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  1. my .exe is dated 9/12/23 and the 0.00065 is still there *****Sorry, I am using beta
  2. Maybe Rueben was having to much entertainment fun. Tomorrow will probably be a totally different day.
  3. I suppose the first patches were complete downloads while prepping the program to be able to patch with just the needed files. You can tell they are intent on fixing the lighting, that is just about all this currant patch was applied to. If this were previous years, you would not have this patch for another 3 years. I guess there is no way for some to be satisfied with the 5th patcjh.in this short amount of time.
  4. I'm voting for you to receive 3 Gold Stars for your action of providing the solution to your problem and not performing the usual hit and run.
  5. I think that occasionally "accusim" does not completely initialize.
  6. Well, that explains it, Glenn. Also backs up the phrase, why do I do what I don't want to do?
  7. I think it can be whatever you want it to be.
  8. I honestly do not remember what happened when I first installed it. I installed it the day it was released and am still running the original install.
  9. You sure have me confused. When either AIG program updates, there is a dos command box pops up and stops the program you are updating and then restarts it once update is finished. It's been that way since day one. You say it's first time install, that's what I find confusing, since the box pops up it sounds like you already have it installed and it's updating. Makes no sense for a system box to come up and complain if you are not running any type of system protection.
  10. Well, that must have been a welcome surprise! Those don't come along too often
  11. Don't know where you downloaded from, but regardless there are two versions and one has the letters CLS associated with it is a watermark. you have to come up with the one that is not associated with the letters CLS. Both are the same version, but one has the watermark and, no you can't get rid of it.
  12. I bet the owners of TikTok are excited, now they will no everything about Cap't BB
  13. Nothing unusual with new drivers on my machine.
  14. You weren't alone, I had the very same thing, Funny thing is, I had just updated graphic drivers. It would run a bit and freeze, run a little and freeze again. I just rebooted and tried again. All was fine since.
  15. If a person runs MSFS 2020 and P3D, I assume that requires 2 separate installs of AIM? Another note - I noticed in the files there is a preset.xml, is that not functional yet?
  16. Well, I'm hoping for some enterprising person to create a youtube vid. I noticed posts about a new version update. I opened mine and was greeted by something totally "greek" to me. I guess I'll blame it on my being 72 years young.
  17. A2A, to my knowledge, has always provided the option for cold and dark or auto startup. If you don't wan to futz about with startup and shutdown, when you get in hit the auto start, and when finished hit the "cold and dark". Done. One caveat, once auto started, lean mixture, or change spark plugs to the "fine" version.
  18. I use warthog setup and I have the "pinkie" paddle on joystick set as Zoom. It's called "binocular" and you can adjust the zoom level. Just hold it in, use it and, let go when thru. I guess you might be talking about from an external view. Don't know anything about that.
  19. Well, it's not as unusual as you might think. I am pretty sure we all go thru life just puttering along and occasionally we actually stop and look at the roses, and have to say to ourselves "Wait just a minute? How does this work??
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