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  1. Had to chime in here. I just updated to the latest aig manager and I do not have navigraph but just default stuff and I am having this problem. There is plenty of planes on the ground but nothing moves. I also did not sign up for any betas. I just update when the game asks me to so I dont know what the problem is. The last time I played was before the holidays and everything was great, plenty of traffic, beautiful models and liveries at any airport I visited. I hope asobo did not alter anything so we cant use aig manager anymore just when things were getting so much better.
  2. Hey guys,I have been flying around with the sim from day one. I have used the ai pilot extensively even though it doesn't work well. I have always used the option to show direction and it includes the miles to my destination (airport). Now it only shows the arrow and not the distance and I have not changed any settings, but I have the updated sim so maybe this a feature that they no longer have. Does anyone know what happened to this feature or a setting to get it back? thank you
  3. Thank you so much, you have been very helpful
  4. I'm on the fence about this one. I don't want to have multiple applications that I have to open up every time, so the automation intrigues me. I have seen that there is another product that was released earlier that does the same as REX. I would just like to see a snowy environment when I take off from Boston and see a desert environment when I land in Pheonix (for example). I have discovered that MSFS doesn't do this well, so I came here to see what people are saying. Which of these programs would you recommend because they are priced pretty similar, but I want the best band for my buck. Thank you
  5. So I have tried flying at several airports using live weather. I have tested Anchorage, Helsinki, Zurich, Geneva, Innsbruck, Reykyvik, and St. Petersburg and I have not seen snow anywhere. Not on the ground and not even in the mountains. I have everything set up correctly, so I am really starting to get annoyed because this should not be so hard and should be a fundamental part of the sim. If there is snow on the ground in the real world, then I should see snow when I go to those places. Is this what REX does? does it show the real-world conditions? I should not have to buy an addon for something that should be in the basic game. I'm sure if you all are seeing snow using real live weather then there is something wrong on my part, but I can't think of what it could be.
  6. Yes I do but I have not tried PANC. Should have been an obvious one.i tried a random airport in Siberia and all I saw was grass. I will try PANC tomorrow, thanks.
  7. So this may be a dumb question but how can I see snow in the sim? I have tried going to northern airports in USA where I know there is snow and I only see grass. Am I missing something? Do I need to buy an addon just to see snow? This seems so bizarre to me, so I must have done something wrong, but I don't know what it could be. Thanks
  8. Thank you but it's not working for me. If I check the box to reverse the axis then the sim asks me to create a new mouse profile and I have discovered that I have "created" 6 mouse profiles by doing something wrong. I only use external view because I plane spot and use ai control to "fly" the planes.
  9. does anyone remember how to change the rotate direction on the mouse? everything is reversed now and I don't remember how to change it back to the way I had it. Thanks
  10. I am loving this program just like I did in P3D. I have some questions that I can't find the answers to. Can we create a desktop shortcut for the AIG manager and The AIG traffic controller? If we can do that then how do we update when a new AIG manager is released. I don't want to download thousands of airlines again.. I remember in P3D that once it's installed then you can't alter it or you will have to start all over again. I know it's beta so that may change but I want to able to install the right way.
  11. I know I am late to the party but I just had to give my heartfelt thanks to the creator and team that made this possible. I never thought this day would come and was really contemplating going back to P3D. I have used this program extensively in P3D so I know just how good it can be. Even though it's still a beta, it is millions times better than what we had before and will only get better. The people that are criticizing things have no idea what a huge gift this is and will realize that nothing comes close for AI traffic. I am guilty of thinking that AIG was a bully because they shut down all the AI programs that tried to do the same thing in the sim but they produced something that was worth the wait. Thank you so much for your dedication to this project and please continue on this path. It would not be fair for me not to ask a few questions and make some observations. The main question that I had is do you have a plan for this program if ASOBO changes up everything in the next update? I would really hate everything go poof when ASOBO turns the switch. Also, where do you set the path to the AIFGM files in the program itself? I have the Traffic Generator but in the program there is a section to use the AIFGM files and that's a new thing for me because I only used BGL files in P3D. I have discovered that if you use the traffic generator, you will see correct airlines at the airport but if you don't use the traffic generator then you will see a variety of airlines with some that don't belong there and some that do, Is this correct?
  12. I do exactly as you where I select a departure and arrival airport and watch it fly. I also have the same results with mountains and crashing into buildings and even landing on the taxiway or grass. I feel your pain and this is why I have been using "another" flight sim that does all I want and more. I just can't resist coming back to MSFS because everything else for me is much much better than the other sim. I have been following the discussions on ai or live traffic or whatever they want to call it and it's a mess. The only thing that I can help you with is when you select a flightplan you have to select high altitude and so far I haven't crashed into any mountains along the way but landing in mountain areas may not work that way.
