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  1. sure, but if you don't know where the files need to be placed, you also don't know which folder to share 😉 P.S: By now I am running it over the Nav. Data Manager 🙂 regards
  2. Thanks, found it... 😉 Because my Navigraph Data Manager is installed on a networked Computer 😉
  3. Any one got an Idea where to place the Navigraph Navdata files inside RealTraffic? kind regards liketofly
  4. A nice Embraer 170/175 and 190/195 family would be more than welcome....
  5. liketofly1


    Dear PMDG Would it be technically possible and feasable to connect the FMC PROG page POS REPORT to the online flying networks like VATSIM and IVAO? kind regards
  6. No, it's not a typo/glitch. If you buy at that price, I'm pretty sure bryan will send you a copy of the Capains set. The only problem then might be that the rest of us will never get the release version, as bryan might get other ideas to spend his time.... and... if you wait a little - I'm sure he'll put it on sale for a resonable price ;)
  7. Hi Bryan, Any time horizon for the release of FS2Crew for PMDG777. regards
  8. Hi, does this update include the RAAS for P3Dv4? regards
  9. A new simulator - with PMDG as the lead devs... Count me in! Maybe have a look at NGFS forum, with some crowd funding PMDG could definately pull this off... especially if the lead addon developers in the community would support them, however It would still be a huge effort!
  10. Exactly, but we have to get the base correct that allows for all these additions...... and the base is the World itself!
  11. Sure, it is a change - but as mentioned before - also in this thread - in the past, developers focused on the Flight Simulation, and built a simulator that - some better, some less good - focused on the Aircraft and it's surrounding... I personally think that if we succeed in creating a base world that is as accurate as possible with todays data available, meaning a spherical Globe, DEM reaching from the mariana trench to the Mt. Everest, athmospheric/meteorological as well as hydrological model and a rendering distance that satisfies the needs of the flight simulation genre, including day-night and seasonal change, with the possibility to add functionality via plugins/modules, and leave the adding of fine details to 3rd party developers by providing a solid SDK, this could become the base of a Next Generation Simulator - being Flight - Drive or what ever...
  12. Well, it not really such a change after all... The "world simulator" should be the basis. Any Flight Simulator basically needs to render the "world" and the idea is to build such a solid base that one could simulate anything in this world. The world itself does not care if you drive a car, train or fly a plane - so I think its a valid point to first get a base simulator where you can simulate anything.
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