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Found 26 results

  1. Since I upgraded my computer to hex core i7 and 4k displays, my 747 mem crashes and the words don't line up on the CDU or the other screens. Is there something I missed or do I just wait for v3? 737 & 777 work fine. Robert Glass Pennsylvania KIPT
  2. Firstly, thank you RSR for giving us another taste of the upcoming 747 v2. Having recently gotten the opportunity to sit in a real world 747-400 cockpit I am really looking forward (patiently) for its release! When I was looking at the newest previews I noticed that the 744 has the RR engines. Obviously so far with the 737 and current 777 models are limited to one engine choice by nature, while the 747 has three choices my question is if the 747-400 v2 will have GE and PW engines along with the shown RR ones? The reason I ask is because IMHO PMDG would by nature would not want to just offer a cosmetic change but model the sound and performance differences properly, which may or may not (depending on the coding) be an easy task. While I'm posting this question I might as well ask about the -F, -LCF, -D, -M, -ER, and -BCF, I'm not holding my breath on the last 4 but what the heck. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys. This is my first post here, even though I've been lurking for quite a while now... This is a post to announce a new livery for the 747-400ER Qotsll V3: South African Airways "new" paint. After wanting to fly through Africa, Europe and Middle East I looked for a nice SAA livery, but all I could find was some squishy models with inaccurate color palette and logo distortions (not saying mine is perfect). I then decided to give it a try and here it is. I chose the words (from a real SAA 747 by the way) SHOSHOLOZA for this livery and here is what it means (just copy pasted from Wikipedia): "Shosholoza" is a Fanagalo song that was sung by the mixed tribes of miners mining gold in South Africa. It is a mix of Zulu and Ndebele words, and can have various other South African languages thrown in depending on the singers. It was sung by all-male African workers that were working in the South African mines in a call and response style. The song is so popular in South African culture that it is often referred to as South Africa's second national anthem. Anyway, here is the link for the PTP file: https://nofile.io/f/07MKZOcOjxO/PMDG+747-400ER+V3+South+African+Airways+(Shosholoza)+2018.ptp Please let me know if you find any mistakes or faults regarding the file or the painting. I am open to receive new requests as well. Enjoy. :)
  4. Every time i try to view my replays, or try to access my Add-on options, i get a black screen. However When i press the ESC key i can see the Escape options only. When i press Escape again it just right back to the black screen. If i continue to press the escape key i can sometimes see the graphical environment, however it is very distorted. Any help with this issue would be really appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello. I've searching for this everywhere on the internet and found out the Internet doesn't satisfy me at all. I only can gathered answers around other planes like B737 hydraulics and such, but not the B747. I've came up with the question on Quora yet the answers dissapoint me further. This is so frustrating. On Boeing 747-400 hydraulics system, if one of the four system fails in-flight, what would happen to the system? How does other system back-ups the failing system in advance? Would you show me the detailed explaination along with its detailed schematic diagram? True, there are schematics diagram for B747 hydraulics but that's simplified. I need to know the detailed circuitary ones. This is for my assignment and my lecturer requires me to have this kind of explaination. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am learning to start from cold and dark startup and i'm doing pretty well. However, I get to the part to start up the APU but nothing happens. I have seen where once you have enabled the start the APU switch will automatically turn to ON. In my case, I turn the knob to start and it just sits there and nothing happens. No matter how long I wait, the APU generator switches never light up to "available". Hopefully you can help me with this frustrating problem. It could be user error, but then again I might not have added everything when I first downloaded the PMDG 747-400. Any help is appreciated. Jared
  7. Hello I currently use FS2004 9.1 To my knowledge i have the most recent version of the 747-400 installed on my system and i use windows Vista but im encountering a problem, which i need help on, It concerns installing additional liveries to the 747 (e.g Virgin atlantic) Im downloading the livery via the downloads and add on liveries section etc. and installing it etc etc it come up saying install successful, i ve even tried re installing with recommended settings but to no avail..., i ve checked the FS9 folder and the aircraft is in there. but when i try and select the aircraft in the main FS window its not there :( Any idea what is going wrong or what im doing wrong (most likely) appreciate your help thanks Dangermouse
