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  1. It’s confusing isn’t it? I have been doing some extensive testing with ai traffic programs and I have some observations. Hope this might help someone out. 1. AIG and Traffic Controller. For me this is best for what I want. The traffic is based on flight plans which is good if you want to fly somewhere else in the world and want to see traffic there. It takes a lot of time to install all the packages but really well worth it. They have special liveries and lots of variety. I have been with them from the beginning and I hope they don’t stop. It’s also all free which is unbelievable. The only drawback is that there are not that many movements or arriving and departing airplanes. FSTL: This program is also free but uses real time flight plans. So you have you have to check the time you want to fly. The install is much easier and it loads up fast. It’s a little tricky to use the traffic settings because they are very detailed and almost confusing. There is not a lot of special liveries or models but there is more movements. I do use this when I want to see live traffic but I use AIG models. FStraffic: I had such high hopes for this and was hoping I could have just one program that combined everything. I was also attracted to the fact that you could add airlines from other sources. Sadly this program still needs time. You can add airlines but one plane at a time which is tedious. There are no cargo planes and not many special liveries or models. It also costs about $40 which is high for what you get. There are also not that many updates. PSX/RT: I really like this combination because it places the airplanes at the right gates and there are lots of movements. It’s the most realistic and I can use the AIG planes but with real time traffic. I would use this but there is a monthly charge and that can add up especially if you don’t fly everyday. The strange thing is not all airports have good coverage so you have to check on their website to see how good the coverage is at the airport you want. MSFS: I don’t hate it and sometimes it’s fun to see if the labels match the corresponding airline. It’s a bit hit or miss with movements, My biggest problem is that the wrong airplanes are at the wrong gates and it puts in default airlines which look ugly and mess up the vibe at the airport. Even if you change the settings the default airlines will creep in. Lately I have been having a strange problem where over time one airline will start replacing the others and dominate the airport. It’s very strange and makes no sense. Of course this is my own findings and everyone flies different. I apologize if there is any misinformation. Sometimes these programs can do much more and it takes the community to find out the tricks and tips to share with everyone. I did not try any other combos such as FSTL using FStraffic models or AIG models but using FSTL injector but there are many possibilities. For me, I just wanted to find one program where I could see correct airline parking, realistic movements, tons of models and repaints, the ability to add models and paints easily and not cost too much. I still have not found that. Each program was better for one thing and worse for another. Thank you for reading this way too long post, sorry
  2. Is there a way to disable real traffic, I can't justify the cost, but I would still like to use PSX. Every time I open the PSX program it's looking for real traffic. So I would just like to use The PSX without the live traffic. It's a great program just not for my usage, thank you.
  3. ok, I got the program working but now I am more confused than before. Maybe I am not understanding how this program works. Here is my question. I downloaded PSXT and I have two programs PSXT and PSXT.exe. They both look exactly the same, but one asked for a license and the other did not. I also downloaded and paid for the real traffic and that's another program. if I run that then I have to enter my license number there as well. If I open the real traffic program then I can't run the PSXT.exe program. What is the proper way to use this program because I am getting confused with all these procedures. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, back in the old days there was a program called active camera. It allowed you to 'park' a camera [like a drone] somewhere at the airport and watch airline movements on the ground. it would let you set a radius that the camera would stay in and the camera followed ai planes as they moved by the camera. But it would then follow another plane automatically when it moved into the radius. I spent countless hours just watching arrival after arrival and it felt like I was at the airport in person. I saw a few videos that showed how to follow one ai plane, but it would not switch to the next plane which is close but not exactly what I am looking for. It's also not easy to find an ai plane to watch using the drop-down list. I am wondering if MSFS can do this because I think this would be a great feature and make plane spotters happy. I think even a keyboard button to advance to the next ai plane would be good enough. I also don't mind buying a program if that could work too. I'm pretty sure there are some camera tricks in MSFS but I don't know what they are, and I still haven't figured out the drone camera system yet. If I search for the topic it seems to always bring up cockpit camera settings and that's not what I want. Thank you for any advice or suggestions.
