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  1. jfmitch

    Where is the manual?

    Just click on the Modify/Uninstall and it should install on your aircraft. It does for this pensioner/stroke survivor (with some brain damage).
  2. jfmitch


    Can't get the ADF to change frequencies. How is that done?
  3. never had a problem at Toronto but then again what graphics card are you running? Have the same programs as you plus CYYZ by Blue Print Simulations.
  4. jfmitch

    IRIS Pilatus PC-24 First Impression

    I changed the yellow warning lights to only come on with 10% of fuel left. The display will still report low fuel at 25%, If you like I can send anyone the new PC24-CORE.CAB file with the change made to the CAS.xml file. Just drop me a line jfmitch1716@rogers.com. The hardest part was making the new CAB file. Have over 50 hours of flying this baby now and am very pleased with it. Jim
  5. jfmitch

    Anybody Tried the Iris Pilatus PC-24

    Like driving a car, Nav system works well. Well worth the bucks. Jim
  6. jfmitch

    FTX Central 3

    Had an error with FTX Central 3 and it asked me to send ORBX a ftxc3.log. How do I send them a log when you can't contact support? Jim
  7. Got this message " An error occured (FileNotFound exception) Could not find file G:\Prepar3DV4\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_CVX\scenery\7839_RDS_Roads_Highway.bgl. No changes were made." Now what do I do? Jim
  8. jfmitch

    Vector for P3D V4

    Screwed up. Had it checked to only show products I had already downloaded. Got it now. Thank you.
  9. jfmitch

    Vector for P3D V4

    I had to manually download this update and now I have a zip file that contains a few dozen zip files. What do I do with this? And yep FTX Central 3 didn't work so hence I manually downloaded it. Jim
  10. jfmitch

    Where is Vector

    Another month gone by and still no Vector. Is it at least being worked on?
  11. jfmitch

    Stack Hash Errors CTD

    Ok I'll lower my settings but what did I buy the Titan X for.? Have FSUPC 5.01 so that's not it. Thanks Jim
  12. jfmitch

    Stack Hash Errors CTD

    Are you using FSX aircraft? That may be the problem. Jim
  13. P3DV4 is causing me headaches with stack hash errors. Stack Hash 9397,1211,f1lf,121f,4320. 9397 and 4320 come up a lot. What can be causing these? Jim
  14. jfmitch

    FTX Central will not open in win 10

    works with my Win 10. don't know what else to say.