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    At the end of mine work life, I have now more time for mine (all time passion): the aviation.
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  1. Oliver, precisely, I read back your manual of P4AO this evening. 😏 Xml method is a full other approach in sim for non-programmers but worth efforts. After a lot of years on scenery.cfg, I stay on the way... Mark
  2. Oliver, today I learn a lot... How xml work
  3. Thx Olivier think that is indeed the safety and best way.
  4. Thanks to writers for suggestions and evolution of this topic
  5. Thx Olivier But seam that unpossible to do with ORBX installers... Textures in sim are fully replaced, isn't it? Second problem with orbx, is with each changing in FTX central, the scenery/world is disturbed, the .bgl of orbx that I make previously off (because conflicts) are coming back disturbing others addons from other editors. Is mine first reason of this topic. Sure is very long time that I never make a new full reinstall of P3d (only client) because I have so many addons. Seam to be time for me to do a clean reinstall. But now with your idea of switching disk/system, I am less afraid by this task, because I am able to keep present version the time of the operations.
  6. Hi Lorby Thx Actually, I use different sets methods, is a good way. But stay problems of patterns conflicts in textures. Indeed this idea of swapping system disk is a very good and nice idea. So shall be able to oriented onesystem to on full version of p3dv4 and one other simplified system directed to a second simplified version of p3dv4 for vfr photoreals flying. Best regards. Mark
  7. Thx Vic for this good advice. I be able now to develop best strategy. Experienced users are welcomed for sharing knowledges for best ways.
  8. Hello I have a dream: to install two different versions of P3dv4, on two different disks on the same computer. One version oriented landclasses as orbx sceneries and a other with "France vfr" + photo-sceneries to avoid conflicts with the hope having best results and best fps for each universe. What I don't know: with two users accounts + each user owning his personal licence of P3dv4, if this idea is realistic . thanks for sharing experiences.
  9. ms2

    European Airspace Navigation

    Hello Highiron There are expensive papers maps for VFR for real aviation in Europe... But Personnaly, I use a free flight planner on screen: "Little Navmap". All kind of levels of airways are proposed and suggested. Very easy to use. Like this software because in one soft, I find all informations to fly in P3dv4.3 Hope that help you...
  10. Thx for answeer, I shall trying your suggestion. greatings Mark
  11. ms2

    The Big Apple

    Great ! Beautiful night ambience on NY
  12. ms2

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    Too much, thx for sharing laugh a lot... Other period... Other minds
  13. Hello, simfriends I'm busy with Carenado s340 new liveries. Suprised because mine darkBlue surface coming a lichtBue with p3dv4.3 HDR system en seem excessively metallic. Now I darker more the blue (near the black) but don't be happy with result. Think dat I must working common textures ".Bump" Question: must I darken the RGB channels or working on alpha channel and how? Thanks for help.
  14. ms2

    Caribbean Tour

    Nice screenshoots, Thx for sharing a beautiful trip
  15. ms2

    Is V3 still worth using.

    Keeping one year version 3 and now flying the v4 But this year, I never flying back V3... If you don't want new sceneries and new aircrafts then the version 3 is well. But there are a lot of upgrades costs after evolution in v4, this the price of the future. No regrets to be in version 4 because is awesome.