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  1. I have one at 111 GB and the other at 76.3 MB? Jim
  2. For P3DV6 I have found that most aircraft that are FSX and P3DV5 capable are good to go in version 6.
  3. You might check if your CPU is overheating. Download https://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
  4. I have P3DV5 and P3DV6 on the same computer although in different drives. I have AIG set up on P3DV5 and recently discovered that there is a slot for P3DV6 in the setup. I would like to know if I can run P3DV6 utilizing the AIG setup on P3Dv5? I realize that I would have to run Manager and Controller each time I switch P3D versions. I might be out to lunch with this but would really like to set up both.
  5. I know that the Arctic tree line is moving 40 to 50 meters a year because of warming; but goodness gracious, Canadian Forces Station Alert on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island in the high Arctic doesn't have any vegetation. Why then does P3D V5 have trees growing there. Maybe Lockheed people need to go to the US Base at Thule, Greenland, which is 440 miles south of Alert, to see that there are no trees there either. Enough of my rant,does anyone know of a way to rid P3DV5 of trees north of the Arctic tree line. Jim
  6. Don't overload your AI if you don't want your CPU overheating is my advice. I loaded every AI plane available and set the Controller at 100% and P3D kept shutting down every few minutes. Reduce to 50% and everything now running fine. Jim GPU - Titan X CPU - i9 12th generation 32 M RAM
  7. Never mind i'm getting my money back. If they don't answer emails or instant messenger they don't deserve it. Jim
  8. I bought on Blackbox and am disappointed with their help. Haven't received a reply in two days. Jim
  9. Guess I bought the wrong one? Blackbox doesn't answer my emails. Jim
  10. Does anyone know why Blackbox wouldn't be answering emails? Jim
  11. Is there a BN2B Islander that will work in P3DV5.3 for sale anywhere? Jim
  12. I have the IRIS DA 42 and it works well. Carenado aircraft will work in P3D5 if you use https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 and follow their instructions. Had the P3Dv4 Duke and first time I tried it too had a transparent dash. Working well now.
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