can't beat that low price. The most important feature for me is to see the weather and clouds changing as I fly. Reading some of these posts saying that skyforce does not change anything on the fly is confusing me. I see that there is an option for clouds that will change as you fly so isn't that what I was looking for. I have ASCA and AS that I use for weather but I also read that the weather engine for REX is not that bad after all. I really don't care about the technical aspects of the weather so I just want to see rain where it's supposed to rain and sun where it's sunny. I also see that there is a 10 day weather generator thingy which I think means that each day you play P3D there will be random clouds generated so you don't have the same clouds each day. I think that's also something that will achieve what I want. I did not read the manual fully through yet so it may not be what I think.
  9. bosflo

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    I also got rid of of all my payware AI packages and started from scratch. It think I have all of them but none have fulfilled their promises. I spent so much money only to use free stuff but it comes with the territory..You can get the models you want and change out the liveries when a super cool one comes out and you have total control over what you see. It is a little bit of work and at times I wanted to toss my computer off the roof but in the long run it works out. I have found a great face book group that has made it much more stress free.
  10. So I finally bit the bullet and bought WF ZBAA airport scenery because I was tired of waiting for the other version. While landing I noticed that the landscape was pretty good without having ORBX Vector covering that area. I have Vector for the other areas of the world but it seems every time I have a problem with add on airports or other issues it always seems to be caused by Vector. Since I did not see too much of a difference in an area not covered I was wondering if I really need Vector. What am I getting in Vector that I can't get with non Vector?. Have you guys noticed any differences?. I do have FTX so that is fine but it's fine without Vector too. I didn't want to ask in the ORBX forums because I don't think I would get an honest opinion there. Thanks
  11. Lately I have been reading lots of posts that people are having numerous problems with sunken runways, elevated airports, mesh problems and more. They seem to be related to orbx aec tool. I myself am having problems with sunken airports and the "fix" is to run the aec tool. It doesn't work for me and it seems like it's not working for other people. Did orbx change something lately that is causing all these situations? thanks
  12. bosflo

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    yeah I know, there are a few major models that I am missing and I really hope someday that it will all get sorted out. How do you add new airlines to UTL?. When I had it I could add liveries and models but not new airlines. It is easier to add or delete liveries and keep track of them so I will give them that. It does take a lot of work to get the AI you want and I spend most time adding airlines the I do flying in the game.
  13. bosflo

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    I decided to make my own ai using freeware models and flight plans. There is a lot out there because of the dedicated re painters and the models are great. It's a little time consuming but you have total control over your ai and can add new liveries and airlines when they are available. There is also a great face book group that will give you lots of help. I have currently installed about 600 airline packages which is a lot but some people have way more. It really depends on what your pc can handle. The only problem I have is that most of the planes show up in the game but they don't go anywhere and just disappear and reappear randomly but that's another topic. I have used UTL and it was pretty good but most models are not painted and there is no way to add new airlines. The power pack has been mentioned which would help but it's been so long that I think a lot of people lost interest. I also used traffic global and had high hopes when I bought it on day one. It started out great with lots of help from the developer and updates came out pretty quick. But there seems to be a lull where not much has been happening and as far as I know you can't add new airlines or liveries either. I guess I was expecting too much but it seems making my own ai is giving me the best of each traffic addon. I don't have fancy maps, graphs and flightboards like those programs but I do use super traffic board which is a must have and all you really need.
  14. bosflo

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    can you just install the new service vehicles?
  15. So I have decided to clean out some of my airport sceneries and before I do I wanted to make sure that they don't work in P3D V4.2. I have checked the lists online but these are the unknowns. I would like to ask if anyone knows if these sceneries work: 1. Jakarta 2. Lagos 3. Riyadh 4.Budapest 5.Abu Dhabi 6.Kansai 7. Bogota 8. Santiago 9. More to come 🙂 thank you very much!