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  1. Hello guys my processor is i7 10700k I deleted old drivers and with the new card installed new drivers, also deleted the shaders, as I mentioned before all settings on Nvidia and Pd3 v5 are the same as before, I’m just looking to find why the frames go down so much compared to the old 1070……… guys a are you running your P3D on game mode ? What is your recommendation ?
  2. Hello ….I need your suggestions I switched graphics cards from 1070 GTX 8Gb to 2070 super mini 8gb, for this I uninstalled all the old drivers and installed the new one to support the new card, I have exactly the same settings on P3D v5 and Nvidia and I can tell that I have lower frames with this newer card than my old one on the heavy airports, and I’ve had 2 crash to desktop (this never happened with the old 1070), is the 2070 really bad? Someone gave me their not used 2070 so that was the reason for changing the graphics card. Any suggestions ? Thank you .
  3. Hello Captains Is it worth to upgrade from FS global 2020 to FS global 2024 ? Regarding installation should I just uninstalled global 2020 and then install 2024 ? Can I install new mesh to P3Dv5 with already installed all orbx sceneries? Or does FSGlobal 2024 need to be installed first to clean P3D ? Thank you a have a nice Thanksgiving 😃
  4. Where is the list of all updates for Pacific Northwest ? i can't see 🙂
  5. Hello Captains. Would you share your Envplus settings ? Thank you.
  6. V5+ENVTEX ( 3 days ago somewhere over Reykjavik:)
  7. Hello Pilots :) Would you please share your ENVPLUS settings ( best in your opinion ) Thank You :)
  8. Yes ............ there was big stutter before I was trying to reinstall P3D but nothing help. I was reading somewhere in the forum that the power options can be a problem, I changed it to High performance plan and I don't have any more issues with stutter.
  9. I had the same problem, tried everything and unfortunately still stutters, I finally changed the settings in my POWER PLAN from BALLANCE to HIGH Performance and alread two weeks I have had no problems with the stutters, problem has been solved Open Control panel and go to Power Options. Then choose the High Performance plan:
  10. There is new update . EZCA For Prepar3D 5.2 (ActiveSky 7840) works ok now , no more issues .
  11. I had just finished a first flight test with the PMDG 737 and Ezdok camera today and when I went to restart fsx I had gotten the "FSX has detected a problem with a third party add-on error" (FSpassangers) I reinstalled FSpassangers but still the same problem . what can I do to get FSpax working again on FSX?
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