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  1. I continually have trouble keeping track of LM releases and add-on compatibility. Can anyone give me an idea if most current add-ons are updated to 4.5 and how serious an incompatibility issue you get running 4.5 now ? For a while in 2019 it seemed I had to first decide which add-ons I wanted to run, and that determined which P3D version I needed. Some add-ons were compatible only with 4.4 or higher, and some only with 4.5 or higher, while I also had a bunch that only worked with 4.3 or lower. I am still using V 4.3x because of this. I absolutely don't claim to have the correct view here but welcome being educated :-) thanx in advance. Jeff
  2. Thanks for clearing that up Ray. I'm on it as soon as I get a little time free. Jeff
  3. Quick question, I'm coming from 4.3 to 4.5. Do I need to update the client, then do the HF separately ? LM's website says the HF is incorporated into the full download but I can't tell about the client Cheers, Jeff
  4. I guess its more that I would like to have them (or the option). I also am (admittedly) guessing this will keep happening more and more.
  5. I'm still on 4.3. I was spooked by some of the 4.4 problems. Then 4.5 came out and needed an immediate HF due to the performance hit and many incompatibilities. The HF seems to have only helped some and not others. Worrisome stories around about upgrading, then out of frustration dropping back to 4.4 or 4.3. Will there maybe be another patch or fix for 4.5 ? Advice/comments on going ahead and upgrading would be appreciated. (Devs like Milviz are only selling planes that work with the very latest P3D versions, problems or not.) Thanx in advance. I know this is a hard question to answer.... Jeff
  6. Wow - completely caught by surprise....hadn't heard a peep about this. Looks V. nice. Cheers Jeff
  7. Also sticking with 4.3 for the reasons stated above. I would say I need to lag behind 2-3 versions to avoid being on the front lines of the compatibility issues each release kicks off. I moved from FSX only about 9 mo. ago and I must say P3d seems to be a lot higher maintenance for both us and the developers. (IMHO - ) Jeff
  8. I'm hoping when the dust is settled someone will post a "P3D 4.5 Tweaks for Dummies" article. I'm still on 4.3. thought I had left all this when I left FSX. thanx for all the effort Jeff
  9. Could there be something,doing that ? that would explain it......
  10. One of the many issues that seems to make P3D such high maintenance. Saved scenarios simply disappear after a while. Looks like it either has a limit of maybe 15-20 scenarios, or a time limit of a few weeks for each one. I can't tell. Is there some fix for this - its very annoying. Thanx Jeff B
  11. Glad to see this thread as I have been wondering the same things. I switched over from FSX last year and, while the OOM's are gone, the are definitely more problems of other types in P3D (at least in my case). I have the most issues it seems with EZDocV2 and FSUIPC5. EZCa2 frequently can't remember some camera settings on some planes yet other times it can. FSUIPC5 seems able to redefine axes or link up double axis assignments etc. I have a couple aircraft where if I save them in a scenario and load it later, some of its features won't work. If I create the flight from scratch, all is well. (I know about saved states - that's just not it ) I have used all these in FSX for years and am and familiar with their setup. These are just a few examples. As the OP pointed out, there's always something..... I make mistakes sometimes like anyone else, but there's something else going on in P3D (V4.3 in my case). Cheers Jeff B.
  12. Title says it. The inside cockpit walls and ceiling are flashing red with the beacon on at night. can't seem to find much about this. I have what I believe is the latest version (Rev 2.5) am am running P3D V4.3 Anyone else seeing this ? Cheers Jeff B.
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