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  1. I've been flying the 222 since it came out. I have not seen your problems, I find it far from "Garbage". The only problem I have with it - after a long flight the flight model can sometimes get a bit flaky.
  2. I checked mine (DX11) it was on, turned it off jumped back in cockpit, still had intermittant white spot and occasional outlines on Gps's, checked the setting again and it was back on. quit session and changed to DX12 restarted computer fired up MSFS. NanoVG was back on, turned it off, hit the cockpit and no whitespot and no outlines on GPS screens. As far as I know, NanoVG is still off. Flying the Chancellor 414
  3. Off to test your "switch off NANOVG". Not sure I have that turned on, but will find out
  4. My good ole white dot only shows very rarely now, the white frames on GPS screens are very intermittent. White dot is more rare than the white outlines on screens.
  5. I'll have to check this out asap. Just this minute shut down after an hours jaunt around Oklahoma and the white dot was popping up tool tips on everything when dot was about 2 1/2 inches above any instrument that had an associated tool tip, worst I've ever seen it. (when I shut down MSFS, then I noticed Steam doing a 100 or so mb update, so I figured there must be an update). I've yet to restart MSFS.
  6. Surely, you didn't just do a hit and run - no explanation?
  7. DX 11 here, drat, I saw a user reported 10 extra fps. I only got like 3 or 4 extra. I feel totally cheated.
  8. Well, whatever which way with bits or bytes, I've never used the cache, but, I do have pre-cache set on ultra. Now there is another discussion.
  9. I've never used the cache, My download speed tested is 100mb/sec (in reality - 13mb/sec).
  10. Gosh, I must have just remembered that from... the 4th grade. Why I don't know, never ever made the connection until this thread, I didn't know the word was gentille , either.
  11. I wouldn't just blindly pay 40 something smackeroos for a weather program for MSFS 2020, it's not doable in MSFS yet. No defined libraries to use. It couldn't be more than a money grab (quick before anyone figures it out!)
  12. Ha, took me about 15 minutes before I figured out how to allow for full throttle. I can be real dull, sometimes (okay, most times). It does feel nice and heavy and steady
  13. So, what the heck is this "white dot" all about? Stupidest thing I've seen in a long while. You pan around the dash and all that stuff pops up, makes you concentrate on that darned white dot. They should write a song about that darned white dot. They could call it the "white dot" song. Heck we could even have a "white dot" dessert after every meal. Anybody noticed the "White Dot". Maybe it 's the July surprise, only early. Nahh, that white dot doesn't bother me at all.
  14. And another update! V 4.3.3 SU12 HotFix UPDATES: 1. L & R alternator field circuit breakers now show annunciator lights. 2. The high electrical draw was caused because the avionics bus was stuck on from the previous electrical fix. 3. We updated the electrical buses again for more realism and to allow all systems to work properly together with the new changes. 4. Hardware binding xml updated and now includes the main panel light switch using a single lvar for logic. 5. Shutting off one of the engines will now cut the amps along with the volts even if the alternator switch is left on. The default sim behavior (where the amps continue to produce with the switch on) may be only for some aircraft systems or a sim bug. Either way we now break the connection to the bus if the engine is off.
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