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  1. Purchased today and installed as per your pdf when i warp to the stand as per parking pdf it says to far also i i have 2 safedock and you can see one behind
  2. I use tonatoshade with R&D preset and do not have this issue so it is definitely not related to that unless there was an issue with the installation of the profile
  3. That is the correct airac but the sim still needs to be set to the correct date range
  4. Also nice to hear that although something was wrong u didn’t come to the site instantly moaning and blaming pmdg for a broken plane and you realised that it was pilot error and saw the good side about an issue arising
  5. It’s not simulated AFAIK
  6. Hi all I updated without any issues the only thing I am not sure about is when you turn the wiper on it intstantly makes the rain disappear and as soon as u turn wiper off the windscreen is instantly covered again is this something that can be looked at further down the line?
  7. definately agree it’s defo turned into a mess of annoying “people” who hijack the thread into a moan fest. Unfortunately it’s always the same people who are moaning and they moan when pmdg don’t give information and then moan when they do lol sad little lives they must lead how about we all just look forward to the update whenever it comes out
  8. I use the airport map all the time and it works perfect every time even at ELLX might be worth re doing the scan Incase it had an error
  9. And where is it I said u mentioned release dates lol I said updates which is what I was asking about completely different but the point I said in my message stands when there is an update I’m sure they will tell us lol you can call me whatever u like mate doesn’t bother me but before u take offence maybe u should learn to read better as I never said about u asking for release dates 🙂
  10. All due respect though jgoggi you have been on these forums long enough to know how pmdg update when there is something and won’t update for the sake of it plus u shid know what the replies are when these questions get asked 1000 times a month Take that reply as u will but as soon as there is news I’m sure they will let us know lol
  11. i think its different depending on airlines SOP for example the airline i fly for virtually says only 2+3 to be turned off during taxi
  12. I have upgraded and had weather shown on the ND loads of times all I can say is check your on live weather
  13. Hi guys just a quick random question - I had to perform an auto land due to weather conditions and it did it perfect however I’ve done several landings to check and all seem to be about -235fpm on autoland compared to the 777 which lands a lot softer is there a reason or is it all down to weights not a problem just curious
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