  8. I have only found Linda in the last few days and have a small query which I think is an easy answer but for the life of me I cannot figure out. I have the Saitek Yoke (and Throttle), Rudder, Multi Panel and Switch Panel and I'm using FSX Acceleration, FSUIPC 4.937 and SPAD 0.5.0. I have the PMDG 747 so thought I would simply have to download the module developed by Pero and voila! I would be able to assign actions to buttons to my hearts content. Unfortunately, whilst the PMDG 747 is listed there are no options to choose from. I get the choice of Edit Modules and System Functions but under System Functions only "InitVars" is displayed where I was expecting to see a whole list of Functions. None of the documentation I have read seems to say that I needed to do anything else to get this to work (or maybe I am doing a "man read" much like my partner accuses me of doing "man looks" when trying to find something) Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong? PS. I installed Linda (2.5.5) to the root of the FSX Modules folder i.e. the path to Linda is C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Modules\Linda.exe Cheers Harry
  9. Hello; PLEASE HELP !!!I am flying a PMDG Queen of the Skys 747-400. Everything works great until I decide to take a look around the cockpit. The airframe is gone and I am looking outside the acft and seeing the terrain. I have tried every trick described and even set the HIGHMEMFIX=1 , even though I am only using WIN 7 32 not 64. Also on one view there is a Large object hanging from the ceiling that looks like a gray soccor ball about to fall.If someone could leave a note and tell me how to capture a pic I will load it up here.My system ASUS P5H Deluxe MB4 GB Mem2 1 TB HDIntel duo core cpu 3.33 ghzCreative Labs Platinum Sound CardRadeon HD 6770 (1gb mem)Windows 7 32Bit OS ProffessionalRon Burns (aka Granpa or Buffaloron)
  10. Greetings Fellow Pilots: For anyone who might be interested, I have recently started a video tutorial blog called Training Tips at subsonicflighttraining.com for the 747-400 and the 747-8 (when released). I have been using iFly 747-400, but will be switching to the PMDG version 2 because of its higher fidelity. Like flightdeck2sim.com on the 737, my intent is to use my almost 30 years on the 747-400 as a Captain Instructor Pilot, Check Airmen, and FAA Examiner to highlight some real world procedures and knowledge to assist the flight simmer in enhancing their ability to explore and most importantly have fun with a sophisticated software replication of the iconic whale or queen of the skies, if you prefer. Planned areas of coverage right now are jet basics, but will branch into procedures of normal, non-normals, and line flights. So I invite you to subscribe and your feedback is highly appreciated. Any areas you would like to see for future video blogs, please don't hesitate to give me your request. Personally, as I am entering the twilight of my career, I look forward to joining the VATSIM network and doing some virtual trips. Boy, if I was a young kid again and had all this available to me, I could have been so highly prepared and even more engaged than I was. All I ever had was a aviation pen radio with a headset and a small tuning knob and a little antenna to listen to ATC frequencies standing by an airport fence next to my bike. Now you do this with ease on your phone with an app. Amazing...
  11. Can't get enough of this autogen. Let me know if you're interested in my ultra LOD secret sauce.
  12. From the album: Hangar 1

    KLM Boeing 747-400 is cleared for takeoff on runway 13R at JFK.
  13. From the album: MCOspotter

    Cathay Pacific 747-400 departing JFK RWY 31R to Vancouver
  14. Hello, Guys! I'm using FSX default built-in Boeing 747-400 but I want these types of wheels which default 747 hasn't. So can anyone tell me the code which I add to default 747 program and wheels become like these. Best Regards, AP
  15. Hello, Guys! I've done some landings in FSX. I request you to please see this video and tell me which landing is the best? Regards, AP,
  16. Hey, So after some initial problems with the PMDG 747-400X (In another post), the aircraft is working beautifully! I did a bunch of test rides last night around EHAM, EGLL and LFPG just taking off and landing and then did my first flight KLAX-KJFK this morning. It is an incredibly easy aircraft to fly, setting it up from a cold and dark state is very simple, just takes a little while! I dont know what it is, but I have the PMDG MD-11, QW757, Feelthere E-jets, and the PMDG 744, and the only ones I can truly fly are the 744 and 757. I just dont get the logic in the MD and EMB aircraft! I am a Boeing man... So enough talking, here are some pics. Sorry bout the graphics and quality, my system is HORRIBLE!
