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  1. Here is the link: http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=catalog_list&s_group1=02._%20Flight%20Simulator%20X:%20Steam&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation&s_design=DEFAULT&s_language=english&PHPSESSID=7mrhj49kef3rcjffhnt24t7p36
  2. I've had this scenery for over a week now and have created this review to help anyone thinking about buying this scenery. Hope it helps!
  3. Dark_Oblivion

    EZDOK mouse look and win 8.1 x64 problem

    Thank you so much Aviation HD that fixed it for me
  4. Dark_Oblivion

    A2A Comanche Full Review

    Thanks Stan, I really appreciate it
  5. Dark_Oblivion

    A2A Comanche Full Review

    Thanks for the very kind comments everyone I think you should It's worth every penny Thanks Stan, not quite sure what you mean with last sentence though :S
  6. Dark_Oblivion

    A2A Comanche Full Review

    I've spent the last week writing and recording this review, I hope you find it informative and helpful should you wish to purchase this plane
  7. Yes it could be if you have both installed. When you activate a route to fly a pop up appears and you have the option to save the route in FSX. There is also a way you to export manually, I believe you right click on the route and then there is an option to export it there.
  8. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it Yeh I've had that problem too it is really frustrating, in one of my videos I fly from Gloucestershire to Eindhoven and when I inputted the STAR after being cleared by Approach control it wiped all my waypoints before the beginning of the STAR :( So it certainly seems to be a bug. You either have to input your whole route, including SIDS and STARs (which is annoying because the weather can change enroute), or you just have to accept that your waypoints before the STAR will get deleted. Hopefully this will be something they fix in the future. As far as I am aware you can input pre-made plans into the FMC. I have used the Pro-ATC import function and the FMC has been populated with the route, so it does work. It could be a problem with different folder locations in P3D, so the FMC can't find it, but that's speculation.
  9. I'm doing a round the world set of flights Doing it as part of a video series on my youtube channel. Just done Gloucestershire in England (EGBJ) to Eindhoven in the Netherlands (EHEH) which was 323nm,. I'm going to be flying to Barth Stralsund Airport in Germany on the next leg (EDBH), I haven't planned it yet but it is 317nm as the crow flies.
  10. I don't blame you Peter, the more I fly the citation the more bugs I find with the plane and the FMS. It's very frustrating but I'm sticking with it at the moment because I love the aircraft when it works.
  11. Yeh definitely looks like there are a lot of bugs that Carenado need to iron out...looking forward to SP2 already!!!
  12. I couldn't select a departure runway either, but I can't imagine this is much of an issue as you would essentially be flying direct to your first waypoint anyway. Yeh that's right, if you click the VNAV button first (before any other buttons) then it will load the NAV and VNAV data into the autopilot but you have to click it twice if you have already clicked on NAV. I found that confusing too, as once I had activated the NAV I couldn't figure a way to disconnect the FMS from the EHSI, despite the fact it was tracking the ILS from VOR1. But yeh you have to press the NAV button which is a bit odd...as you are right it would normally just provide leg information. I've found that the DTO function does work but in a very bizzare way. Rather than flying straight to the way point it will on the current heading until it can track the same course as between the point before the one selected and the point selected (sorry if that's a poor description), i.e. it's completely broken I've found that the VS adjustments are all over the place, that's one of the more annoying problems at the moment. So having tested it the FMS doesn't correct the calculation and it just sets the VS to the amount required to reach the altitude of the next waypoint no matter how high >_< So if necessary it will set it to the max (6000ft/s) and it will keep banking the plane up until it stalls.... not the best!!!
  13. Ah I see what you mean CoolP, sorry! I hadn't noticed that when I recorded it because it changed the altitude after I entered the STAR. I suspect, like you said, that is just the default altitude that it enters once you add a way point. I'll test it later and see if it recalculates it once you have completed your flight plan and if not what happens if you leave it at 28000
  14. I'm going to have to test these questions out in FSX so I'll get back to you later. Glad it helped Unfortunately there is no way that I can find to turn off the waypoints/airports etc. for the MFD, as there is no GFX control to turn them off like there is for the EHSI That was just because of the STAR choice, because it essentially went back on itself and it doesn't remove the previous waypoints from the MFD, so it just got a bit cluttered. I didn't get that, are you sure you haven't set 28000 as your cruise altitude the in the FSX flight planner?
  15. Unfortunately there is nothing in the manuals that suggests how you set up the trims for take-off other than just stating in the checklist 'trim for takeoff' but I found the default trim setting that loads with the plane was fine for take-off. If you are having problems with it banking up on take off the only thing I could think of is that the autopilot is on because when you set the autopilot to VNAV modes it automatically switches on the autopilot, which I have found causes the citation to immediately bank upwards quite dramatically following take-off if you don't realise it is on.