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    Simulation of course ;-)... I construct a World tour with the best addon's.
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    At the end of mine work life, I have now more time for mine (all time passion): the aviation.
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  1. Never think to FSUIPC, thx, have the plan to do a tryout.
  2. The LM basic version of the baron beech 58 look poor on mine HD screen, because use of medium resolution. Yesterday, I buy the carenado version because after looking screenshots, I discovered that this one have a great look, more sharp, more detailled as Carenado is able todo, as one master of aircraft-design... Is cheap for this quality level. Mark
  3. Hello Marc A simple question, do you have first install orbx global before Norway ? Love this land, flight a lot part to part with Dash8/400 SAS flaged.
  4. Is this the work of only one camera walking, or a succesion of transition between cameras points with some cameras ? The best how to do interrest me, thx Nickbe for answeer..
  5. Hi, Simbol, here the round outside and the travelling in the cabin at 3:50... Hi mike, see on this video, the walk in the cabin, it is not a simple camera point with zooming, this a real walk, yes with the two cameras softwares we can do transition from camera to camera but is not a easy way to walk accross the cabin and to turn to close the after door... Thanks for reponses
  6. Hello, always perfect shots, Mine pleasure now, with your's pictures is that I can created new flightplans in the best regions of usa. Mine knowledge of where to fly in usa is a very large land Seem that the west part is more interresting with wonderfull montains and colors. Thanks James
  7. Hello, simmers friends Sometime, I see on youtube videos where the cameras make traveling in the passenger cabin to show details. I want suggestions for the best way to do it...easily and how, Thanks.
  8. Coming from $10,000 is very cheap indeed 🤐😳😳, a chrismas promotion...
  9. XP11

    Nice and well done shots of Alps. Seem that lipb and Alps are XPlane sceneries ?
  10. Thks to Patrick and Alex for this little correction. I'm happy to collabore with this "very little" help in your "very great" and well done job...😅
  11. Hello Alex Today, I discuted with Chris a french pilot. Kindly, you make the french traduction of little Nav Map, is great... but there is a little think to perfect perhaps, "mn" in french mean for most minutes and not nautic miles (confusion possible on top of descend). For nautic miles we use Nm (great N, m minus) Thanks, and with regards. Mark