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  1. How does one delete the "shaders", ? thanx Jeff
  2. Wow - didn't realize they had got this cheap ! Jeff
  3. Embarrassing........ I confused the "used" and "free" space. 🙁 There's 646 GB free space. thanks for questioning my numbers...! Cheers Jeff
  4. Thanks to you guys for the replies. Now you are making me wonder what else is installed on that drive. Let me take a look. Cheers, Jeff.
  5. I currently have Win 7 64bit and FSX installed on the same 1 TB SSD. It has ~ 350GB free space left. I would like to install P3D V4x on the same drive. I have numerous add-ons including ORBX scenery for FSX and plan to pretty much duplicate that with P3D. Is there any problem with the single SSD plan for this in people's experience ? Cheers Jeff
  6. you both make good points about the abuse these cards may have suffered. I assume prolonged operation at high temps does not help service life. That's an interesting tip on the MSI card - thanx ! its on sale another 12 hrs. Hmmmm...... Jeff
  7. as part of the move to P3D I have upcoming, it appears that to "get the most out of the sim", I will need a faster GPU. Forum surfing has me zeroed in on the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming. Apparently, people buying these and similar cards in bulk for mining cryptocurrency has driven their market price into chaos. eBay is full of used ones that were used for mining at $600 or less - a price I can't touch on a new one. I've never bought a used computer component. Is this worth it ? Cheers, Jeff
  8. Thanx for the advice everyone! much appreciated...... I will probably go ahead as many have suggested RealAir is still operating? I had no idea jeff
  9. I have 2 worries about such a move I'm hoping some you kind folks can shed some light on. 1. Cost; I'm a long time FSX'er with LOTS of add-on's. Just duplicating my A2A and PMDG aircraft alone is over $1000 in new licenses. I haven't checked into the many other sceneries I have (I know ORBX is free), utilities, and other aircraft, some of which come with both installers, I know. Apparently, some of my favorite aircraft will never be P3D compatible. (RealAir, DoDo sim, etc.) . then there's the large amount of my time involved. Am I off base here, or is everyone else just sucking it up and paying/doing it ?? 2. Continuing incompatibility: When you say something is P3D compatible, it seems like you need to specify what version of P3D. LM seems to release new versions with some regularity and I get the impression each one generates some incompatibilities. Again, am I off base ? I realize eventually I'll have to end up moving away from FSX to some other sim, but am hoping I've over-estimated the cost and difficulty of going with P3D ? Cheers Jeff
  10. FLNG

    Shorts 360 released!

    Excellent ! I may have to pick this one up... Jeff
  11. FLNG

    Shorts 360 released!

    Just an observation.....one of the night cockpit screenshots on their webpage looks like the instrument lights can ALL be turned on without turning on the interior or cabin lights (which annoyingly light up the walls and seats of the cockpit). If so, its first Carenado release in some time to get this right. (they used to do it well in the V-tail Bonanza era). Am I seeing that screenshot correctly ? Cheers Jeff
  12. FLNG

    The best B-17 available?

    I agree and would recommend the Accu-sim option with it, which really enhances it. Jeff
  13. Carenado used to do this correctly. Take a look at one of their older releases like the V-tail Bonanza
  14. Although I don't have the 421, this has been a problem with Carenado's last 4-5 releases. Sorry to hear it may have spread to Alebeo. For Carenado's recent a/c the instrument light switch lights up only a couple of gauges while the rest of them are hooked to the cabin lights switche(s) for some reason. Their usual response is to promise to fix this with a patch, but it never happens. Jeff
  15. Ah...OK glad you got it working......