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  1. Hi< Could anybody tel me If I uninstall Garmin Trainer , will RXP GTN750 work still? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your useful comment. Firouz
  3. Hi, After I pushing the "check for update "button in GTN 750 plugin on my xplane 11, it says "an update is available, so, in which folder should I save the new update? I should mention that it is a .exe file, so If I double click on .exe file will it automatically overwrite the old one. I appreciate if you let me know the procedure. Thanks, Firouz
  4. To Admin, I have recently purchaesd GTN750,but I couldnot realize what is the function of garmintrainer and for the first time it popsup during installation process what should we do,and for the first time when installing the soft ware ,how should setup the GTN750.if,RXP admin or developer, or suport provider, demostrate the A to Z of installation by a video it would be very useful.and will help the users and customers. Thanks
  5. An alternate way to add a new way point ( locked one) in GTN750, is finding an waypoint 's cordinates in skyvector then adding it into FPL in GTN750.
  6. HI, Yes . Finally ,by help of customer service of f1 I could purchase the GTN 750.
  7. Hi there, I have bought recently GTN 750 for Xplane11, .umfpurtunately it is not displayed in Cessna 175 Skyhawk, xplane default Cessna. I saw some folk has this navigation system on there default xplane 11 C-175 Skyhawk. Can anybody help me in this regard, ( if it was video it is appreciated)? I should say I can display it as a popup window through the plugin menu of xplane, however, I would like to have it as a fixed panel instrument. Thanks, Firouz
  8. Hi, I try to buy GTN 750 for xplane11. unfortunately, I could not complete the transaction, I attempted several times, I turned off my MCaffe real-time virus scan, firewalls. I could run Wrapper .EXE and did all 3 parts,( I created f1 account, Filled my information, and entered my credit card information) after pushing purchase button, the first step went well and PayPal gave me a code, but while I wanted to complete the transaction, it went wrong, and showed a message that my transaction is declined. I did it several timse even with Visa card. If someone, help me with this issue I will appreciate so much. Thanks Firouz
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