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  1. Not sure why this is so controversial. Adding the year of release to a media property that shares a name with other properties in the same format or even different formats isn't new or controversial. Doom (2016), Airport films, Dune (2020 film). If you go the Wikipedia page of MSFS2020 what do you see? *gasp* https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_(2020_video_game). Noooo! So 2020 AND they have the gall of calling it a video game! Inconceivable.
  2. You can save a custom scenario in the FF A320 at literally any point in flight. Just save it where you want and load it up after every landing.
  3. The scenery is incorrect. The runway is 03/21 now not 04/22. Still always use the in sim freq. Scenery has to be updated.
  4. That doesn't mean add-ons are now magically compatible.
  5. As others have mentioned take this chart with a huge grain of salt.
  6. No set date, I would estimate before the end of the year. The beta testing is going very well.
  7. 100% correct. Of course FF will add Rev2 later in the development cycle.
  8. This should be completely irrelevant for the type of fidelity that is the goal for both products. The FF version for example runs competely externally to XP to overcome the limitations imposed by the sim. Unless of course you are referring to the FMGS revisions. The WX radar and some other features are as of now disabled for the beta test. Here are the rest as well as known bugs for the initial beta release: - Icing related things and effects. - Some problems with APU, it's model is a subject to complete replacement. Control logics works as expected. - Unexpected behaviour of conditioning system in some cases. - Some FWC aural warnings, including stall, speed, windshare, pitch. - Some FWC warnings (about 5% still not implemented). - FWC warnigs override logics (primary faults is not hiding secondary). - Failures's linkage with sim and any interface. - Behaviour of the systems during faults. - Minor systems: recorder, evacuation lights and logics, masks oxygen, cargo heat/smoke, etc. - FMGS: some alternate route\airport functions, fix info, offset, abeam points, step alts, pilot holds. - Full EGPWS map (only loaded by the sim region is shown on the map). - Some self test logics.
  9. He John I should let you know that a user over on the ORG has set up an easy way to download several states worth of pre-made tiles. Check them out if your interested and read the instructions! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/
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