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    Simulation of course ;-)... I construct a World tour with the best addon's.
    I fly a mix between AG and liners. Flights of +|_ 2 Hours.

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    At the end of mine work life, I have now more time for mine (all time passion): the aviation.
    - Sorry for bad english, I'm fench speaking.

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  1. ms2

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    I think, this new product shall have a tryout. I like this addon (version 1) a lot, justly because the datas are the same that your's datas really included in "YOUR" sim. Troughs all phases of the flight you are able to follow the aircraft in different windows well organised: gate, taxi, runway/ departure Sid/ en route/ arrival Star/ approach/ runway taxi, gate . Each time the needed Infos are directly on the hand To help, the choice of a Sid or a Star or a approachs is a easy and clean way... on electronic maps to do a previewing is easier then analysing common airports charts. You pay once this programm, but Navigrahn is a rent... On mine second screen this addon is very often used when flying.
  2. ms2


    Nice round on the "flat land", good shots indeed. perhaps add your text with a translation of Google in english when posting, shall easier for most readers 😉.
  3. You have a very big configuration, mine is less. Perhaps In our sims the bottleneck is the amount of datas to download simultaneously on the mothercart from different sources... so on Klax, Kjfk, Seattle, Paris. I know that fps are at the limit for mine configuration, to help I paused the sim before approach (first to make a scenario save, and to start the recorder), sure this pause help me avoiding difficulty in scenery downloading when landing. Mine Sim p3dv4 now is the sim (a very old fsx basis incoding) + addons for real weather + for ambience + cameras + very heavy aircrafts (as fslabs PMDG, etc) + immersion + tweaks, + and others orbx + mega sceneryearth + etc... With a less computer configuration, I frequently follow the philosophy "less is more and I flight for linners essentially in the cockpit with less vegetation autogens (threes autogens on low of none) and medium-high complexity + buildings.... On AG sceneries, I could have the best of this sim worldwide. The fsx (the basis) was done essentially for AG flights. This is mine conclusion , after reading Avsim comments with very big configurations, I don't attend unpossible of mine computer, said me... Mark be happy possessing this level of quality. Hope for you to meet a satisfaction of your invest with fine and good settings. best regards
  4. ms2

    need help with my addon.xml file

    Copying effects directly from v3 in the v4 version, is a bad and dangerous idea, hope for you that you have first backuping before mixing the effects files.... because if p3dv4 encountered a 32bits programming effect... you may have probably a CTD.
  5. Not yet a true v4 addon, there is one in preparation... But I keep mine previous version of V3 for all addons not yet V4, progressively, I rebuild a complete v4 In V4 for Orly, I linked Orly in the v4 scenery.cfg with the scenery addon of the V3 scenery folder and so it work without effects... a intermediate and waiting solution. This method was applied to several V3 airports, so I was sure not disturb the V4 with incompatible 32bits coded effects, whiteout lost of many airports... When a airport don't work in v4, I cleared this in mine v4 scenery.cfg...
  6. Michael I visit often Paris in real life, the VFRscenery is amazing near the reality, (I recognise some private buildings), ohhhh sure, yes this is very heavy and CPU computers are working at 100%... It is a VFRscenery then I fly only with a light and slow AG aircraft (basic Maule), for the airports packs, I only open one per flight. (Like Toussus Le noble, have a friend working there) When flying liners or commuters on Orly or Charles de Gaulle, I prefer to use TRUElandscape France (based on real land classes). fps are between 20-24fps, just enough. Kind regards
  7. Practically no changes for me, don't feel it. Logically the sim have the same datas to work in the 2 configurations... The upper datas of the scenery.cfg are charged only for the flying zone. In mine mind, the only problem with all selected is that you increase possibility of conflicts between addons.... For me, "less is more", that seem to be the best recommendation to keep in mind with sceneries selections. I have divided mine scenery.cfg by regions folowing mine flying zones logic and have created some .cfg renamed region+scenery.cfg for each one (and keeping indeed the basic global one named worldscenery.cfg). For startup, the good region to fly is selected and renamed to the scenery.cfg name. The interest to do so, is that I have the ability to enlarge this concept to developer+scenery.cfg for sample one with "orbx only". A other is "without orbx land classes and vectors" for flying photoreals sceneries, etc. I divided conflicts possibilities... And spend no more time on startup, because 6min. Is very long when waiting the computer work... A real nightmare if you must restart a few for tryout and fine adjustments.
  8. ms2

    Nasty LGAV weather...

    Like this kind of weather screenshots... Bravo!
  9. Follow you Chock at LAEM (just buying this airport). The BB A330 seem globally to be well...
  10. The most visible difference, if you have a lot of addons (sceneries or aircrafts).... is the time for the sim software downloading... If I startup with all selected, I spend 6min. for the first downloading and with America alone and selected aircrafts... 2min only.
  11. ms2

    Cargo vs Pax

    Sure, for a lot of addons, they have only generic parkings. With big liners, when beginning new scenario, sometimes... I must changing of gate or parking because the choiced one in the listing is to small. To correct this now, I follow Navigraph maps... And when have time, I correct with ADE for the liking airports.
  12. ms2

    Namibia part two

    Is very fun to fly, as you do, on unknown Countries in our game. To be able generating own terrain is a big plus for Xplane. Thx to show the way to see new regions. Mark
  13. Agree for mostly of US terrains mentioned above... sure in 2018 we have a lot of fantastic and very high quality airports. Agree with EHAM as first choice in Europe. (Don't know yet about LEAM) Thx to Chock to inform me on PILOT'S - LEAM - Almeria airport... Will see it 😉 And AG airports ?... I want to give a special mention for a little AG airport: CZST Stewart Airport. For me, have a lot of very detailed surfaces to give us a profond sense of reality and ambiance. Was completely stunned by this realisation.
  14. ms2

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Avec mes encouragements, Emmanuel, de bon vols en perspective. With my encouragement, Emmanuel, good flights in perspective. Mark