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  1. funkymaggot

    What version? P3Dv4.2 Update? Update Issue?

    Keven, Thanks, very much appreciated. Enabled and updated. Keep up the awesome work with CP!! Mick.
  2. Hi all, What is the current version that everyone is running? My CP version is currently v0.3.70 Beta, however, I read a post further down and someone has they are currently on 0.3.79 (not sure if a typo). I still get a message every time CP starts informing me that it isn't compatible with P3Dv4.2 and it is being worked on, but it has been 2 weeks now and I was wondering when this will be made compatible as I can't use zoom keys or my hatswitch properly in locked spot, which is extremely annoying. Or has there been an update released and for some reason I have an updating issue? Thanks in advance, Mick.
  3. Hi, Updated to Build 0.1.52 this evening when I started up. Loaded in an aircraft I don't have any presets for yet.... it took me nearly an hour to set up 4 camera presets. 1. Pressing any option on the side menu ie. Preset or Camera and there is a 5-10 second delay before it changes. 2. When using the Camera sliders the first couple of clicks work fine and then everything just seems to stop working or has a massive delay on it. Dragging the white dot doesn't move it and neither does clicking in the drag area. Even after multiple clicks or drags nothing happens, then all of a sudden it will work once and the movement goes on forever. 3. I bound my presets to the NumPad, as I always do, cycled through them to make sure they were OK and it was. Halfway through the flight, I dropped to the GPS preset, then when I pressed for the next view, instead of jumping to the preset, the NumPad was moving my view around on the spot ie. 8 incrementally pivoted the view up, 4 pivoted the view left and 7 diagonally pivoted the view up and left. Regards, Mick.
  4. funkymaggot

    fsx_se.cfg file not found

    I haven't changed anything with my FSX:SE install and have never had the boxed version installed on this system. I never used to get this issue until a recent update (today is my first update since 0.1.33). Only after update to 0.1.37 has this issue regarding the ability to find the FSX_SE.cfg started.
  5. I might just give it a go anyway... if it works then great, if not then what the hell, all I've lost is the time it takes! Thanks.
  6. It is connected to the Trackhat Opentrack software.
  7. It is received via a modified PS camera (that has the IR filter removed).
  8. Quick and probably really stoopid question.... I use a Trackhat Clip instead of TrackIR would this work with that? Mick.
  9. funkymaggot

    Latest update broke Anticipation

    Haha... Thanks for the priority service Keven. very much appreciated. I just dropped the slider to disable it so I could get off the ground!! Will do a reboot of CP once I land.
  10. Hi guys.... Seem to have a problem that has cropped up between this mornings update to 0.1.25 to this afternoons update 0.1.27. After the update this morning everything was working fine. This afternoon after doing a few things, I came back on, CP updated and now I have the following problem: When I turn the aircraft right while taxiing, the anticipation kicks in and throws me right out the front window , through the engine cover and almost into the prop blades. When I straighten out it comes back again. If I turn to the left, I am thrown all the way to the back of the aircraft. Somehow it seems the axis of movement for anticipation has changed. No changes have been made to any of my settings etc. I literally closed it this morning and started it up this afternoon. Cheers, Mick.
  11. funkymaggot

    View Change Issues

    Assigned views to 'clear' keys on the main keyboard rather than the NumPad..... There was some improvement, however, I still sometimes had to press the keys multiple times to get them to change the view. It did seem more stable than using the NumPad though.
  12. funkymaggot

    Turbulence Pause on Mouse Movement

    Keven, Thanks. Big thumbs up!!
  13. I am using FSX:Steam Edition. Current ChasePlane as of this morning is v 0.1.22. The focal length adjustment now seems to be working OK.
  14. The biggest issue I have, even when I used to use EZDOK, is when adjusting a dial setting on the VC. For example on the PMDG 737, adjusting the BARO or Decision Height using the mouse scroll wheel and the slightest turbulence would knock you off the knob every few turns. It is great that you have thought about the pause on mouse movement, but is it possible to pause on scroll wheel movement? As this is still an issue I am having even with pause on movement enabled, because technically the mouse is stationary. Call me picky if you like but it's just a thought, if it could be added as a preference so people could enable it if the wanted to. Mick.
  15. funkymaggot

    View Change Issues

    Not sure about that... as I have nothing bound anywhere other than the NumPad. I will change some of them to main keyboard tomorrow, check it out, then let you know.