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  1. Of course, but thats the job of the cpu, my post is about the utilisation of the gpu. -
  2. The video below shows a night time flight in the crew 2. This is what next-gen flight simulator could look like link to YouTube : A few thing to note: * there are way many more point lights than fsx-based scenery can support, maybe even p3d * the visual range at altitude seems to be at least 70nm which would be passable even for airliners * the visual range is also greater than GTA * buildings can be zoomed in to street level where you can look into windows, (no texture map walls, but fully detailed buildings) * the miniature USA features most of the US landscape types and 4 autogen types , taking about 20 GB+ (Including vehicles) However: The map is much smaller, los angeles - las vegas in the crew 2, in fsx på like a trip to Bakersfield (north of LA). A 1:1 scale us might not be dynamically loadable at this detail level? the map is «fantasy» , buildings in example LA is not 1:1, also buildings are generic not «Google earth» There is some scenery popup at least on my ps4 - So with graphics like this is it about time we get a flight simulator with next-gen (or current gen) graphics? - Kinetic
  3. Aha I see! I'll remember that to next time, thanks! 😊
  4. Update: I've read up on the other discussions now (26 pages!)... DTG games apparently had another business philosophy then making original DLC for FSX instead distributing other addon brands Caranedo, Active Sky and ORBX to name a few. FSW *was* their go at original content. The discussion went was it FSW not allowing 3rd party or was it the community not embracing FSW's attempt that lead to it's failure, or even was FSW not a strong product. After reading 26 pages in another thread... opinions are as many as the members on this forum almost and I'll leave it at that. My idea that DTG could make original DLC for FSX (above) was a bit naive. I'm now better informed. I'll leave it a that. There are many great people both in FSW team and in this forum! 😊 - PS! I'm getting old , couldnt find the edit post button.. sorry for double post! 🙄
  5. Dovetail can still profit , even if they cant develop the core sim they are allowed to make and sell DLC. Their latest (third party) release was 15 may 2018. I dont see why they couldnt hire aces or other to make som original dlc.
  6. Me too, why isnt the fsw-team producing dlc for fsx-se now? -
  7. I just found out about FSW stopping development. From what I learn there are several reasons this failed. I played FSW for a while because they offered something new: structured missions where you decide flightplan and get score, really liked it. What I missed was: * better graphics than fsx/orbx * more aircraft * high detail geographic areas the actual simulation felt good on my setup anyway, those GA planes handled well To summarize: many good people, some from aces and those like Aimee in public relations did great. I think the project could have needed a more detailed Roadmap . However the reviews over at steam where pretty harsh! My sympathy to the OP reference at aces; if people didnt downvote fsw that bad on steam, then maybe the developers would have stayed with fsw for another round. I hope the guys at the team can find other jobs quickly! —-
  8. You say you like the graphics, is it essentially the same as fsx+orbx global ? How's the texture sharpness? Im aware its still early access, and yes its still a good deal for 25$.
  9. Yeah, they are just people too... but when they get in the left seat, (Im sure your better informed than me) the pilot must be 100% professional, be it contact with ground crew, atc or fellow pilots.
  10. @mwilk Hehe, that might be the case... but joke aside i have the outmost respect for the pilot-profession, they fly tirelesly year after year with extremely good accident-statistics. And unlike the x-mas rush at the hypermart parkinglots, they taxi mostly flawlessly in cooperation with ground crew the few who *don't* quickly ends up on YouTube
  11. If the pilot shows his middle finger you can be sure the ground crew have screwed up
  12. Having a new high-budget (aces) flightsimulator released every two years.
  13. Do you know if they will include planetary flight? I've played eve online and x3 and you never land on planets. but being able to land on planets like freelancer and elite frontiern would make my day!
  14. Right now FSX Steam Edition looks headed on the right track, the fact that serious third party developers like * pmdg, * orbx, * fsuipc, * active sky ... and more are backing it makes me more optimistic than in a long time! My personal observation as good/bad as anyone else: Fsx se did indeed run smoother on my system. The official statement - 10% better framerates seems about right... Definitely worth the switch! http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/1/622954302093637525/ That said I'm a little worried about the quality of the first dlc , but they might just testing the market. Right now dovetail seems to have a good dialog with 3rd party developers, unlike the developers on MS Flight. If dovetail dlc and third party developers like orbx and pmdg can co-exist I'd say we're facing better times!
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