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    Simulation of course ;-)... I construct a World tour with the best addon's.
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    At the end of mine work life, I have now more time for mine (all time passion): the aviation.
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  1. ms2

    TFDI 717?

    Never have this problem. Flight a lot with and is a great aircraft indeed. Like it. To switch of view, I utilise now chaseplane en before was working with ezdoc. Making, in flight, a lot of outside screenshots without problem.
  2. ms2

    Returning after 13 years!

    Yes Go... For "The fun" of our passion... uncredible results in actual p3dv4.4, go !
  3. Discovering your message this morning, thx again Nice answers, forgot this possibility of Notepad++ For multiple copies of documents folder, sure is the faster way. greatings Ps: your programm is a jewel to answer to the LM recommendations
  4. Thx Oliver for quick answer, See now the text box, indeed.... and I look for creating future regrouped .xml To explain mine want of a "replace function"... Mine organisation is : in disk P: P3D v3 (for keeping non 64 bits aircrafts) and in disk S: P3Dv 4.4, the new fantastic version of the sim the 2 disks having exactly the same folders structure. So, mine idea of a search/replace function is to change all S:\ to P:\ to have ultra rapidly add-ons.cfg for the older version of the sim in place of actual scenery.cfg Best regards Mark
  5. Hello first many thanks for your's addons manager. Most of mine sceneries 98% are now out of p3dv4.4 folder., (orbx stay in scenery.cfg) Now a problem, I have, is with upgrading of sceneries. I 'm looking for a search/ replace functions in your programm because I have a lot of addons.xml. greatings mark
  6. ms2

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    With q400, I haved CTD with changing views too, perhaps v4.4 don't like to many changes of views... Flying yesterday the Tdfi 717 in 4.4 and halved a problem with hdg heading not working on autopilot (not with LNAV).
  7. ms2

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Is mijne way to test,... I have a saved test with mjc Q400 at departure EHAM Flytampa/ on Orbx Nederlanden scenery. The flight plan go to EBLG, including waypoints over port of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. . (Around 44 min. flying with Sid and Star) Plus graphics hard settings in p3d - cursor frames rate limited at 60. ... This version 4.4 give me 2-3 fps on previous (less level 20fps) and (upper level 30fps (is 10pc more),... and I observed a real better quality for ground-textures. You are right to precise that saying "I have 100fps" is absolutely out of the box outside a permanent context. Sure shall be more satisfied with a constant 30fps on this test, but step by step is better. Beginning this test when orbx realised this scenery and I haved around 15fps on EHAM and more less: a lot of blurred zones after 20min of flying. Think that, now, cores instructions are better done.
  8. ms2

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    This morning 6:00, tryout 2, set 2 f 4.4 make now full install and back to mine EHAM orbx Nederlanden, q400mjc test: confirm this is a major version, outstanding sharp on textures and ground textures. Following tweaks of Rob video and gain of fps is more stabilised on 15/100 gain: 22-25 fps on Flytampa EHAM 30km far of EHAM on orbx scenery, I had 25 to 50 fps following scenery density coverage. I' m a happy man with this version, hope that developers shall make soo patches or new installs with the not-workings addons... A very special thanks to Rob to open me a perfect way for this upgrade, sure he know very well this music greatings to all of this topi for yours first impressions Mark
  9. ms2

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Fly tampa scenery, AI on 100pc, orbx Nederlanden, graphics most on max... before around 20fps now around 22-23fps a gain of 10-15pc as announced in some treats. Think most time near the 10pc. Be positive!
  10. ms2

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    First tryout of 4.4 just make a client update, to run with the same situation that mine stable 4.3 results: - faster access for loading the first p3d Window. - on EHAM Amsterdam a gain of 3fps then before. (With most cursors on max) a flying-test that I keep always for tryout of versions... - sharpness of textures are sure better. think is a progress version but come back to 4.3, waiting the evolution to 4.4 of tools and aircrafts (as 717 Tdfi hdg don't work) see you soon on p3dv4.4
  11. Hello Keven Reading above, but for MJC 400q except landing lichts, I don't see others effects in p3dv4.3... A ideas to solve this 717 work well, (and awaiting for a3xx pro of aerosoft) thx
  12. ms2

    New Paints

    Big thanks for. Liveries keeping in lines
  13. Speaking of no-human atc in softs