  17. Hello, Guys! See in picture given and tell me how is it possible that Thai Airways is on 36,975 Ft Height with 501 Knots Speed? Another plane I saw at the same place of KLM Boeing 747-400 was going on 39000 Ft Height and approximately 500 Knots speed? You can see this plane in the picture in yellow highlight and web site is planefinder.net. On FSX, When I fly B747-400, Its speed decreases as its Height increases and vice versa. My speed on FSX B747-400 is 274 Knots on 39000Ft Height. Very simple, when I decrease the Height, Speed automatically increases. So how is it possible in real Thai and KLM? Why I cannot go on FSX as Thai and KLM going?
  18. Hello. Let me tell what i did before this bug happened. Please read carefully to not interchange the 737/747 i will mention. It is a bit wiered, so thats why i ask to read carefully. Last normal state of the operation center and the 747-400 was the rollback on 1. July and the time after it until i bought the 737-800 yesterday. NOTE: I have the new 747 installer already, wich was said is needed for future updates! First time of the day yesterday when i opened the OC i saw the 737-800 is out. I didnt have a notification of the new 747 update dated 11. July at this time. I bought the 737 (already having the 747 as mentioned) but didnt install it yet. Some hours later i again opened the OC and saw i got a notification of the new update for the 747. The first time i got this patchnotes PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - Build 3.00.8382 (Released 11JUL17) ================================================================== - 0000000: [Installers] - Updated installer to better handle run prerequisites, repair and modification capability. (rsrandazzo) - 0000000: [General] - Eliminated a potential CTD based on drive location and pathing data (abashkatov) - 0000000: [General] - Optimization. Note that it ends with the "Optimization". I installed this one and browsed around a bit in the livery folder. Then we had a power-shortage due to storm and while inside the OC all power went down for 4h. After getting it back i finally wanted to install the 737 and so i did. I was very surprised that this time i again got another notification of a 747 update, when i opened the OC to download liveries for the 737 i just installed. I checked the patchlog again and this time i found this one PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - Build 3.00.8382 (Released 11JUL17) ================================================================== - 0000000: [Installers] - Updated installer to better handle run prerequisites, repair and modification capability. (rsrandazzo) - 0000000: [General] - Eliminated a potential CTD based on drive location and pathing data (abashkatov) - 0000000: [General] - Optimization. - 0000000: [General] - Improvements to dynamic lighting. Note that now its ends with dynamic lighting....not with optiizations. But still has same build number and date. Ok i thought, nice now we even have dyn lighting improvments maybe. I installed it but didnt fly it. Now today i again opened the OC and very surprised i saw again a notice of a 747 update.... I installed it again just to see that after i reopen the OC, it reappears. I start the OC in admin mode, did various restarts of the PC already too. I cannot seem to install the last patch. The version remeains at ###.8377 and shows me the new ###.8382. Theres no error when starting the update. The download bar starts to appear and stops a sec later and says its finished. What is the best thing to do now? Thanks, Alex W.
  19. Hello,Guys! I request all of you to see my videos of landing Boeing 747-400 and tell me how I've landed these planes means, how is my landing method? and what errors are coming? If I'm landing wrong then please tell me. I would be grateful to you. One thing is that these videos may be stuck in browser but if it happens then I request You to please download them and I request you to open them in VLC player. Regards, AP,
  20. Hey guys, here is a photo real Cathay Pacific paint on the PMDG model. It has custom photo windows and is made from many photos. It's almost done and I just need to ajust a few things and then it will be ready for upload.
  21. this error has came up before but i re-installed PMDG 747-400 and it worked for a month but then randomly the error came up. I do not know what to do. I went on Pmdg's support and they said to put in some code in the .dll file and i did that but it didn't work. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/KB/a92/dllxml-information-and-troubleshooting.aspx please help!
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