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  1. cmbaviator

    Not enough "nose heay" during flare ?

    Thank you for your inputs. I may have over pitched up as i thought i may need to hold more back pressure to counteract the pitch down moment (main subject of this topic) normally induced during ground effect
  2. cmbaviator

    GSX: Open Door 2

    it's indeed the 747-8
  3. cmbaviator

    GSX: Open Door 2

    thank you sir
  4. cmbaviator

    Not enough "nose heay" during flare ?

    i'm not asserting, I'm just asking if it's normal or not to not feel the nose down effect in 747 heavy during flare, it's a question and i'm just expecting developpers or real pilot to confirm it or not.
  5. cmbaviator

    GSX: Open Door 2

    I guess i need to update manually, doesn't seem to work through P3D
  6. cmbaviator

    Not enough "nose heay" during flare ?

    I mostly fly A320 or B737-300 on Xplane, you usually retard at 20-30 feets, i was wondering if its the same for the 747 or you should retard between 30-40 fts ? innapropriate ? This topic is about the negative torque induced by ground effect and if the 747 should be affected or not because currently it doesn't feel at all It gets better: All of these effects are reversed when landing. In other words, when we least want a reduced indicated airspeed, a nose-down moment, or a decrease in drag and thrust, that’s what we get. It’s no wonder primary students can have trouble with their landings. source :
  7. cmbaviator

    GSX: Open Door 2

    Yes via FMC, thanks for the reply
  8. Hi guys, When I want to board or deboard PAX, I always get a warning from GSX: OPEN door 2 even if all the doors are opened, any idea ? thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I haven't been flying the 747v3 for months and restart flying since the -800. I messed up my flare as i Floated way too much even though it was within the LZ. But I notice that even when I released the yoke, the pitch was decreasing very very slowly. As far as i understand ground effet, it has mainly two effects : 1) as you approach closer to the ground, the vertcial speed will increase due to more lift 2) as you approach closer to the ground, the aircraft is subject to a negative ( nose down) torque. the 1) seems to be spot on but however I still reserved on 2), it seems that the decrease of pitch is due to the lost of speed after retarding the throttle. I own the 737/777/747 and all have the same issue with 2) unless i'm completely wrong. Before i was flying with the IXEG B737-300, and you can really feel the nose down effect after passing 60 feets, you needed to hold a bit more back pressureto maintain your ROD until flare. Also do you need to retard earlier ? here is a video of my landing
  10. that's what i'm getting too i think, lmooks like the link hasn't be updated to all customer or something
  11. well i'm redownloading right now and see if its the latest version
  12. i dont understand, i've downladed the instazller a week ago, shouldn't it be the latest version ?
  13. i've complety unistalled the B747, it doesn't appear in the PMDC OC But the downladed exe from my PMDG account is not the lastest update
  14. i have the same issue with the B747 QotS II. I have unistalled it completly and redownload from my pmdg account, but the one i've downloaded is not the last version, how can I download the latest version ? thanks