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  1. There are negative effects if you use an airplane with state preservation, such as the Blackbird Cessna 310R, A2A Comanche and so on. Killing MSFS may make you lose the state in which you left the plane. As a consequence, the plane will start in a default state the next time you load it, not with all buttons etc in the state where you left it. I cannot remember the details, but I recall that one of the airplane manuals explicitly states that you should always return to the main menu before shutting down MSFS.
  2. Nope. The paper the video cites is about a (weak) form of superradiance, which is a coherence effect rather than a quantum effect. Cool stuff, but not responsible for your consciousness 🙂 Peter
  3. And at about the same time, Aerosoft announced they will discontinue their NavData by the end of the year. I wonder if there is a connection, they use Lido charts as well. Peter
  4. I had the problem recently at EDKL, a small grass airstrip with no SID etc.
  5. Mathij's statement reads "At this moment, we have stopped selling P3D products. We are not sure if they will reappear.". For me, this is quite clear and in line with language used by other developers. They have pulled their products off the store and have no plans to sell them again. "At this moment" is a standard way of saying "who knows what the future brings". If Microsoft pulls the plug on their flight simulator again, then PMDG might come back to P3D, for instance. I am speculating, but I think the main cost of selling P3D products is not the space on their server, but providing support for paying customers. If they had given notification that they are planning to stop selling their P3D fleet in two weeks, they would have generated a lot of last-minute buyers and would have to be committed to supporting them. Their existing customers probably have sorted out all their issues, except for very few who bought the planes in the last few months. It therefore makes sense not to announce their withdrawal from the PMDG market.
  6. Sorry Ray, but I don't see your issues. His reply clearly stated that for now there will be no P3D sales anymore, and that he is not willing to share inside information about company decisions. I found this to the point and not unfriendly or agressive. Either you and I have a different understanding of his replies, or Mathijs edited it by now. Peter
  7. I think it is very finicky with regard to the throttle position. Just a tiny bit cracked, so little that I never hit the sweet spot. What I do is to wildly move the throttle lever up and down while the engine is cranked until it finally gives in and starts. Not great immersion, but better then ctrl-E
  8. More like Simbrief. Aivlasoft EFB was brilliant for European airspace, but it often created nonsensical flight plans for Canadian flights for me. Simbrief has not the same level of detail, but it has RL flight plans which work most of the time. Peter
  9. In no particular order: FSEconomy, FSCaptain, Newsky, OnAir, AirHauler, FSCharter, Neofly ....
  10. Yep. When I do that on my system, CPU temperature drops by about 10-20C.
  11. Move to Canada. I am heating my room with flight simming during wintertime 😉 But more seriously: CPU temperatures drop significantly if you run MSFS in windowed mode and minimize the window while you are not looking at those pixels. Peter
  12. A developer group that is linked to TFDi has acquired the Skypark from //42: https://fselite.net/content/invernyx-acquires-parallel-42s-the-skypark/ I wish them all the best for this. Skypark has a nice interface but is sorely lacking content. I hope the new owner will fix that. Peter
  13. I would have preferred that they bring the KingAir to the same standard as the Dukes first. I would be happy to pay an upgrade fee for that.
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