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  1. jimcarrel


    To me expansion purchase would depend on whether or not I thought plane was the hottest ride in town, it would have to be the "cats' meow" in my hanger.
  2. jimcarrel

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    I've always had great support, even had Oisin add me to an aircraft support forum that I had forgotten I had purchased. To me, that was an over the top effort.
  3. jimcarrel

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Seems like decades ago, I rated CS a little below RA, but that was a loong time ago. Really liked the C 130 and eventually purchased the 707. I guess in the long run I've now dismissed them. (never cared for their antics in the forums). I'm sure thankful for the few good publishers who are still around... all 3 or 4 of them.
  4. jimcarrel

    ATC pause before speaking

    I could be wrong but I believe the Nvidia HD driver is controlling the ATC that I have routed through my TV monitor and all other sounds are routed through speaker system via Realtek drivers.
  5. jimcarrel

    ATC pause before speaking

    The only thing similar that I have had was stutter before touch down in FSX and P3D ver. 3.xx. I managed to fix that by updating onboard sound (realtek) drivers. It took me quite a while and many searches to find what to try to rectify. However I don't have any such problem with ATC messages.
  6. jimcarrel

    V 0.4215

    I stand perfectly corrected......... learn something new every hour.
  7. jimcarrel

    V 0.4215

    TigerTone, I don't believe CP gives you opportunity to do such an operation.
  8. Compared to how the changes were being made a year ago, current status of work is looking very promising for release this year (hopefully , of course), I seriously think it might happen.
  9. jimcarrel

    ORBX Rainbow Scenery (Glitch)

    YEs, I was thinking graphic card or drivers. You won't get that from corrupt scenery. I've seen that twice over the years. It was never anything other than card....maybe your problem will turn out better.
  10. jimcarrel

    Im SOOOOO sad! ;(

    That is life. You can't exactly get what and how you want it. So you make some decisions and adapt. Absolutely not of any use to worry about what you can't get. Use what you already have. There is apparently no answer to your dilemma. So strap into your current cockpit and hit the runway.
  11. jimcarrel

    Process Lasso Opinions?

    Free for 30 days, then must register to continue......just filling in the blanks.
  12. jimcarrel

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Never spend a lot of money for another card unless making a series or two jump. Good move not to purchase another 1080.
  13. I mostly fly A2A and they have been comfortable set at 50, for me. I've tried freeware and a lot of those need 30 or below (even some default craft). If you are using chaseplane then that can add weirdness if settings are out of whack.
  14. I had forgotten that I own this bird. Not much time for playing the "jet set" lately.
  15. What card are you using??