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  1. Hi, Cruachan. I thought you had the new 2.07 since you stated the file version as Apparently the file version didn't get changed, but, you should be good to go now.
  2. this forum is loaded with this discussion
  3. I know people want to use PTA, but for pete's sake, wait until Matt puts out the next version. You're just causing yourself headaches.
  4. jimcarrel

    Vertex website is Live!

    Well now, Here's to Next weekend! (fingers crossed).
  5. jimcarrel

    Vertex website is Live!

    Concerning the freeware package (and any other package that does this) , this particular caveat looks a little concerning; "3.3 – Missing BGL files Some 3rd party add-ons or other update programs may deactivate or replace some stock BGL files. In such a case, the installer will first display a list of missing files and call for an action. It is recommended you cancel the update and restore first the default files so as to avoid a mix that could result in unpredictable results. In case you accept to continue, missing files will be restored using those provided in the present package." - it looks like orbyx areas would be a pita. *edit, by the way, SIDs and STARS will not distract me from purchase. After all, I am flying on a computer, for a start.
  6. jimcarrel

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    I had my first "long pause" experience just a bit ago. It wasn't a mere 8 seconds, more like 15 or 20. I was convinced it was locked up. I do have a Lot of Orbx and SODE, but I've had all that for quite a while. The only thing I was doing out of the ordinary was running the GTN 750 and a GTN 650.
  7. jimcarrel

    Looks like F1 GTN 750 is updated for 4.4

    I just re-installed GTN complete v. 206, ran the update tool which says I have the version required (1.12 definitions) and I still get the GTN error. Pretty weird!
  8. jimcarrel

    Payware Add on Aircraft Not Showing up in P3D v4.4

    I'm confused, did you actually install the T6? that .xml should be in the top A2A folder and then the T6 folders and other A2A plane folders under the top A2A folder. The way it stands the add-ons.xml is in a dead end subfolder and your xml cannot follow the rest of the folders, for instance, the actual folders of the T6.
  9. jimcarrel

    Vertex website is Live!

    "Coming Early December" Love his website, I'll say one thing, I've seen hype before...but this "hype" I believe. I've seen a lot planes hyped before and after a while you tend to distrust it. I'll go out on a limb and say "I believe every word of this hype" So there it is, and when it arrives I suggest you plop your money down. The term "hype" is generally used in a degrading sense. In the above paragraph, I didn't use it that way, at all.
  10. jimcarrel

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Maybe you are missing something. - example - this below shows info above the blank space and [flism.0] heading with blank space above (that is the space we are making sure is there) //you e-mailing us at www.realairsimulations.com to let us know about your work so we //can refer to you when customers ask about repaints. [fltsim.0] title=RealAir Beech Duke V2 N1873K Winglets Ventral sim=RealAir_Duke this following example is same as the top example only the space is missing. - and is causing the error. //you e-mailing us at www.realairsimulations.com to let us know about your work so we //can refer to you when customers ask about repaints. [fltsim.0] title=RealAir Beech Duke V2 N1873K Winglets Ventral sim=RealAir_Duke *if you made the edit with the blank line and it is returning, then your running something without Admin Rights and it's not saving your edits.
  11. jimcarrel

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Thanks, seems I have just been called a liar..... so ban me.
  12. jimcarrel

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Invalid aircraft.cfg filesD:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLAi_A319neo\aircraft.cfgD:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLAi_A321neo\aircraft.cfgD:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLAi_A320neo\aircraft.cfg The above files do not have a blank line above the first - [fltsim.0] entry in the aircraft.cfg of those models. Open up those files, add a space above [fltsim.0] and those errors will be cleared. The rest I simply don't worry about. I've not seen anyone state the problem with those.
  13. jimcarrel

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Yeah, I'm laughing too, and I'm not sorry...I'm flying
  14. jimcarrel

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    It is amazing. At this point I don't think I'm going to mess around with PTA any more. I had recalibrated my monitor again this afternoon. Hadn't done that in two or three new driver installs, and when I fired this thing up with 4.4 Client with real time I couldn't believe the night sky. I didn't know we had the milky way above our heads. Never seen it before. Maybe all this time shader tweaking had it hidden from me. In 4.3 I had best frame rates locked at 28 and it stayed at about 28.7 and smooth. With 4.4 I'm running unlimited and averaging 57 fps. Sliders about 3/4 and above to the right. Same settings as in 4.3. Sorry if it seems I'm pleased.