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  1. PMDG should consider remaking the MD-11 latest version like it made latest versions of 737 NGX and 777 and the 747 queen of the sky's 2 and make more projects like 717 and 757 -200/300 and 767-300/400 also the 787-800/900 also the Airbus projects from A320 A330 A340 A350 A380
  2. How do I get Intouch with pmdg developers ? I would like to contac them directly , if any one can tell me how exactly
  3. So you are saying that I can't get a weather radar on the Pmdg ND for the md-11 just the advantage radar ? That's not cool
  4. The Fslabs mcdu is missing somethings like second fplan and some other stuf it's not like the one I saw in the real aircraft , I work in the airplane . and may I ask are u a team member of the pmdg ?
  5. BlackBox is not very original not on a320 nor 330 or 340, Fslabs is ok but the mcdu isn't so original plus Fslabs appcrashis if I have a pmdg in my fsx , the 767 in the level-D has the overhead panel like a paper not original so is it in the captain sim also in the 757 in the captain sim and and also not original in the qualitywings I haven't seen the 787 yet but I will soon the only aircrafts that look like original in the 757 and the 767 and the a350 was in the flight factor for the x-plane 10/11 in unfortunately there isn't flight factor for fsx but I wish they consider outing there aircraft for fsx aswell. as for the a380 the NLS ( next level simulation ) was on the path but it was canceled last year I don't know why , the il-96 never had a project and the md-11 is missing a weather radar so pmdg should remake the md-11 like it remade the 747 and that why I would like pmdg to consider doing these aircrafts because they are the best . and who is this mettar you spoke of ?
  6. Can pmdg make more aircrafts like Airbus a320 and a320 neo , a330 , a340 , a350 , a380 , Boeing 717 , 737 max , 747 - 8 , 757-200/300 , 767 - 300/400 normal and winglets , 787 - 800/900 , ilyushine il-96 and weather radar for the md-11 ? these are the best aircrafts I like
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