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  1. AS updates have always been an "over write" not uninstall and install new. I have no theory as to why newest beta causes crash for a few (at least one).
  2. Sure hate to hear that. I already down loaded but will wait to see if there is a fix first.
  3. Each new one includes the previous updates.. Would be nonsensical to do otherwise.
  4. It's totally fine to install all, been doing that over the years, the names have changed occasionally but, they all are independent of each other and will be available for whatever app needs them. they don't do anything until called fof.
  5. It's been around forever, you eventually learn not to put yourself in a position to not notice it. It goes away, I had forgotten about it until you just now mentioned it. Don't obsess on it and it will go away. (I'm not excursing it, it's just not worth obsessing over)
  6. There is no "zip" or "install.exe" to download, it's a self controlled download , unpacker and installer
  7. If you read some of these complaints you will find that some of these guys do things that you and I would never bother to do, as in tweaking the inner parts of the system. The newest runs fine on my Non-tricked-out machine
  8. I'm sold with the "HT off" thing, runs splendidly on my machine.
  9. I am far from expert in DRONE mode, but I've found that when you are in it, pressing the wrong key can louse the whole drone session up. One key in particular is the T key if I remember right. it can lock out other keys.
  10. I tried the first terrain masks he came up with, never even took a look at them since.
  11. When you update through the program, it downloads it to you computer and installs it, but you are still left with the download on you computer. Nothing messed up. No need to reinstall.
  12. Finally I figured out the fix for the Assistant Settings problem, I dumped the beta.
  13. Not to sound like I'm confronting Bobsk8 over his opinion , but Most of the time I too use shift-3, auto start and dark and cold buttons with A2A aircraft, just depends on time and mood. You just can't disregard the quality of their product just because you don't so "super real" flying all the time.
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