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  1. Works fine with 737,777 so don't think it's the parking brake. Checked my hardware settings. All good. No changes there.
  2. Thanks. Will submit a ticket tomorrow.
  3. Need a ticket submitted ? Or will this be corrected with the update?
  4. Must have changed out the brake pads on the tugs. Seems to me that before the latest update to the -400 the end of the pushback came to a gradual stop. Now it comes to a sudden stop. Doesn't do this on the 777 or737. Default PMDG pushback. Not GSX. Anybody else see this.
  5. Currently flying out of KSFO (Flightbeam) to PANC for UPS. Tried EDDF to KORD but ended on touchdown with an OOM😡! Never had a problem with the -400. Hopefully the upcoming update will free up some VAS, otherwise I might have to look into P3D. All of the Flightbeam airports I have work very well with my rig (I7-4790K, GTX970, 16gb) on FSX boxed.
  6. Open the smoke evac and watch the outflow valve close
  7. Sounds like you are in long turn state. Short turn already has the APU running.
  8. Probably extra doublers in a high stress area that are not painted for easier inspection.
  9. Thank you Walter. That was the problem. All good now.
  10. So Walter are you saying I should not load the update on top of the CD install?
  11. Thanks Dan. Just loaded some precip in AS16 and no returns on radar. AS16 shows connected. Everything else works as advertised. I think I will try what Walter has suggested. I seem to remember reading something about that a while ago.
  12. Whoops. Understand A/C systems A&P mech. on Gulfstreams and widebodys for years. Just don't understand some computer probs. Been simming for years and read forums before posting but this one has me stumped.
  13. Totally understand the WX radar. No precip so don't expect returns. I should get WX +2A on display when WX button is pressed. Should also get the "Monitor Radar Display - Go Around" when Test is pressed on WX control Panel. Not bragging or anything but I
  14. Hey Dan. Thanks for your quick response. FSX by the way. Ran ASConnect for AS16. On Southwest livery I get nothing as before. However on PMDG livery when I press WX I get range rings with no WX -2A on display?
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