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    Simulation of course ;-)... I construct a World tour with the best addon's.
    I fly a mix between AG and liners. Flights of +|_ 2 Hours.

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    At the end of mine work life, I have now more time for mine (all time passion): the aviation.
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  1. This area is very pleasant to fly, (if you have a lot of airports) as the area of Hawaii is. To do short flights with commuters or GA is a dream when you are short in time. by rikooo there is a photoreal scenery well done for free. With online weathers, those islands are often with great winds. La Palma is a real challenge for landing (in real life too) due by mountain turbulences and no direct heading for approach to the least minute. in real life, Lanzarote and the 2 Tenerife airports are most used for long hauls. Indeed, one of mine preferred areas.
  2. Hello Rob, could you compare emb 120 with A42 500 ? You preferred perhaps for commuters, using from Carenado aircrafts collection... the A42 500 ? I Fly a lot with MJC q400 and want acquire a new one for enlarge mine hangar with a better STOL commuter... (Like Sandane airport) best regards Marc
  3. how can you still trust an editor who has thrown you away like old socks ... even if it's microsoft...
  4. Like a lot this airport for challenge with a difficult mountain environment. yes, you are right take off Sandane is difficult too. Take always just enough fuel for doing this trip+secure. Shall try A42-500 soon. best regards
  5. Thanks for answer reading more about stol on Wikipedia : the stol variant for A42 is the 42-600S... S as STOL Mine hope was a passenger biprop for landing on ENSD Sandane (900m runway) mjc Dash 8 400 is near the limit for secure landings.
  6. Hello ! just before buying this plane, A42 500 of Carenado. I Want to know if the flying model of this addon work as the real one for STOL landing-capacities in p3dv4. thanks for advices
  7. Never have this problem. Flight a lot with and is a great aircraft indeed. Like it. To switch of view, I utilise now chaseplane en before was working with ezdoc. Making, in flight, a lot of outside screenshots without problem.
  8. Yes Go... For "The fun" of our passion... uncredible results in actual p3dv4.4, go !
  9. Discovering your message this morning, thx again Nice answers, forgot this possibility of Notepad++ For multiple copies of documents folder, sure is the faster way. greatings Ps: your programm is a jewel to answer to the LM recommendations
  10. Thx Oliver for quick answer, See now the text box, indeed.... and I look for creating future regrouped .xml To explain mine want of a "replace function"... Mine organisation is : in disk P: P3D v3 (for keeping non 64 bits aircrafts) and in disk S: P3Dv 4.4, the new fantastic version of the sim the 2 disks having exactly the same folders structure. So, mine idea of a search/replace function is to change all S:\ to P:\ to have ultra rapidly add-ons.cfg for the older version of the sim in place of actual scenery.cfg Best regards Mark
  11. Hello first many thanks for your's addons manager. Most of mine sceneries 98% are now out of p3dv4.4 folder., (orbx stay in scenery.cfg) Now a problem, I have, is with upgrading of sceneries. I 'm looking for a search/ replace functions in your programm because I have a lot of addons.xml. greatings mark
  12. With q400, I haved CTD with changing views too, perhaps v4.4 don't like to many changes of views... Flying yesterday the Tdfi 717 in 4.4 and halved a problem with hdg heading not working on autopilot (not with LNAV).
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