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  1. How do you like the e-jet ai addon? I just saw it a few days ago but I was waiting on some reviews but there aren't any yet. Do you find those models to be better than AIG and FSTL? I guess it's cheap enough to try but I am afraid that the AIG version is just as good, and I won't be using the addon e-jets.
  2. I reinstalled SU11 and everything is back the way it was. I can't use REX weather that I just bought but that will happen soon, I hope. The status is still showing offline, and the two selections are greyed out. I don't play multiplayer and never have ever used it. Maybe it's just an SU11 thing but my traffic works and the ATC and AI control work, so I think that's a win.
  3. Thank you but that did not work. I deleted all of those but still have the same issues. I guess I should just reinstall and take all the stress out. What is the proper procedure to reinstall? I have a few addons but thankfully its "easy" to reinstall those. The only thing that I am fearful of reinstalling is all my aig packages because I have each and every one of them.
  4. To make a long story short I "tried" SU11 but thankfully I was able to roll back to SU10 with some good help from here. Now the game shows me as offline when I am clearly online. The controls are Greyed out to change my status. But the most important thing is concerning ai control. So don't come for me but I use the ai control function to follow planes from gate to gate and I enjoy that but now when I start and check the atc window I get the message saying that electric controls need to be on to use the ai control button and atc window. I don't see any chatter from other planes either, the screen is just blank. I don't remember this happening before and I have all the ai control buttons selected so I am baffled by this. Has anyone else noticed this and what solution did you find? thank you
  5. Thanks, It seems funny lowering numbers to get more planes, doesn't it? .I used your numbers and I saw a ton of departures in the beginning and then it slowed down and I did not see any arrivals or more departures. It's like a tease, in the beginning it starts out great and then it fades out. I guess I will just keep testing and reading this thread.
  6. I need a little help with the injector settings. I didn't know you had to change them, I just hit enter and go. What settings should we use and how do we know what our computer can handle. I have used aig for forever and I never fiddled with any settings for traffic, so this is new. Also, don't laugh but I don't know what ifr and vfr do. I just want to see real movements with correct models and liveries at any airport.
  7. I don’t think I am getting the full effect from this program. I have been sitting at lax for over three hours and I have seen way less movements than whats showing on fr24. I am using full AIG as well so maybe that’s the problem. I won’t give up AIG, because I have been with them from the start. I think I have seen about 20 takeoffs and 5 landings which should not be the case. I have the correct settings but do I select use generic models or Unselect that? I have not seen that mentioned before and with AIG they suggest not using generic models. I have noticed more movements in the beginning and then they drop off. Shouldn’t the opposite happen as the sim balances out. I am beyond thrilled to have another ai program but I want to use it correctly and see everything. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am using the AIG manager and traffic controller, but the controller is hit or miss so I prefer other options. That's the question because I want to use live traffic but only use AIG models and would like to know what's the best way to do this? If I leave real time traffic on, I get a mismatch of AIG planes and Default planes, If I leave traffic off then I get The AIG models, but all the planes are in the wrong airports. I have seen tons of model matching software that seems like it would allow the right planes at the right airports. They all are for Vatsim which I don't have and am embarrassed to admit that I don't know what that is. So how can I get the right airplanes using the AIG models and have the live traffic working? thank you
  9. I can't believe that people actually would rather buy an ai package that costs money and has ugly models than to try AIG program for free. Their program has taken the ai possibilities to a whole new level. The models are great and accurate and have many special liveries that dedicated people worked hard to bring us. This program was such a long-time dream for ai lovers and it's finally here. I think these people deserve a whole lot of credit and gratitude. I wish everyone would install and use AIG, that way they can see what an asset this is. I have used AIG since P3D and would be lost without it. I hope that development can continue because there are lots of people that are really happy that we have this.
  10. So the "automatic" part was a little misleading the way I thought it was going to be. I still think your product is good but I really expected a set it and forget program. I have auto season selected and I landed in Chicago among beautiful green trees with no snow. If I have it selected to automatic season wouldn't I at least see bare trees and snow? Is there a user guide somewhere? I know you have a lot of videos but they mostly show off the visuals of the program. I would really like to get this program working and I did follow your video but still not seeing anything like the videos. I would request a refund but I know that's not possible so I would like to use the program to it's full capacity. Thanks again
  11. thank you for the install video but can you install all the seasons so the game loads the appropriate environment no matter where or when i start to fly? Can you explain the auto feature because I think I was expecting something different.
  12. I selected auto season in the settings. Wouldn’t I have all the season folders in the community folder. I guess I need more clarification on the auto season feature. I did have a hard time copy and pasting my community folder so maybe that’s the problem. I have the winter folder and model folder but I still see snow covered roads.
  13. I just bought this because of the automatic feature. I don't think I installed it right because I don't see any differences from default. Is there are certain location where I can see what the program changes. I would like to see if I installed everything correctly. I followed the install instructions but not sure if it worked. Thanks
  14. Had to chime in here. I just updated to the latest aig manager and I do not have navigraph but just default stuff and I am having this problem. There is plenty of planes on the ground but nothing moves. I also did not sign up for any betas. I just update when the game asks me to so I dont know what the problem is. The last time I played was before the holidays and everything was great, plenty of traffic, beautiful models and liveries at any airport I visited. I hope asobo did not alter anything so we cant use aig manager anymore just when things were getting so much better.
  15. Hey guys,I have been flying around with the sim from day one. I have used the ai pilot extensively even though it doesn't work well. I have always used the option to show direction and it includes the miles to my destination (airport). Now it only shows the arrow and not the distance and I have not changed any settings, but I have the updated sim so maybe this a feature that they no longer have. Does anyone know what happened to this feature or a setting to get it back? thank you
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