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  1. I was considering a purchase, Nemeth designs – Siai/Marchetti s.205, but it looks a bit "slightly off", after watching youtube vids . I love the layout of the dash, but that is not the flight model. Any one tried it ?
  2. I've never understood the twitchy thing. There's a pretty good sensitivity adjustment utility in MSFS 2020, If you don't like the publishers adjustment for a generic controller setting , adjust it to your liking. That is why the utility is there. Surely that is understood. There's a diverse number of controllers in existence, that's another reason why the utility is there.
  3. The one I have has a wired remote control (not wireless)Meaning you can control power and intensity (after your initial adjustments) without having the unit placed within you reach. Using just the "y" splitter does not allow you to adjust the base and highs without effecting the sound coming out of main speakers. Thus a cheap USB soundcard helps in that regard.
  4. this is how I used buttkicker (original) before I learned you could split with another sound card [USB}.
  5. Looks like you have homework for this week. You are now charged with having to continue to fly cap over the Brussels airport until you gain a snapshot of the UFO.
  6. It's not hard to accidently do something. Heck, I accidently have accidents, on occasion.
  7. Cri Cri came out very very early days. Not even sure it was ever updated. I haven't had that installed for ages. It's almost got to be something in Community folder.
  8. Just Flight is a bit different than most other publishers, their updates are applied by installing "over" what's already installed. You don't uninstall in order to do an update. Just make sure it is installing where you're original install was made.
  9. Start a ticket with them concerning your problem, I just had a similar problem and they help tremendously and were extremely friendly about it. - very nice to work with.
  10. Looking great, that looks to be a bit of work. ( a lot of work).
  11. The Beech 18 is a whole lot better than I thought it would be, don't have any regrets after buying it. (I'm not a fan of that publisher)
  12. It must be closer than some of them have stated. Historically, A2A doesn't spend 1/2 to 1 year yanking peoples chains in order to get people interested, as some tend to do. When they start talking about it, it's on the way.
  13. When P3D 1st went to DX12, I had just got a 1060 with 6 gigs, light planes would run at about 3.6 gigs, the heavy "study level Planes would suck up 5.2 (both scenarios were locked at 30 FPS). I could run more higher settings in DX11. DX12 will suck up more of a cards ram than DX11, Of course when I got my 12gig card, I could pump my graphic settings back up. Those users with less than 6 gigs were having a bit of trouble.
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