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  1. my problem was the user himself... Cheers, Peter Mueller
  2. Key registration for Radar contact 4.3

    Good day everyone! I have the same issue - and not the first time. I have send two Mails via the "mail-generator" of RC4.3 and one directly to incl. a screenshot, the ID and my Name. I would like to ask for a Key aswell, please - and if possible, I don't want to post my e-Mail adress here. Also I would like to know, if there isn't another way how legitimate buyers of this great software can activate their product. The otto-registration worked for me like... I dunno... four times, maybe more, maybe less. Don't get me wrong: I get the idea behind it. Still now takes several days before I can get my sim up and running again, because RC4.3 is not activated. I dont like installing everything new, trust me. But when the sim goes belly up on me again, I have to. And y´all know that even tho P3D is more stable and better in whole it still tends to just stop working nicely. This time around I had to do everything new, because Win10 wouldn't boot anymore. The guys at PMDG tell me, that I should uninstall the licence before I reinstall... so my activations won't be used up - no kidding. Same with RC... in a perfect world I would NEVER ever have to use my key again, once I installed my sim and actived RC4. But the world is FAAAAAR from being perfect. So... I have to wait... again a few days OR fly online... but I don't like to. Don't get me wrong: I honestly understand why it's like that. And the support ist great and all. But isn't there a way, we can use our key like that - when we need it? Cheers, Peter Mueller ***EDIT*** 30 Minutes after the post all msgs I've sent were responded to. Thanks! : )
  3. RC Re-Activation

    ...affirmative! :smile:
  4. RC Re-Activation

    Hi Ray and Doug, first let me thank you again for the great support! I've sent the e-mail as requested. Cheers, Peter
  5. RC Re-Activation

    Good Morning Ray! That's actually the weird thing. When JD says it's been processed, I am sure that he's correct. Still nothing here. I had the SPAM Filter in suspicion right from the start but I checked the settings and content three times over now. Also nothing changed. I verified that it is still the same mailadress (it is) and I even checked if I had my name spelled correctly. The germans have the funny "u" with dots on it (ü) which is sometimes not recognized. But to make sure this wouldn't be a problem I spelled my last name the international way when I bought RC4.3 (Mueller instead of Müller). In the past I did everything the same way I did now... except... coming to think of it: the first time (this round of reinstalling my Sim) I used the wrong Mailadress (the wrong standard addy set in outlook). I then sent the request with the right Mailaddy again. Is THAT the problem? I read the FAQ and it said there, that you would have to do a lot more to change your registration credentials. Should I be sending an e-mail containing all the infos Ronzie wrote in his reply to set things straight? Thanks again! Peter
  6. RC Re-Activation

    Hi and thank you for the swift reply. Maybe I did express myself wrongly. Nothing has changed since I bought RC4.3. The activation procedure, that usally worked very well, does not seem to produce the required answer with the key. I have sent several mails using the interface, also I contacted the developer via the Mail you provided and read the pinned topic a few hours ago. It's been a few days now but no reply. Usually I'd get a reply within a few minutes. I manually wrote the e-mail now... I'll wait and see what happens. I will report back. Cheers, Peter
  7. RC Re-Activation

    Good evening! I am too in a - sort of - desperate need of a reactivation. I've tried every other way - so far no luck. I finally "stumbled" about this thread and would like to ask if there's a chance to apply for a reactivation here? Of course I can send all the required credentials to verify that my RC version is genuine and legit. Regards, Peter
  8. S550 Citation II and P3D v3

    I actually got 100% of the S550 to work. I have NEVER had better Framerates than in P3D V3 - and I just left FSX for P3D. Now I finally can use the S550... a great jet with lots of fun attached to it. Only thing that doesn't work is the FMC - or to be more precise: the building of the database (I am using Navigraph's current AIRAC Cycle). It stops at 0%. The A/C works fine...if you need no modern navigation aids. Maybe someone reads this and as a workaround for this issue. Of course I agree: it's more hassle free when you wait for the official release of a new installer for P3D v3. Cheers, Peter
  9. PMDG Product download sloooooow...

    Well... right now I'm downloading with about 40 kb/s. Plus it's not the first time, that the D/L with PMDG is slow. But yes, maybe you are right... maybe it's simply bad luck and along the way the data-highway has there's a snail-lane for my data-packages... I will hone my patience-skills... just over 6 hours left. I guess I will stay grounded for now
  10. Hi fellow virtual aviators! Is it normal, that the DL from PMDG is so dead slow?! It says I need 8 more hours for the PMDG 737NGX Base Pack!? I checked my line... it's all smooth and well. Has anyone a similiar experience? It's really driving me nuts. I had to re-buy the P3D version as I just quit FSX... now it will take the better part of the night to download that stuff. I'd expect a bit more bandwidth for paying customers... *sigh* Peter
  11. Hello fellow aviators! Glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble with the S550. The FMS addon took AGES updating the database (new AIRAC). I also found that I would have to reduce the range on the nav display to 1 in order to achieve a usable framerate. The cluttering on is quite massive with no option to reduce it. Takes a massive hit on my frames too. I guess we'll have to wait for the first service pack. I am certain, that the guys over at Carenado will get the bugs ironed out. Happy landings!