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  1. ninerwhiskey9W

    Imaginesim Singapore Released

    Can someone post a shot of how the different folders look in the scenery library ? My P3D install got nuked after I installed WSSS last night, and this time I would like to add it manually in the proper order.
  2. ninerwhiskey9W

    Prepar3d stuck on splash screen

    Heh, might was well give it a go. So I see P4AO now asks whether or not to clear the scenery indexes everytime I close it. Would you recommend doing this whenever a new scenery is added ?
  3. ninerwhiskey9W

    Prepar3d stuck on splash screen

    So I just finished installing the sim, and it loads and flies correctly with the default stuff. Can I add the addon.xml files back to the P3D Addon Folder as they were last working ? Or one by one from the start ? Same here. Loaded it up and looked to be okay.
  4. ninerwhiskey9W

    Prepar3d stuck on splash screen

    I do use Lorby's AM to organise my addon.xml entries. I removed all the addon.xml entries, sceneryindex files, and ran the deletegenerated files command. Still looking at the splash screen for the last 20 mins. I'm considering reinstalling it at this point. Question is, if I leave the Pmdg planes as is, will they be okay to go when I reinstall, or do I have to reinstall them again ?
  5. ninerwhiskey9W

    Random vsync / fps issues with p3d v4.3?

    Vsync will sync the frame rate to multiples of the refresh rate of your monitor. Say you've got a 60Hz monitor, so the base rate is 60 fps. As long as the sim can maintain performance more than 60 fps, it will keep it locked to 60fps. As soon as the sim output drops below 60, be if 55 or 35, it will step down straight to 0.5x 60, 30 fps. Nothing to worry about. If you want to keep it locked to 30 at all times, I believe there is a function in nvdia inspector to do that.
  6. ninerwhiskey9W

    Prepar3d stuck on splash screen

    Tried that already.
  7. ninerwhiskey9W

    Prepar3d stuck on splash screen

    Hello, Last night I purchased and installed Imaginesim WSSS. It all went fine, and when I launched P3D v4.3, it asked to enable the airport, which I did. Since then P3D refuses to load past the splash screen on launch. No HDD activity or anything from what I can see. I've tried deleting that particular addon.xml, repairing the P3D client, and even reinstalling the client, but it is still stuck at the splash screen. I've tried to wait for atleast 30 mins to see if there is any change. Is there anything else I can try before reinstalling it ? Cheers 9W
  8. ninerwhiskey9W

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Why are you still using physical servers, or rather why would you want to upgrade to another physical server ? Would it be not more economical in the long run to switch over to a cloud based hosting service ?
  9. ninerwhiskey9W

    Performance drop after upgrading to P3D v4.2

    System is Intel i7-4720HQ @ 2.6GHz NVDIA GTX 860M 4GB 12GB RAM Running P3D off the HDD Windows 10 Home I know its not a beefy system, but it used to get the job done fine with P3D v4.1
  10. Hello, I just had to reinstall P3D from scratch, due to some scenery loading issues, and upgraded to P3D v4.2. This is a completely clean install, except for the A2A Commanche installed. Earlier, I used to be able to get a smooth 25fps in the PMDG 737, with ORBX Global, and payware scenery. But now, after the reinstall, the frame rate wont go above 20, and is usually around 15. This is in the default Mooney, at the default P3D startup airport. I have tried editing my affinity mask, FFTF entry, turning off shadows, but it still wont go above 15-20 fps. Also, earlier, when running v4.1, the CPU use on the main core (core 2) used to above 95%, with other cores chipping in when loading scenery. Now, with v4.2, the main core wont even go above 60% for some reason. I have no clue what is causing this, and how to go about diagnosing it. Any help is appreciated.
  11. ninerwhiskey9W

    Addon-Folder P3Dv4.2

    You can. In each subfolder inside the Prepa3d v4 Add-on folder, you will find a add-on.xml file which contains the location of the addon. You can move those addons to any drive on you computer as long as the add-on.xml has the correct location of the folders. An example of that can be found here :
  12. ninerwhiskey9W

    Can my system Run P3D at a good FPS?

    My system is quite similar in terms of CPU clock speed. I get a smooth ~25-30 fps with the PMDG 737 + heavy weather at detailed payware airports (FT EHAM/OMDB), as long as I turn off all shadows and no DL.
  13. ninerwhiskey9W

    P3D getting stuck on the splash screen, at 6% terrain data

    Hello Elaine, I tried the steps you suggested, but still didnt get it to work. When I tried to uninstall P3D, the uninstaller would get stuck at uninstalling the Scenery component. Even when using the program linked above, I was able to get rid of the Client, and Content, but even that program gets stuck when trying to remove the scenery program. It been stuck at this for the past one hour now. Please advise how I can proceed with the uninstallation ? My P3D folder is empty, and the generated files and folders have also been deleted. Thanks 9W
  14. ninerwhiskey9W

    HELP Please: Serious Control Problem with P3D v4.2

    There is also a throttle axis calibration utility in the Majestic Q400 control panel. Have you tried that ?
  15. You're mixing up Pro ATC-X with Pilot2ATC. ProATCX is IFR only.