  5. Hi guys, I am interested in using this program, but I have a few questions. First of all, I have installed the PSX traffic program and I am using AIG models and their traffic controller. There doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic using AIGM traffic controller even though I have every package installed, so I decided to install this program. I started at LAX and adjusted all the settings in the manual, I have plenty of traffic, but I don't see any planes moving. I know it takes a while but I waited about 30 minutes and saw nothing arriving or departing. In the PSX traffic program it shows all the objects and has the correct airport, but it says zero live traffic. What did I do wrong because something is working but not everything. The program looks great, and I hope I am able to use it. Thanks
  6. Can you use the PSXT program with MSFS live traffic? I am fine with the MSFS schedules, but I would like to see correct airlines at correct gates and also get rid of the default liveries creeping in. How exactly does the program work? do you have to buy both programs because as I understand it there is a program for correct parking and then a program for seeing the live traffic. I downloaded PSXseecon but I don't know what that does, so I think I am not understanding.
  7. sorry, I mean ai controlled piloting. I guess that's the term to use. It's confusing with these new terms so I hope I can explain. In P3D I used to use super traffic board. It was a program where you can see an arr/dep board and it you clicked on an airline you could follow it in outside view from gate to gate. I preformed pre flight, taxi, land, and taxi to gate. You could just watch planes all day without ever flying. It is what I like to enjoy and I thought MSFS would have something like this. In a way MSFS sort of has this function but different. In MSFS I can click the map for departing airport and arriving airport. I don't fiddle with any other settings in the flightplan page which might be part of the problem. I click on fly now and watch to see what happens. The planes usually taxi out and take off "ok" but they almost always crash into a mountain or a tree or just drop to the ground. If it manages to not hit anything on the way then it usually misses the runway and does endless go arounds or just flies off to nowhere. That's the only thing the game needs for me to enjoy it like I want and I am shocked that that this hasn't been implemented or improved in over a year. I hope that explains my situation, thanks
  8. I wanted something similar to P3D and something I saw in the previews. In the preview videos they showed (quickly) AI planes flying around and with a busy airport full of traffic. I thought this game would be an improvement over P3D. I don't see how hard it would be to watch a plane fly from city to city without crashing into a mountain or just dropping out of the sky. In P3D and using the super traffic board program it was easy. You could start at a gate and land at another airport with correct takeoffs and landings. I thought that MSFS was going to have this because some people do like to watch traffic.
  9. Wow, I can't believe we still don't have a proper free AI program yet. I thought after all the updates that it would be fixed or at least improved. I have not played the game for over a year because AI didn't work then. I just had the idea to come back and see whats new. I used all the programs in the past and they all fell short on a complete solution. I have held off buying any airport add-ons until AI is fixed. So I guess I will have to keep waiting. I am really now regretting buying MSFS in the first place, but here we are.
  10. Hi, there was a mention that super traffic board should be able to work in MSFS if you use aig aircraft. I have all the planes and flight plans from aig and I would really like to try this out but I have no idea how to install super traffic board into MSFS. Can anyone provide a step by step instructions on how to do this. If I could get it installed and working I can report back to help others. I really loved STB in P3D and it was the addon that I missed the most when I bought MSFS. I would even go back to P3D just to use this addon but I'm hooked on the MSFS visuals.
  11. Has anyone been able to use fs traffic and AIG at the same time? I have both installed but I have to choose between the two. Thank you
  12. Well, I got to tell you, I bought it on the first day. I am a big fan of AIG and have been with AIG since day one and I can't see myself deleting it anytime soon. I have put too much time into installing all the packages. I also have been using FSTL but being real time, I don't mind if I could delete it. I know that FS Traffic is not free and in its beginning stages, but I bought it because of the native MSFS models and the ability to add airlines and models so I can still keep my AIG in place. I haven't tried that yet because it does look too difficult for now. I am hoping that it can be my only ai program that gives the best of AIG and FS Traffic. I think it would be easier to manage from one spot and I know that new models and more liveries are coming (I really hope). I guess with those things in consideration then buying this program is not necessarily wasted money.
  13. It’s almost a must buy for me but I have a glaring question. I wonder if I can “disable” the other two ai programs and still use fs traffic. I spend a good amount of time customizing those packages and I am afraid of uninstalling them for the “unknown”. I like the fs traffic program but if there is a problem down the road then I would have no ai traffic if I uninstalled them.
  14. How do you like the e-jet ai addon? I just saw it a few days ago but I was waiting on some reviews but there aren't any yet. Do you find those models to be better than AIG and FSTL? I guess it's cheap enough to try but I am afraid that the AIG version is just as good, and I won't be using the addon e-jets.
  15. I reinstalled SU11 and everything is back the way it was. I can't use REX weather that I just bought but that will happen soon, I hope. The status is still showing offline, and the two selections are greyed out. I don't play multiplayer and never have ever used it. Maybe it's just an SU11 thing but my traffic works and the ATC and AI control work, so I think that's a win.
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