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  1. hey all just wondering which document explains how to set up a runway centreline for example doing ILS 31L at JFK and want to show a runway centreline but i cant remember how to do it on the fmc so need a refresher thanks
  2. donkey20048

    EFB on 747-8F question

    Navigraph are for the charts on the efb
  3. donkey20048

    EFB on 747-8F question

    Ah ok wicked Thanks that makes sense now thanks for replies
  4. hi guys absolutely loving this beauty. Quick question i am probably being dumb on but want clarification on. I know when you add / deactivate or change scenery you need to rescan the efb database. Do you also need to rescan with the airac updates? only reason im asking is because my FMC shows rwy 12 at EGPK but the EFB when use data from FMC has rwy 13 ? not a big deal but wanted to clarify why there would be a difference thanks
  5. donkey20048

    Not sure if a big or sum limitation

    Brilliant thanks for the reply I thought was the case but thought better check thanks
  6. Hi all love the 748 am absolute beauty to fly. One thing I noticed with the rain on the windscreen is as soon as you turn on the wiper the rain instantly even before the actual wiper moves or sure if it is a big or the sim at its limits but thought I’d ask Cheers
  7. Did u activate the aircraft after installation with the serial you got when purchased it? A little window pops up for u to enter the key in
  8. donkey20048

    R4.CSV file missing

    Kyle as always thanks for help sorted now ! Cheers
  9. donkey20048

    R4.CSV file missing

    hi all hope you can help .Today my P3D decided to pop up a message saying R4.CSV file is missing. I have not chamged my sim but do you know how to fix this error RAAS Professional - R4.CSV file thanks Stewart
  10. donkey20048

    EFB in lbs / aircraft in KG

    Thanks Kevin I didn’t realise the efb documents were in a different folder to rest of documents all sorted thank you mate
  11. hi ive changed the aircraft in the fmc to be KG instead of lbs but the EFB is still in lbs - is there a way to change the efb to match the aircraft in kg? or could you point me into the correct document i need to read cheeRs i have also pressed use from fms and it puts the weight into lbs in the earlier section of the efb performance thanks
  12. donkey20048

    DARK moving map

    and where in his explanation in the shot u provided rude? seriously grow up and go away as ur not here to help but just shopw how "strong" you are behind ur keyboard
  13. donkey20048

    DARK moving map

    If you guys will not offer any advise good or bad please shut the F up - Kyle is not rude to anyone and i do not take offence by any of his comments so why must u all wade in to be keyboard warriors - if you dont want to offer advise good or bad on my question please sod off Kyle thanks all sorted now - seems to be due to some shader issues i had. Ephedrin and mfrantz - thanks for help also
  14. donkey20048

    DARK moving map

    yes it was deleted i think it might be my monitor as tried it on a spare and its better - sorry to waste ur time
  15. donkey20048

    Datalink page not normal

    go to ur main fmc and type in the route dept / dest plus the FLT number