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  1. Wwwhhhooo what a nice picture 😉
  2. you have the version 4 then install and keep the v4.5, because is the best version (follow me of LM)... Why?, simply to keep most of aircrafts and airports done for p3d ! yes, p3dv5 having some avantages for textures and some landscapes but, but, but... a lot of airports and aircrafts are not converted to v5. (I have 30% of acquisitions in v4.5 not compatible for v5) Gsx is more interesting and immersive (logos on vehicles ) in v4 then v5. I keep v 4.5 and v5 active and is the flight+airports+ aircraft that determine “The” choice between v4.5 or v5 😉 (plus for a very long haul, v5 is recommended to avoid blurring) 60% v4.5, 35% v5, and 5% msfs for trying ( msfs not ready to use for me (sic)) A cornelian choice indeed
  3. making mine flight with a320NX dev, without problems... seem ok
  4. yes for screens, dev version work. later... shall trying a flight with this dev version. thanks
  5. same for me A320NX all screens in cockpit are black !
  6. the state of art with MsFs is... fantastic visual landscapes with a lake of bad or incomplete aircrafts. Actually msfs upgrades destabilize most of solutions finding to solve aircrafts problems... (sic) But flying is for me... first! good and realistic aircrafts ! When I look outside, i’m in the cockpit mostly as a real pilot. because i’m flying 80% Liners, I coming back to p3d 4/5. When you are on level 250... landscape is mostly clouds ;-)) or the grounds so far. ... because you are coming from p3dv3, I recommend you to go p3dv4, so you have more compatible addons owned from v3. P3dv4.5 is for me the best version of LM.... A lot of addons are never coming to v5 because the arrival of msfs. Make a good choice and have fun 😉
  7. hello on P3dv5 : world coverage with orbx (80pc of their sceneries) plus 487 airports from others designers (I have doing a world tour) a lot of aircrafts (most liners PMDG, a320...) The basis screen for scenario configuration coming after 8min75’ the downloading of this scenario is ready after 1-2 min (without ground photo) to >8min following the use of ground real photo (as TrueHeart 3DA) zzzz—- I use a bell and never stay front of the pc when downloading) is a choice to accept.
  8. DJJose, thanks for answering. I will take this scenery 😉 In msfs is, for me, a missing feature actually... wanting “a kind of gsx” because is a important part of immersion.
  9. Nice, good shots one question: people boarding is included in TNCB scenery... or is the work of a other addon?
  10. since the B707, the aerodynamic idea which has become the standard is a cylindrical fuselage like rockets = tube which is also industrially the most economical because many sections of the fuselage remain identical (except the cockpit and the tail). Thus these sections could be reused in other models of the same circumference. Airbus Industrie has also become a champion in the choice of its tubes ...
  11. X-aviation activations system was very boring for me, is the first reason why I stop flying with X-plane. Now P3Dv4 and 5 are in good places. Have fs2020 but waiting for better aircrafts... a320NX is on the good way.
  12. Rob, I see clouds on screenshots... is there a weather engine to have it...? thanks mark
  13. Seem as marketing process... Is a lot of beautiful trailers and pictures on the web but you don’t get the same. Sure that a lot of promoting videos are produced by big studios. With big computers, professionals softwares, and flights replay possibilities.
  14. simmarket is a place where you can find absolutely everything ... from best to worst, it's up to you to sort it out and especially to pay attention to the versions offered, it remains that it offers a service through their site which is very intelligent and efficient, alone orbx surpasses them !. to tell the truth a lot of my purchases are made there. As for Taburet, it has long been identified on various sites as a "money maker" not often serious in its offers.
  15. Actually a real commuter is missing in msfs2020, and flying on realistic landscapes of fs2020 with mjcq400 is our dream. Liners on fl300 don’t profit of the visual quality of fs2020.
  16. Precisely what we wanted... this atmosphere of a real hangar 😉 thanks Dave
  17. Thanks bobcat Sure, I think is a hope for few simmers..., nice hangars is always the “final touch“ for well done airports
  18. Is the hangar that serves as the background for the fs2020 menus, part of one airport scene?
  19. Hello, Bonjour les water rudder sont des petites dérives qui servent à diriger les hydravions dans l’eau qu’on monte ou descend en fonction terre ou eau, (toggle veut dire bascule) donc la commande se trouve dans les gouvernes primaires: = Bascule gouvernail marin = Les « cowl » sont les clapets qui servent à maintenir les moteurs à des bonnes conditions de fonctionnement (Refroidissement, aération). = Réduc volet capot moteur (maj+ctrl+c) = = Augm volet capot moteur (maj+ctrl+v) = See you soon
  20. listen, it is undeniable that the xplane team made the simulation well evolved, the idea of a flight model gained ground and others from which msfs was inspired. Certainly the path is turning with fs2020, but I hope that the latter does not kill the competition and lets live the creators who have done a tremendous job for more than 10 years to keep the simulation at a good level. comparing software that is more than ten years old with that which was inspired by all the others with a much more efficient technology (x100) is not intellectually honest. Flying p3d but always finding Xplane nice too. Seeing soon the « Reality« out the box of fs2020 by real constumers outside the very agressive marketing in place now. See you soon on Avsim for real comparaison of Aircrafts between the sims... Hope that fs2020 is a well done challenger and not a Market killer.
  21. Yes, not the TI think so, it si the reason of this topic thanks
  22. Hello dears Now my current processor is an intel core i7 4790K and my graphics card is a gtx1080. Is putting a RTX2070 super card a good idea in the meantime? I do not really want to rebuild a complet new PC and especially reinstall everything ... (680 addon’s) Flying P3Dv4 h3 (and MSFS2020 soon ...) Thanks for advices...
  23. Thanks to ORBX I have 95% of Orbx sceneries in v5, so this annonce give me a real reason for more interest to MSFS... when TO of landing, I like real environments and well done buildings (I don’t like most generic-airports). Lowi is mine principal hub for Alps and Eastern Europe Also Eglc for England, Danemark and Sweden. Plus, ORBX give us a value for levels of concurrents prices. 😉
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