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  1. I love brain teasers. One must conjure up his or her own answer as to how something was solved...life can be strange.
  2. I love KJAC, fly it quite often in P3D4

    Just purchased the PA-44, real decent representation , good hand-flyer. Just went to an AOPA fly in, this week and was wanting something similar to this model. It's a great twin engined ride. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Sorry from this end, I never heard of such a problem, it could be a coincidence with GTN install and is really related to something else. I can't quite see the GTN dropping your mixture. I don't think it has control over anything but control surfaces.
  5. Just keep trying and you will eventually get full download. I remember trying 3 times with a download manager before I finally got a download to complete--and yes, it is most aggravating, but what are you going to do? Just go with the flow if you really want it.
  6. This was one reason for the xml files under documents. All things that were added with xml files only need appropriate folders copied to previous locations. (adjusting xml files as needed, if needed to be adjusted). I think you have the right idea, just try to replicate all files with their locations (make sure add-on.xml files match where you copied over the actual add ons. You will of course need to install P3d, which brings to mind you may have a slight problem getting it activated since you may have not got the chance to un-install it. Someone might have an idea on some registry edits, if so you could just do that an run P3D from the drive it's on, but I bet that is almost impossible.
  7. I'm assuming you made and use a shortcut to the config on your desktop, then make sure you have set the short cut compatibility to "run as administrator" - works for me.
  8. Not completely sure what you're asking but when you first load PTA, it is showing how the default ini will set up it's preset. PTA will not change anything until you "apply" the preset you are looking at. I'm sure you already know that you can "load" a different preset and then "apply" it. You may not completely understand what the new "loaded" preset will look like until you "apply" it and go fly.
  9. From what I remember way back with FSX, the .mdl file is what you are looking for not .cfg file. There were programs around that would let you mess about in it and quite a few graphs explaining what each setting did (with suggestions).
  10. Boy, I owe you a big apology. All this time I had you figured for a lowly 30-something or other. Sorry I robbed you of so many years.
  11. that's one of the points to internet connection...you're settings are stored. I did have to reset buttons on views with the AS Twotter, but the camera profile was still there.
  12. I had that problem until I switched from "stable build" to experimental, then it started working correctly (after second P3D restart)
  13. I guess you've heard of "tongue twisters"? I find all this a "brain twister". After months of trying to figure these associations out, reading the help forum at togoprojects and here, I found the ultimate solution-- I just click a few buttons in this program and a few in this other program and go fly... all the while intending to forget about all the option clicking. Life is now much simpler, and I can forget about all the opposing views and about how each others statements are incorrect. It's about the same result as turning off the news on radio and tv.
  14. There are probably 5 or 6 threads covering the Real Air planes and the GTN on the 1st 3 pages....... *actually this discussion has happened so many times and for so long that you can now find them on the 1st 6 pages
  15. I opted for the experimental builds quite a few months ago, this update broke all the panning buttons so I went back to stable builds and all is fine. How many of you are using the "experimental" offering? I may try going back to experimental build and then restart computer as some of said they did (with good results). Chill out just a wee bit, do you honestly think developers want to get on your bad side??