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  1. Concur with W2DR, once it's running no difference.
  2. It's the NVIDIA driver, Rol lit back and your problem will be solved,
  3. It's the driver. Roll it back, Solved it for me.
  4. Have the same setup as you but use the SimWest Albuquerque, freeware and everything is fine.
  5. You should take a look at the FREE program called Razer Cortex which releases RAM by closing unnecessary Windows programs.
  6. Perfectly fine in default P3DV5.1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/lggw3tkqs6tr9y2/KDTW.JPG?dl=0 It's the developer not LM.
  7. I can test it for you in P3DV5.1 for you if you'd like. Let me know jfmitch1716@rogers.com. Canadian here always glad to help out a Brit. James
  8. I use Ultimate Traffic Live which not only shows the traffic on the Sim (I use P3DV5) but also shows it on Aivia Soft's Electronic Flight Book as well. Worked well inP3DV4 as well.
  9. Buy a Titan X GPU, end of problem.
  10. Simaddons has the best, up to date with downtown Toronto added.
  11. and then there was silence from the inquiring mind.
  12. Can't re-download a plane I paid for. Surely they could have left this function open.
  13. Works in P3DV5 as well.
  14. jfmitch

    ATR 72

    ATR maybe used a lot by smaller airlines but you'll find the big ones fly the Q400.
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