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  1. I figured it would be filled up after such a short time, but, nope - they let me in.
  2. The Community folder in the Install folder is the correct one. (Your Drive D). Microsoft loves drive C:\ and installs supporting folders there (even if they are not needed)
  3. They probably haven't sent the emails yet, I've always gotten one for every other update. My main question, is it to be a new install, or load on top of what u have (as is some of the other updates)
  4. It's on sale untill 5/18. Dropped from 12 EUR. to 9. - go get it!
  5. YOur play on Steam or MS is the same. The only thing to be aware of on Steam is to NOT do the "verify files" thing. It will erase MSFS2020. I use steam, You can install it on any drive you wish (steam library), your community folder will be on the drive you installed the steam library, not on the C drive. (which can be helpful if you C drive is tight)
  6. That wind thing, is the reason I liked the 100. Can be funny what people latch onto. Everyone is different. (these days , we're not supposed to like that fact of life)
  7. Conditions are not supposed to be global, and I've not noticed anything that would indicate that they are. (within a flight from A to B)
  8. I should be ashamed I guess, cause I run Thrustmaster Warthog and Logitech pedals. No problem with the 50% thing in my setup. This thread was 1st I've heard of others having the problem and I never use the "pause" button, only the ESC button.
  9. both, stick is positioned on pedestal in front of chair, grip is about waist high and angled back a bit. Not bad for heli use. not much strain, especially in the 47, since it takes a little more than "thinking" about it to go to cruise speed. I fly very few fixed wings that use yoke, and those that do (JF arrow)the stick bothers me not at all. Besides I haven't tried a yoke yet that I can stand more than a few minutes.
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