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  1. Guys! I got a question for you, I am wondering if the armament and the cabin pressurization panels on the ssw tf104 will work eventually?
  2. Hi guys! I found why the flaps is not working. It is caused by the other USB devices conflicting with the keyboard.
  3. I tried F6 and F7. The flaps will stay extended when I keep holding the F7 key down. Now what? Question for you, will there be more functionality in SSW F-104 like the working armament panel, and the working cabin pressurization panel, ect?
  4. Hi guys! I don't know if I post this in right place or not but I got a question. Since the flaps on the SSW tf104 won't extend by hitting the F8 key how do I extend the flaps? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  5. Hi, theohall65! Got it! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  6. Hi, guys!! i found out there is fuel pumps at most airports in FSW!! I am having trouble finding the fuel pump at KLAS. I wonder where the fuel pump at KLAS is located? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  7. Hi, guys! Question for you, is there a real piper pa-28r arrow III cockpit like in JF piper pa-28r arrow III for FSW? Thanks!! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  8. Hi, guys! I really enjoy playing Dovetail flight sim world!! Dovetail flight sim world is way better than the 11 year old FSX which was released on October 17th of 2006!! Keep up the excellent work Dovetail!! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  9. Hi, guys! In the next update of the JF piper arrow III I would like to fly the JF piper arrow III without using the altitude hold feature (altitude hold feature removed in the next update of the JF piper arrow III for maximum realism). Thanks! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  10. Hi, guys!! I think I noticed an error in the justflight piper pa-28r arrow III manual!! The only error I found in the JF piper arrow III manual is the JF piper arrow III feature the autopilot altitude hold feature! I did some autopilot tests in the JF piper arrow III. I swear, the JF piper arrow III does not have an altitude hold feature which is good!! I am a big time realism geek!!!!!! Please check it out if you guys get a chance! Thanks!! Cheers, Vincent Majerowicz
  11. Hi, guys! I just bought the justflight pa-28r arrow III for flight sim world from steam the other day! The flight sim world is from steam too!! I don’t know where the justflight pa-28r arrow III for FSW manual is. Please tell me where the justflight pa-28r arrow III for flight sim world is? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent majerowicz
  12. Hi, guys! I really enjoy playing Flight sim world!! FSW looks so much better than the 11 year old FSX!!! But please keep in mind that FSW is still in early access, and the FSW is getting better and better!! Cheers, Vincent majerowicz
  13. Hi, guys! I figured it out! I got to take the X-plane 10 DVD 1 out of the computer before I install X-plane 11 demo! Thanks anyway! Cheers Vincent
  14. Hi, guys! Same for me too. The X-plane 11 demo won't install unless I key in the product key which I don't have. Any solution to this? Thanks! Cheers Vincent
  15. Hi, scandinavian13! No problem! Question for you, what does vague mean? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent majerowicz
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