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  1. Hello, I recently downloaded the new IVAO pilot client "Altitude". Unfortunately, it does not come with it's own MTL installer, and there is download link available for the MTL installer. If someone has the full IVAO MTL uploaded somewhere, can you please share the link ? Cheers 9W.
  2. Yes, for some reason it installed to a different drive using a similar path to where it should have been installed. Because most of the path was same, I didn't pay attention to the drive letter.
  3. Fixed now, if possible mods please delete the thread. Turns out it was installing to the wrong drive. Thanks.
  4. Hello, This has to be the wierdest bug I've encountered so far in flight simulation history. I recently picked up UK2000 Belfast and Birmingham. When I tried to install the scenery, the installer runs just fine, and even asks me for the options at the end. But the scenery folder itself is missing. I cannot find it anywhere.after it finishes installing. I checked my temp folder during, and the scenery files show up there, but as they get moved, they disappear. I've tried redownloading the installers, the UK2000 installer v1.31(Not the scenery installer). This is what I suspect is causing the issue. If anyone has a version older than this, can you please share ? Or if you have any other ideas, please do tell. Cheers 9W
  5. Haha, the Tenerife Sount airport is called the Reina Sofia airport. They are not different airports.So you'd use the GCTS as ICAO. From wikipedia Hope that clears it up.
  6. It's not a particularly difficult aircraft to fly. There are some peculiarities which you'll have to get used to. It has a very very busy cockpit, it'll keep you engaged from takeoff to landing. Cruise offers a short respite from the humdrum, but the lack of autothrottle means you'll need to keep an eye on the speed. Even in shared cockpit flights, it has enough to split the work between both pilots. The main things you will have to learn will be the FMC, and the autopilot. It took me about maybe 5 to 10 flights to get a hang of everything in the aircraft. I would definitely recommend the aircraft.
  7. My config is I have P3D installed in an SSD, and all other add-ons and scenery installed in a normal 2TB HDD. But since all you storage drive are SSD, there is not much advantage to be gained by splitting the install between separate drives. I would recommend, irrespective of where you install them, to add the airports using the add-on.xml method, and avoid installing them in the main root folder. Also, FYI, m.2 is a physical standard and nothing to do with speed. You're probably referring to the NVME standard.
  8. @ray hughes What files are you supposed to delete for WFSS ZBAA ?
  9. I stand corrected. I also realised the same when I re-installed the aircraft yesterday. Thanks for your help.
  10. Assuming budget is not as issue, the aircraft with excellent system simulation, and will complement you X-Plane hangar are : For regional airliners : 1. Majestic Dash 8 Q400 2.Leonardo MD82 For GA: Any aircraft from A2A, RealAir, the Vertx DA62, and even the JustFlight fleet is not bad.
  11. Well, the QW787 doesn't use the old method like I said. Here are the first 20 lines of the aircraft.cfg Instead, each livery has it's own file called texture.ini which has the stuff that used to be added to the cfg file. For example, here is one from the Ethiopian livery I have installed As you can see, there is nothing in the aircraft.cfg now, but if I boot up the sim, I can still see the Ethiopian 787 in the aircraft selection screen.
  12. Each livery now comes with it's own cfg file, which is how it should be done properly according to the SDK. Even the FSLabs aircraft also use the same method iirc.
  13. Hello, There seems to be a problem with the installation of the QW787 on my system. Most of the liveries I installed are missing from the aircraft selection screen. Only the most recently installed liveries are showing up. For example. I installed a KLM 789 and a Singapore 78X livery a few days ago. Now they were only the ones showing up. Just to test, I installed another livery, an Ethiopian 788 yesterday. When I opened up the sim, only the Ethiopian livery was showing up. The 787 doesn't add liveries using the old method of adding an entry in the cfg file of the aircraft, so I cannot diagnose what's causing this issue. Any ideas ? Cheers 9W
  14. I'm surprised to hear that. I was under the impression that the WFSS one was made using the v4 SDK and came with all the bells and whistles such as PBR and Dynamic Lights, whereas the A_A scenery was made as a common package for FSX & P3D. I was about to pick a couple of WFSS Scenery up, but I look forward to what people have to say about the A_A scenery.
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