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  1. 690B Mods v3 .....

    will do Martin....thanx! Jeff
  2. 690B Mods v3 .....

    Hi all, Can someone please point me to where this mod is ? I am thinking its by e-mail only from Wahmil77 (Bill ?). if so, Bill can you please let me have a copy ? Cheers, Jeff
  3. Analogue Gauge Lights

    I have most of Carenado's recent releases which all have the cockpit lighting issues. Promised myself I wouldn't buy any more because of it. If your mod has fixed, or at least improved it, I would certainly like to see images thanks Jeff
  4. Sorry - false alarm - ......just looked again and now it has been switched back to "coming soon" status. Maybe they are messing around with the web page......
  5. in case you hadn't seen it, the re-worked 310 is released as of today..... Jeff
  6. Analogue Gauge Lights

    Just a general observation on Carenado's recent newfound inability to get cockpit lights right. All their releases of the past few years have had similar issues - cabin lights must be turned on to get instrument lights, or there is no way to turn off floods on the panel, or both. Repeated complaints by the community have failed to resonate with them and follow-up patches don't fix these problems. Looks like the F50 is more of the same. If you go back to , say, the V-tail Bonanza era, they did it right. So they at least used to know how. Just my $.02 worth Jeff
  7. NOTAM: The Milviz Corsair is only compatible with P3D - not FSX I took the compatibility with P3D to be an "also" condition, not an "only" condition. My bad, though I must say I haven't encountered a new plane that's exclusively for P3D before. too bad - would love to have tried the Corsair. I have written and asked if I have any options. Cheers Jeff
  8. Problem with the FG-1D Corsair

    I got caught by this as well. The Corsair is only compatible with P3D, not FSX, according to a more careful read of the web page. I wrote and asked if I had any options. Cheers, Jeff
  9. Ray, Understood, and best of luck. Maybe I'll put the mod up as a new independent posting in case others are curious. Cheers, Jeff
  10. Ray, I added a hat switch to my PFC Saab yoke. If you think you may be interested, I'll write up how to do it maybe this weekend Cheers Jeff
  11. 690B Discrepancy List

    I also submitted a support ticket for the instrument lights situation. Their first response was that there was a dimmer knob on the overhead. I explained it carefully (i.e. you either get just a couple main panel instruments lit with the pilot "INSTR" switch overhead, OR you have to use the dome/map light switch and get every interior light the airplane has in order to get the rest of the instruments lit). Their response to this was to try the "L" key. They are now asking me to send pictures of the problem (I will when I get home tonight). ..........Don't know what to make of these responses. Is this a way of saying there will be no more fixes, as has been suggested here already ? Jeff B.
  12. macwino I tried to write up the hat switch on this forum a while back but got totally thwarted by how difficult it is to post images on this board. Has happened more than once. I have followed the instructions closely and could never get past the process. The last attempt gave me "this type file is not allowed" message when I tried to imbed the link from photo-bucket (it was a jpg file). If I can ever get it to work I'll show you. Assuming its user error, any mistakes that everyone but me knows would be welcome :-) Jeff Buckles
  13. FWIW - I also have the PFC Saab yoke with the Hall sensors. its performance has been perfect (added my own hat switch as well) and communication with PFC was good during questions and purchase. I'm a little distressed to hear others have not had the same when they have problems.
  14. I have V1.1 the labels on the overhead switches come on with the instrument lights, but the backlights in the switches themselves seem to only come on if I turn on the map/dome lights. Am I the only one seeing this ? (wouldn't be the first time..... :-) thanx Jeff