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  1. Yesterday this version v4 of Beech 2000 coming back in mine hangar. And I flow with this elegant machine the segment Napa to Reno (you suggested to me John).... A pleasant flight
  2. Tenerife Sur "Reina Sofia" is near the sea, landing twice in the real life... Exactely on this place, perhaps not because sim flatenings. Gcxo must be verified for Famet Base but think well.
  3. I agree, the error of the pilot in this case is the overflying of airports passengers installations not the turn around. And the atc don't according this. Pilot in command... All is said with three words.
  4. Simbol, here some of Tenerife South as asked ;-)... without any work on pictures But for this island the Tenerife North airport CGXO ( a real compiled V4 airport ) is beter done. regards
  5. Here some shots rapidely done of airports: Here some shots of canaries islands
  6. Sorry for bad english... I mean that I have one disk with all sceneries 32 bits and old fsx sceneries. A other disk have only v4 and only sceneries upgraded to v4. But in mine scenery.cfg, to try old sceneries, I make entries linked to the first disk (32bits)... So p3dv4 read only the contents of folders scenery and texture. The effects and ddl installed on the v3 are not disponible to v4. when a owned airport is upgraded to v4, I make the installation on the v4 disk and in mine scenery.cfg the old entry of this airport is switched to the v4 disk. Easily to do and no danger for the V4 integrity.
  7. Yes some airports are linked to mine p3dv3 folders, so I have the scenery and texture folders only without danger for v4 with effects folder.
  8. Yes, checked all orbx airports file GCxx to .off after a first checking in orbx vectors
  9. What I have now in P3dv4 working: GCRR Lanzarote from Eiresim GCXO Tenerife North from RFscenerybuilding GCST Tenerife South from Simbreeze GCLP Gran Canaria from Simwings GCLA La Palmas pro from Aerosoft GCGM La Gomera from FWI free Orthophotos comming from rikooo site... Only ortho photos are compatible v4. But for 32bits the free airports rikooo joined working fsx and p3d 1 2 3 and GCHI El Heiro from aerosoft is well in v3 but in v4 not.
  10. Venice and Burano, are after Paris and London, the most wellknowed in our countries. Have the scenery and the airport in P3D... Very nice.
  11. FSX-MS

    The less success of xplane is coming from editors. For editors, the problem is piracy and it is very easy to do it in Xplane because of no compilation of sceneries. So the greatest editor Orbx, don't follow what I think too, the best sim actualy done. And most simmers switching to p3dv4 because keeping orbx sceneries (as me) and to keep their invests. Your are right, boring me a lot, progressively LM make it easier but is very far of the dream of xplane for automatic upgrading. Each day, I skype with a friend... For him installation again is a part of his pleasure. I have the two sims and happy so... Each one is way of course.
  12. Yes, beech 200 is in mine p3dv4.1 installed and I have making a flight of 2 h.
  13. None problems with all evo. I read that someones is less expansive as crucial with software to dublicate the system. But in this case for a small difference, I prefered the leader. for the sims all hardwares are ssd