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  1. I have two aircraft that Carenado says are P3DV5 compatible. When I try to wonder if someone could help me understand what goes where to install. I am given only PvDV2 to PVDV4 to select. I have tried selecting my own(P3Dv5) and v4 pointing to P3DV5 as the location. The aircraft loads in various places within the A drive and the G drive where P3DV5 is situated. The aircraft does not show up in P3D when turned on. I am wondering if someone could help me understand what goes where to use these aircraft. I'm an old fellow 77 who recently suffered a blow to his head after having a stroke so forget everything I do after I've done it. Jim
  2. 77 years in July and fly every day. I didn't even look at MSFS because of the changes in aircraft commands. Have all the planes and scenery I can handle including all of ORBX world scenery and about 90% of the complete Caribbean. I'll stick with P3D until I die. Started FS2004.
  3. Yes although it's use is limited to very few airports.
  4. Do your bit and plant a tree.
  5. Is Object Flow 2 available for P3DV5.3? I am using Central V4.1.42. The reason I ask is that some ORBX sceneries, although they say that seasonal textures are included, remain at summer textures. KACK is an example.
  6. Well Dan it appears that you are out of date, not Simaddons. We are now at P3DV5.3 and Simaddons is compatible with it. I don't mind someone coming out and saying they have put out a product but when they claim it is a first for P3D that's plain BS. There has been a great deal of work put into Simaddons P3D version over the many years that P3DV4 has become redundant. Very few companies are still putting out anything for P3DV4. On top of that FlightSim Studios failed to add the cargo hangers which were built in 2019-2021. The main hanger is a 62,000-square-foot facility on 25 acres of previously vacant land and flanked it with a new apron with eight aircraft parking positions dedicated to cargo handling. It also designated space for cargo logistics on the air side and ground side. CYYC was redone for P3DV5 (in particular its new ultra-long runway) and I helped in the production of CYMM, which is so perfect as to model the 100 odd photos I took. Take a look at the website : https://www.simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_preview1.htm
  7. Halifax Stanfield certainly isn't new to P3D. It is the base airport for Simaddons, a Swiss company that has replicated numerous Canadian airports and continues to grow. It also has the same lineup for MSFS. the Halifax airport has been around for over 6 + years and has undergone many changes in runway lengths and buildings being added, plus sloped runways which arrived with P3Dv5. There is a staff member of the CYHZ airport who supplies all the changes made to the airport before they are built. Simaddons provides these changes quite often and at no charge.
  8. Better run the check to see if Win 11 will work on your computer first. Looks like MS is getting into the retail sales of computers by their actions.
  9. Still are free on Simmarket. Just downloaded the Tornado and the textures. Works well in P3DV5.
  10. My Active Sky starts as local weather every time.
  11. Yep no issues here on a 3 Hr 56 min flight.
  12. You could purchase Active Sky. Works like a charm.
  13. Pretend it's all blue spruce.
  14. So prepare for Microsoft to stop supporting MSFS just like they did with FSX. The main reason I never picked up MSFS even to look at it. Jim
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