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  1. I assume that in order to upgrade to 5.1 from 5.0 that we simply extract the download and then copy and paste (overwriting existing files)? Cheers Hazza
  2. hazbenz

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Hi, just found and tried this amazing tool! I spent a whole day downloading and adding xxx.ai2util files to all the models downloaded by AIG AIM and I also have FLAI installed. After running the tool I get this result (this is just a snippet but shows that it is picking up both FLAi and AIG AIM aircraft): Flai Ai Models : 1887 Total Ai Models: 5731 ============================================================= Replace Utl Aircraft:AT7| Carrier: VFC | Operator: VFC | Found:OPERATOR AIGAIM_VASCO ATR 72-500 - Vietnam Airlines OC Replace Utl Aircraft:E70| Carrier: VBW | Operator: VBW | Found:OPERATOR AIGAIM_Air Burkina Embraer EMB-170 Replace Utl Aircraft:E90| Carrier: OAW | Operator: OAW | Found:OPERATOR FLAi_AIA_E190_OAW-Helvetic At the end of the process though I still have 1690 Daedalus paints. I am assuming this is because there is a problem matching either the Carrier or Operator. Here is a snippet of the Daedalus paints that remain: equip car oper title val useOnce M82 JOR KLA UTLive_M80_Daedalus 100 FALSE 762 AOG AOG UTLive_762_Daedalus 100 FALSE 141 SRU SRU UTLive_142_Daedalus 100 FALSE 142 SRU SRU UTLive_142_Daedalus 100 FALSE 143 SRU SRU UTLive_143_Daedalus 100 FALSE E90 OAW OAW UTLive_E90_Daedalus 100 FALSE 100 OAW OAW UTLive_100_Daedalus 100 FALSE 319 OAW OAW UTLive_319_Daedalus 100 FALSE SF3 NTJ NTJ UTLive_SF3_Daedalus 100 FALSE ATP NTJ NTJ UTLive_DH4_Daedalus 100 FALSE CR7 NTJ EAY UTLive_CR7_Daedalus 100 FALSE AT7 SDY SDY UTLive_AT7_Daedalus 100 FALSE Is there a quick and easy way to find and replace the Daedalus paints or is a matter of going through one by one? Cheers Hazza
  3. hazbenz

    Remote DU

    Dan, I agree there are other more important things to fix but I would still like to see this as I am sure would some of the Cockpit Builders - if it is feasible. Thanks Goof, I will investigate this (had never heard before!). And yes I am in the process of negotiating with the Finance Minister about gaining some Capital Funds for this project. Unfortunately, the Exchange Rate difference between the NZ$ and the Euro is not favourable at this time and the negotiations are taking on Brexit like proportions🙄
  4. hazbenz

    Remote DU

    Thanks, I am aware of the ability to move the DU's but what I am after is the ability to put it on a tablet and then use the touchscreen to choose options. Whether this is developed by PMDG or the capability for another developer e.g. Flightsim Apps to have the ability to hook into the SDK is immaterial to me but the capability is what is important. PS. Hahaha just noticed that in my original post I typed thing instead of thinking
  5. hazbenz

    Remote DU

    Is there a way to put the Lower DU on a remote device (e.g. a tablet) so that you can interact with it. More specifically I am thing about the Electronic Checklist.
  6. You are too fast in replying!! I am part way through asking that question😁 Cheers Harry
  7. I see this was asked about back in 2016 but times have changed (and hopefully so has the SDK). Are you able to hook into the Display Units (mostly thinking about PMDG 777, 747 here) and interacting with those. More specifically I am thinking of the Lower DU and DISP controls so that we can interact with the Electronic Checklists especially? Cheers Harry
  8. Thanks for this, have been contemplating purchasing your products for a month now and generated the request a few days ago but like the OP don't have e-mail on my sim computer. Now all I have to do is get final sign off from the Minister of Finance (wish me luck😨). Cheers Hazza
  9. hazbenz

    External Power Connected?

    HI, I am trying to program some buttons on my Saitek/Logitech panels using Spad.Next. The problem I am having at the moment is how to read whether Ground Power has been connected to the aircraft (GPU/Jetway plugs). Doesn't matter if its an LVar or EventID. That's the hard part. The easy part is to read that output and (conditionally) turn on/off Pri/Sec External Power Switches. Any assistance greatly appreciated
  10. hazbenz

    Logging in to Create Ticket

    The login details sent were the same as I had entered. So I installed Chrome (UGH!!!) but I am now logged in. Thanks for the assist.
  11. hazbenz

    Logging in to Create Ticket

    Yes, but not since last year
  12. hazbenz

    Logging in to Create Ticket

    When I click on the Login button in the top right of the Portal, I enter my details and click Login. It then sits there for more than 10 mins trying to login. I am using Firefox
  13. Hi All, I am trying to log in to the Support Portal to create a ticket but it is just sitting there saying "Please wait". Have now been waiting over 30 mins including two restarts of the browser. Any ideas on what I can do now? Cheers Harry
  14. hazbenz

    N1 Readings

    Thanks for that, I had guessed that the default readings were not used but it was all I could try at the time. I don't suppose there is another parameter that is readable (through LVARs probably) that will allow me to determine whether the engines are running or not?
  15. hazbenz

    N1 Readings

    Hi All, I am trying to make a conditional action in Spad.Next for starting the APU. What I am trying to do is if the engines are shutdown then start the APU (and set various other switches/selectors) but if the engines are running start with a slightly different set of actions. I was hoping to read the current N1 values to set the Condition however I am struggling to find how to read these values. I have tried the SimConnect Eng N1 RPM:1/2 setting but it does not appear to read valid (or any) values Any assistance will be most gratefully received