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  1. Are you able to elaborate onto how I can do that?
  2. That sounds like a logical reason. I'll go ahead with the defrag. Anyone else got a solution?
  3. Morning all, Does anyone, or has anyone, experienced their simulator to essentially freeze/pause for a second as the wheels come into contact with the ground? Becomes quite distracting in terms of the flare and holding the landing attitude. Thanks James Dinsdale
  4. Good day everyone, Been a very long time since I last flew the 777 (over 8 months ago) due to being out of the country & away from my computer. But having just come back to it and started all over again, I am still confused over an issue that bugged me when I flew this plane more regularly: My cruise altitude selected in the VNAV ECON Cruise page of the FMC is F350 under CRZ ALT, on the right hand side of the page its preloaded the STEP TO FL370. But when I go to my LEGS page the first waypoint has the altitude set at .MACH/FL370. Why is this? I have 35000 set in my autopilot panel but as I reach TOC the flight plan automatically changes to FL370 as a type of 'step climb' (which is enabled). But why does it do this when I want to cruise at FL350 initially? Is it because of the STEP TO FL370 AT NOW? If so how can I delay the step climb until I want it to? Hope that makes a bit of sense to someone, Thanks James Dinsdale
  5. Does anyone know how to solve this stretching problem with my 2-D panels? http://i45.tinypic.com/14pijk.jpg happens on all of them
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