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  1. Here is very nice list of add-on compatibitly for P3D4. AS16 will require a re-purchase, as will FSUIPC5. PFPX will work as is. Most external programs such as Aivlasoft EFB, Pro ATCX, and PFPX will work on the same installations with the correct folders pointed out to them. Airport sceneries are a bit of hit or miss. Most will work okay, but some may have missing textures, lights or can even kill frame rates, so I would advise to tread carefully.
  2. 2GB VRAM is cutting it a bit too close to run P3D properly. What addons are you using in fsx when you get 25 fps ? I had FSX on my laptop, with frames around 20 with the Aerosoft bus. Using any good scenery or heavy weather would turn the sim into a slideshow. In comparison, with v4, I can run the PMDG NGX, ASP4, with detailed payware airports at a smooth 30fps normally during approach, and around 25 in heavy weather. So I would definitely recommend the upgrade to V4.
  3. That is what I did. I will get the phooreal once I upagrade the system. I initially had only the airports which were updated to V4.10. Now downloading a few of the older ones. An amazing freeware package.
  4. Sorry, I meant Dutch airports. Thanks for the info.
  5. Ordering again fixed it. Thanks. Meanwhile, I also came across this nice freeware scenery :

    I am looking at getting Stansted, Manchester, Heathrow and Edinburgh. How are they, performance-wise ?
  7. I'm not sure how the add-on.xml works with sceneries that require multiple layer, If you are using a common add-on.xml, I would suggest reversing the order, Otherwise, You can add the <layer>xxx</layer> tag to the add-on.xml entry to specify the exact layer number, but this causes the problem if you need to add sceneries below this layer as you will have to edit the xml file each time. Which is why I use the direct method whenever dealing with such scenery. Makes moving them around much easier. If the problem is not fixed, you could post the content of your addon.xml here and someone can correct it.
  8. Did they update the installers for v4 ? I still have the old installer which requires the folders to be added manually. I prefer to add the FlyTampa sceneries manually to the scenery library as the Amsterdam_LC folder needs to be below the Amsterdam folder.
  9. FSX/FSX-SE?

    What do you mean by setting up the taxi process ? Pro ATC/X gives you taxi instructions when requested by you. You can use the Pro ATCX moving map feature to navigate the taxiways. If the taxi instructions are not matching the taxiways in the scenery, make sure to run the MakeRwys tool and update the Pro ATCX database. Also, make sure you start at the gate you selected in the Flight Plan page in Pro ATCX. Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks for the info. I was looking to purchase it from GamesHome. Between this and Kalsoft, which would you recommend ?
  11. P3D

    @bjratchfI have had the IVAO MTL models appear black, missing lights and other wierd texture issues, but not a CTD. If you need an updated MTL for P3d v4, pm me. Good to know, Eric. Happy flying.
  12. Can someone explain how to download airports from there ? I tried to download the turkish airports package to see how it performs. I recieved a mail from the site that my "purchases" would have to be activated by the admin, and that was 3 weeks ago. I send them a mail, but no reply. There is also the NL2000 Scenery package. They cover a lot of danish airports, but only the ones updated to v4.10 are V4 compatible I believe.
  13. UK2000 and SIM720 have updates all their airports for V4.
  14. P3D

    The only difference in my simobjects.cfg entry is the Reqired=False [Entry.10] Title=IVAO MTL Path=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL Required=False Active=True That said, I belive there are users who have had CTD due to the ntdll.dll for many reasons, and is not that uncommon. Here is one link from the LM forums regarding the ntdll.dll. A quick google search will bring up many similar threads. Link :
  15. I have downloaded the demo, but havent got around to testing it out.