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  1. Where do you see that?
  2. I'm dumbfounded you include Rotate with the likes of IXEG? Please, you have only tried quite literally the oldest FF models, the 777 was released in 2013 IIRC and hasn't been updated that extensively since release not to even mention the 757.
  3. That's hardly a downside considering what it fixes.
  4. I'm guessing it was making some people sick!
  5. Sounds like a persistent failure that is going undetected. Turn off failures and reset them in the iPad menu. Also perform maintenance on the ground. Also make sure the XP failures are disabled.
  6. I think the important thing to note is that xE v1 is miles ahead of SMP v1 (when it was released). It's only getting better.
  7. There is a dedicated Ortho4XP Subforum on the ORG for those interested,
  8. I'm curious how ATS will fare with this news considering their MD-80 hasn't even been released yet.
  9. The 767 has two direct to functions IIRC. The actual direct to should draw a new track while simply click on the LSK in the legs page shouldn't.
  10. Just to clarify like big budget movies more than half of that was marketing costs. Still quite the budget lol.
  11. REX is a comprehensive weather engine?
  12. What? Felipe Vicini
  13. I honestly think Austin hasn't removed it just to troll us at this point.
  14. That's exactly what it is and AFAIK scenery add-ons should port over with little to no issues to XP11. Might as well try and see.
  15. ??? This is a barebones look on a dev machine. Don't expect some fancy after effects lol. Besides I'm not sure how well you would be able to understand ramzzess anyways ;)