  13. I never realized until this game came out that there was such a divide between people that like AI and people that don't. It used to be a simulator/game for everyone to enjoy and you could use what ever was important to your experience. I most definitely enjoy AI and filled airports but I feel it's not coming anytime soon for this game so I just don't play anymore. I still read these forums to find out what has been happening and can hopefully enjoy playing the game someday soon.
  14. But how many of those lovely planes leave the gate? That's my problem and if I sit at an any airport long enough I get all those labels too but they never go anywhere.
  15. I decided to do some plane spotting at various airports today. I watched arrival after arrival but never saw one plane leave the gate. There was a label over every plane at the gate which I thought meant that it was going to leave. I watched for at least two hours and nothing ever left the gate. Why are only arrivals working and how can I fix it? Thanks
  16. yeah, if companies are so threatened by this, then release your program already or show some progress at least. I will gladly pay for a good working ai addon and have been waiting since day one. Every time someone decides to help out with the ai problem and put in a lot of working doing it then they get shut down. This would probably make people not bother making anything more for ai traffic and we will all suffer for that. When did free planes and flight plans become such a hot commodity to fight over?
  17. Hello everyone, I am back with P3D V4 because MSFS is a mess. Of course I want to have my AIGM-OCI working with STB (super traffic board) but things have changed since I left. It looks like AIGM-OCI does not load the flight plans in the world scenery folder or the sim objects in the sim objects folder anymore. It also looks like STB can only read the files from those P3D folders and not where AIGM-OCI places them so how can I get them to work together? I'm not sure if the problem is AIGM-OCI or STB. Both are must haves for me so I am disappointed that right now they don't play nicely. Thank you
  18. But also what happens when there is a new asobo update and they improve the textures and details. Does REX have to keep up with asobo to make sure they are offering more than asobo defaults?
  19. Do you have to setup different textures for different airports? Not all airports have the same textures so I wouldn't want to see desert textures in Europe or similar situations. I am tempted to buy this because I believe that you will be releasing a whole lot of products that all work together like you had for P3D and everything looks cohesive. Also, how do freeware airports work? does the developer pick out the textures they want their airport to use? Thanks
  20. So I have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to buying add on airports. I would love to buy vhhh, zspd and wsss but I am reluctant because Asia has not received the world update that others areas already have. I don't want asobo to include one of those in great detail when the world update comes out. Thinking the other way would it be a safe bet to buy an addon airport in an area that has already received the update like USA or France. I don't think we will get more detailed airports just because. So have you held off buying an addon airport because of this or just going for it. I also wonder if these addon airports are set up for ai planes and live traffic. Do they have assigned airline parking but I guess without a proper live traffic system it doesn't matter much.
  21. but do you think that the sim update will give us more models and better realsim? I don't think it's that important to them but they are still making hard for ai developers who just want to release something for us. If Assobo want's to control ai then just create that feature and be done with it. I am so happy for people who are developing models and liveries and I think that Assobo will crush them and make us wait while they decide what they want to do.
  22. so far this is the worst update for me. I have been trying to download the update in the game and have had to restart about 20 times now to get the full files. I am also very disappointed that the big announcement for aircraft models is two measly liveries for planes we already had before and not to mention with the megapack there are the same liveries and plenty more. Boy assobo really has us all by the you know what, They give us crumbs of the things we have been asking for and we just jump to get them. Is this the way it's going to be every time?
  23. Hi guys, I am working on my ai and I have downloaded the megapack 12 with many liveries. The trouble is that to have them as an ai I have to change the 0 to a 1 under "is aircraft for ai". There are over 300 liveries that have to be changed and that's a heck of a lot of work. I am not computer savy, so I am wondering if there is an easier way to change everything at once. Possibly a cut and paste for the ai entry or some sort of grouping, I don't really know, so if anyone knows a better way I would be very thankful. Thank you.
  24. Can the megapack be used for moving ai traffic? I have been following the developments on the two ai packages and I am not liking what I am reading. So I am wondering if the megapack liveries can be used on traffic either "live" or offline. The liveries are very nice and I enjoy seeing "realistic" planes parked at the gates but they don't do anything. I would love to see them moving to get that live breathing airport feel. It's just not the same without this and I like the visuals in msfs too much that it makes it hard to go back to P3D. Thank you.
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