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  1. that's what i'm getting too i think, lmooks like the link hasn't be updated to all customer or something
  2. well i'm redownloading right now and see if its the latest version
  3. i dont understand, i've downladed the instazller a week ago, shouldn't it be the latest version ?
  4. i've complety unistalled the B747, it doesn't appear in the PMDC OC But the downladed exe from my PMDG account is not the lastest update
  5. i have the same issue with the B747 QotS II. I have unistalled it completly and redownload from my pmdg account, but the one i've downloaded is not the last version, how can I download the latest version ? thanks
  6. With zoom at 1, ill can only see the pfd and ND and thats all on a 1440p monitor
  7. Thanks for your inputs guys. Now lets go a bit harder with some crosswind:) Up to 20 lnots its okzy i managed to decrab correctly but struggling up to 20knts. Should you be fully aligned with the runway before touch down or your are allowed to decrab a bit after touch down. I noticed that when decrabing, the pitch increases slightly
  8. okay guys, i would like some B747 pilots to rate my landing and to give me advice on how to improve my flaring i've done some base trainning with flaps 25 / 30 and 25 with crosswind. For now i only have the flaps 25 : For me i'm floating too much, i'd like some advice on how to obtain the same RoD but with less floating
  9. cmbaviator

    744 v3 FPS

    12-17 fps at yssy fly tampa with 4790k@4.6GHz and gtx980ti, is that normal
  10. Anyway its rare to see hard landing nowadays unles you have maybe like less than 50 hrs on type
  11. Nice to have an input from a b747 pilot. I was landed with flaps 30, i thought it was the standard landing flaps lol. Whats the target pitch to flare at with flaps 25 and 30 ? Im just surprised on how small input you need to give in order to land Much harder landing :
  12. My pfpx uses as16 for wind data, gonna give it a try this WE, i pnly go less than 4hrs flight. I think you can update the wind data in flight
  13. I know that a b737 is different compared to a b747 but the ground wffect physic is the same gor any aircraft. Therefore we should feel a pitching down moment on the b747. The video i posted is to only show that the ixeg had the negative putching moment and not te B747 ( maybe ?)