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  1. I'd say the CPU is your greatest bottleneck, and it's a bit of a squeeze to run just 8 on the ram. The 650 Ti would have some more breathing room with a CPU closer to 4 gig speed (at least). That would of course require a new motherboard.
  2. If you re-installed, then it's probably because you are minus some recent updates that had improved the system. Just wait and good ole MS will catch you back up. You did mention "similar settings" and don't remember exactly how you had it set, that is maybe a bit of the problem also.
  3. I just watched this Watching the pilots control, flight dynamics "appear" to be quite good. It apparently supports the GNS 430 or 530, probably the GTN models too. The kneeboard seems clever. I'm tempted.
  4. I will have to disagree with the statement that re-installing the Client is a dangerous operation. In the last year or so I have re-installed client at least 4 times, it can be necessary if one has too much fun "experimenting" and shaders become corrupt. It's the easiest and quickest way to fix corrupted shaders. It's just a disagreement, no vitriol intended.
  5. Yes just re-install the Q400, the Q400 problem was the only quirk introduced into my system with this update.
  6. Within last few months more and more anti-virus programs are slipping in code to protect documents against ransom-ware. Mine, Avast, was throwing errors (without identifying itself) about envtex trying to change files and a few other incidents. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. Turns out Avast had "protected" almost all folders that had documents in them.
  7. Don't dismiss the idea of graphic card drivers displaying textures incorrectly, it's slightly possible (try different version, maybe). Not probable but possible. You did say that some of your planes displayed that effect, could be textures used in those planes.
  8. They have been, just google "dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll" Should be simple to find
  9. I really think you answered your own question, the logical upgrades would be to use the new v4 effects....dynamic lighting and other things along that line. If they currently work and you don't care about the dynamic lighting etc, then I would agree that there would be no point to paying an upgrade fee. I would also think what's in any particular upgrade would best be answered in the publishers upgrade summary (sometimes here-say is wrong and faulty).
  10. You know, the closing of Real Air was a noteworthy event in flightsim history. I can remember a looong, long time ago when I ran across those guys and bought their Spitfire (pretty sure that was what it was). Up to that time, I had never purchased a plane that really had a wow factor. What an exemplary run that team had. Will always be a fond, unforgetable memory.
  11. Dave, I think "script" was a misnomer. I think he was trying to add the livery into the aircraft.cfg.
  12. Is your FSX install in C:\Program Files ( you said you had no problem with FSX), Windows 10 is a lot more picky about letting you do stuff in the C:\Program Files folder, especially if your not running the account not logged in as administrator. (that might be your problem). Best thing to do is reboot. You may just have a permission glitch and the reboot will clear it. A lot of potential problems can be alleviated by not installing into C:\ Program Files,, just put P3D in it's own folder.
  13. Also, brown clouds? Looks like shader problem, and what "magic" .cfg tweaks??
  14. Here's what I run from your list; FTX global/regional sceneries and airports Majestic Q400 Pilot's