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  1. FLNG

    Shorts 360 released!

    Excellent ! I may have to pick this one up... Jeff
  2. FLNG

    Shorts 360 released!

    Just an observation.....one of the night cockpit screenshots on their webpage looks like the instrument lights can ALL be turned on without turning on the interior or cabin lights (which annoyingly light up the walls and seats of the cockpit). If so, its first Carenado release in some time to get this right. (they used to do it well in the V-tail Bonanza era). Am I seeing that screenshot correctly ? Cheers Jeff
  3. FLNG

    The best B-17 available?

    I agree and would recommend the Accu-sim option with it, which really enhances it. Jeff
  4. Carenado used to do this correctly. Take a look at one of their older releases like the V-tail Bonanza
  5. Although I don't have the 421, this has been a problem with Carenado's last 4-5 releases. Sorry to hear it may have spread to Alebeo. For Carenado's recent a/c the instrument light switch lights up only a couple of gauges while the rest of them are hooked to the cabin lights switche(s) for some reason. Their usual response is to promise to fix this with a patch, but it never happens. Jeff
  6. Ah...OK glad you got it working......
  7. I had similar issues with this. Are you using FSUIPC by chance ? In my case, the Crosswind pedals and FSUIPC seemed to be fighting each other with some aircraft. (yes, all FSX axis's were disabled). I could push the brakes and get braking at first, then brakes released when the pedals were fully depressed, other times there was simply nothing, as you say. I finally got them working. Seemed that just the right combo of FSUIPC calibration, with reverse, was needed which I arrived at by trial and error. If you are using FSUIPC I can send you a snip of the settings for the brakes that work on mine. Might be a starting place Jeff
  8. FLNG

    First impressions

    Perhaps one of my brain slowdowns, but is there radar in this A/C ?
  9. FLNG

    690B Mods v3 .....

    will do Martin....thanx! Jeff
  10. FLNG

    690B Mods v3 .....

    Hi all, Can someone please point me to where this mod is ? I am thinking its by e-mail only from Wahmil77 (Bill ?). if so, Bill can you please let me have a copy ? Cheers, Jeff
  11. FLNG

    Analogue Gauge Lights

    I have most of Carenado's recent releases which all have the cockpit lighting issues. Promised myself I wouldn't buy any more because of it. If your mod has fixed, or at least improved it, I would certainly like to see images thanks Jeff
  12. Sorry - false alarm - ......just looked again and now it has been switched back to "coming soon" status. Maybe they are messing around with the web page......
  13. in case you hadn't seen it, the re-worked 310 is released as of today..... Jeff
  14. FLNG

    Analogue Gauge Lights

    Just a general observation on Carenado's recent newfound inability to get cockpit lights right. All their releases of the past few years have had similar issues - cabin lights must be turned on to get instrument lights, or there is no way to turn off floods on the panel, or both. Repeated complaints by the community have failed to resonate with them and follow-up patches don't fix these problems. Looks like the F50 is more of the same. If you go back to , say, the V-tail Bonanza era, they did it right. So they at least used to know how. Just my $.02 worth Jeff
  15. NOTAM: The Milviz Corsair is only compatible with P3D - not FSX I took the compatibility with P3D to be an "also" condition, not an "only" condition. My bad, though I must say I haven't encountered a new plane that's exclusively for P3D before. too bad - would love to have tried the Corsair. I have written and asked if I have any options. Cheers Jeff