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  1. Or send a mail to
  2. As far as I know, the A319 and the A321 will be a paid expansion to the current A320. Do correct me if I'm wrong. But will the A320 Sharklet model also be a paid a paid upgrade or a free update for current A320 owners ?
  3. This is good news indeed, and very good timing too. The performance is the only thing that has kept me away from the FSL bus. I was planning on getting the AS one when it comes out later this month. If it can perform at par with the NGX, then I will be adding it to my hangar without question. Do FSL have sales sometimes ?
  4. Other than turning down settings, I would suggest to turn off all shadows. That has helped increase my FPS significantly. Also, no DL.
  5. Hello, I've recently switched over to a different monitor, which does not have a very good backlighting. It is very difficult to see things at night without the dome/storm lights on. Strangely, with the dome light turned off, even the outside scenery/clouds are also very hard to see. If I turn the dome light on, then I can see the clouds much better too. Currently I am on default shaders. Is there any good PTA/Reshade preset or such that I can use so I can fly without the dome light on ? Cheers
  6. They have only said that it will be a 2018 release.
  7. Hello Does anyone know where I can find the squawk codes assigned to aircraft in the Singapore FIR ? The only source I could find was FlightRadar24, but it requires a premium account to view squawk codes. Cheers 9W
  8. I dont know about "revolutionary" or "ground breaking" but SF3D textures seems to be much better optimised than REX TD textures. I tested it at YSSY and OMDB, with full overcast and heavy rain set using AS. These are sceneries wher the FPS usually drops to below 20 is such conditions, and using SF3D, I could maintain FPS upwards of 25. So I would say that makes SF3D a worthwhile purchase for me.
  9. If someone does post screenshots, could you try doing a with Active Sky and with the inbuilt SF3D Wx Engine ?
  11. Just went through the CS Store (removed) and it seems that this Base pack and expansion is SOP for CS. So, $75 base, and at least $19.99 for each expansion. That would put the whole range at $155. In comparison, the QW 757 for v4 is announced for $15. So is it worth paying as much for the CS version ? Edit : There seem to only 3 planned expansion, so my corrected estimate for the CS757 is $135.
  12. Repaints for the 757 will only be available from within their airplane manager tool, until someone starts uploading them here or other sites.
  13. I was looking forward to this, but $75 for just one variant of the aircraft which is still in beta ? No, thank you,
  14. Using that Draw Surface attributes fixed one of them, but the other 2 are still not working. In the last one, which is FMMI, it now crashes as soon as I start taking off. I have both REX, and FTX Global. Can you explain what to do a bit more in detail ?
  15. Hello On some airports, I have seen that the grass textures are showing through the taxiway and/or apron textures in my P3D v4.1 install. 2 of them are v4 compatible, whereas one of them was made for FSX. I can see the taxiway and apron markings, but the grass also shows through. EDAH by C7 : EHLE by NL2000 FMMI Freeware I have moved the scenery order to the top, but it did not fix this. I am also using FTX Global. A Happy New Year to all ! 9W