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  1. Same here. Lost my data and a few settings. Prior to that I received a message that my data is outdated - whatever that means. The Sim always went into offline mode. Loggin in and out didn't change anything. I store my flights in a different app, so my losses are not that dramatic. Still... weird. Cheers, Pete
  2. Hello fellow aviators, first of all I'd like to chime in in thanking the author for this magnificent piece of work! I have used the previous version a long time and visited several ships on many many occasions. This add-on is one of the most important I have - right after AI-traffic (in the air) and weather. The new version is even better - more ships = more fun flying near or over water. There is one small issue I have though: when loading a flight (P3Dv4.5 HF2) I can see all the AI ships in the vicinity (using littlenavmap). So for instance I load EDDH in a F22, take-off and head out to the North Sea. After a while (few minutes) the sim loads the ships that still are beyond visual range for me but show up on the map. When these newly loaded ships are "injected" into the sim, I get a mean freeze. It is about 5 to 7 seconds long. After that I can continue flying until I have covered enough ground to make the sim load the new ships. The issue of objects being created in the running sim causing short freezes is not unknown. But that did not happen before. I tested a bit around and found (so far) that leaving the AI-Ship-Traffic out of the sim makes the freezes go away. I am not sure how or why that is the case. Certainly... the traffic density has increased around Hamburg but still... this is kind of weird. Maybe someone has a similar issue or even knows a solution. The freezes don't seem to kill the sim (ctd-wise), so there is that. But a freeze close to my destination airport after a 10-hour long haul is seriously thwarting my efforts to keep my blood-pressure low 😄 Cheers from Norther Germany! Peter
  3. This is indeed a major nuisance. I don't expect a study-level aircraft, but for Pete's sake... forgetting an Engine in the PERF page and avge fuel calculation. This is a MAJOR oversight, if not a GENERAL failure if we want stick to military ranks. I'd really appreciate a hotfix as I am currently not at all tempted to meddle with any CAB file... this should not be our cup o' tea. 😕
  4. Good day everyone! I have the same issue - and not the first time. I have send two Mails via the "mail-generator" of RC4.3 and one directly to jd@jdtllc.com incl. a screenshot, the ID and my Name. I would like to ask for a Key aswell, please - and if possible, I don't want to post my e-Mail adress here. Also I would like to know, if there isn't another way how legitimate buyers of this great software can activate their product. The otto-registration worked for me like... I dunno... four times, maybe more, maybe less. Don't get me wrong: I get the idea behind it. Still now takes several days before I can get my sim up and running again, because RC4.3 is not activated. I dont like installing everything new, trust me. But when the sim goes belly up on me again, I have to. And y´all know that even tho P3D is more stable and better in whole it still tends to just stop working nicely. This time around I had to do everything new, because Win10 wouldn't boot anymore. The guys at PMDG tell me, that I should uninstall the licence before I reinstall... so my activations won't be used up - no kidding. Same with RC... in a perfect world I would NEVER ever have to use my key again, once I installed my sim and actived RC4. But the world is FAAAAAR from being perfect. So... I have to wait... again a few days OR fly online... but I don't like to. Don't get me wrong: I honestly understand why it's like that. And the support ist great and all. But isn't there a way, we can use our key like that - when we need it? Cheers, Peter Mueller ***EDIT*** 30 Minutes after the post all msgs I've sent were responded to. Thanks! : )
  5. Hi Ray and Doug, first let me thank you again for the great support! I've sent the e-mail as requested. Cheers, Peter
  6. Good Morning Ray! That's actually the weird thing. When JD says it's been processed, I am sure that he's correct. Still nothing here. I had the SPAM Filter in suspicion right from the start but I checked the settings and content three times over now. Also nothing changed. I verified that it is still the same mailadress (it is) and I even checked if I had my name spelled correctly. The germans have the funny "u" with dots on it (ü) which is sometimes not recognized. But to make sure this wouldn't be a problem I spelled my last name the international way when I bought RC4.3 (Mueller instead of Müller). In the past I did everything the same way I did now... except... coming to think of it: the first time (this round of reinstalling my Sim) I used the wrong Mailadress (the wrong standard addy set in outlook). I then sent the request with the right Mailaddy again. Is THAT the problem? I read the FAQ and it said there, that you would have to do a lot more to change your registration credentials. Should I be sending an e-mail containing all the infos Ronzie wrote in his reply to set things straight? Thanks again! Peter
  7. Hi and thank you for the swift reply. Maybe I did express myself wrongly. Nothing has changed since I bought RC4.3. The activation procedure, that usally worked very well, does not seem to produce the required answer with the key. I have sent several mails using the interface, also I contacted the developer via the Mail you provided and read the pinned topic a few hours ago. It's been a few days now but no reply. Usually I'd get a reply within a few minutes. I manually wrote the e-mail now... I'll wait and see what happens. I will report back. Cheers, Peter
  8. Good evening! I am too in a - sort of - desperate need of a reactivation. I've tried every other way - so far no luck. I finally "stumbled" about this thread and would like to ask if there's a chance to apply for a reactivation here? Of course I can send all the required credentials to verify that my RC version is genuine and legit. Regards, Peter
  9. I actually got 100% of the S550 to work. I have NEVER had better Framerates than in P3D V3 - and I just left FSX for P3D. Now I finally can use the S550... a great jet with lots of fun attached to it. Only thing that doesn't work is the FMC - or to be more precise: the building of the database (I am using Navigraph's current AIRAC Cycle). It stops at 0%. The A/C works fine...if you need no modern navigation aids. Maybe someone reads this and as a workaround for this issue. Of course I agree: it's more hassle free when you wait for the official release of a new installer for P3D v3. Cheers, Peter
  10. Well... right now I'm downloading with about 40 kb/s. Plus it's not the first time, that the D/L with PMDG is slow. But yes, maybe you are right... maybe it's simply bad luck and along the way the data-highway has there's a snail-lane for my data-packages... I will hone my patience-skills... just over 6 hours left. I guess I will stay grounded for now
  11. Hi fellow virtual aviators! Is it normal, that the DL from PMDG is so dead slow?! It says I need 8 more hours for the PMDG 737NGX Base Pack!? I checked my line... it's all smooth and well. Has anyone a similiar experience? It's really driving me nuts. I had to re-buy the P3D version as I just quit FSX... now it will take the better part of the night to download that stuff. I'd expect a bit more bandwidth for paying customers... *sigh* Peter
  12. Hello fellow aviators! Glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble with the S550. The FMS addon took AGES updating the database (new AIRAC). I also found that I would have to reduce the range on the nav display to 1 in order to achieve a usable framerate. The cluttering on is quite massive with no option to reduce it. Takes a massive hit on my frames too. I guess we'll have to wait for the first service pack. I am certain, that the guys over at Carenado will get the bugs ironed out. Happy landings!
  13. Hi Erich, no news on my end. I am still in touch with the PMDG support and I have yet to try another solution they offered but haven't had the time yet. The ultima ratio would be setting up Win7 again... but I am not there yet. I'll keep you posted, should a solution arise. Best of luck till then! Cheers, Pete
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