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Found 60 results

  1. Hi! I have a serious problem with my 737NGX - P3D version. I use it together with FS2Crew and simserver but otherwise vanilla P3D v3 Sometimes (not always) when i choose gear up or gear down the aircraft freezes (displays, control surfaces, gear). When this happen in gear up one way to fix it is to click the left PFD to get it as a separate window, the aircraft then suddenly returns to normal. When gear down that does not help but sometimes it has helped to do the same with the FOs right PFD. Is this something known and/or how do I fix it permanently?
  2. I just purchased the PMDG 737 8900 Base Package, extracted the file ran the .exe and nothing happened. I'm not happy.
  3. Oskaaar

    Navigraph Nav Data out of Date

    Hello, I am trying to install AIRAC 1804 to PMDG 737NGX. I am using Navigraph. It says in the NavData Manager that the AIRAC is 1804. But on Ident on the FMC in aircraft it says it has AIRAC 1108. I tried to enter the path manually under: - Prepar3D/ - Prepar3D/PMDG Both do not work.
  4. A vast internet spanning a gazillion terabytes and no one has ever made a written or video tutorial about how to get the front end roof, sides and nose textures to align properly on the 737NGX paint kit. Is there a gem out there I am missing? Every single YouTube tutorial on painting the NGX is done with an easy livery that requires no thought what so ever about the front nose and roof texture alignment. When one paints a very detailed no repeating texture or gradient fill on the front, aligning textures becomes a nightmare I have discovered. The concept of how the sides of the plane bend down and the roof texture bends with it but splits apart at the seams on the 2D texture map is just breaking my brain. Is there no easy way to get a complex texture to align right? Are we stuck with solid color paints on the roof and nose for life? I have been struggling for days to finish up this Frozen One livery but I can't get rid of the front nose seams where the sides and roof come together. The entire plane is painted to be covered in ice crystals and snowflakes which creates unique patterns which do not align on the nose of the plan worth a darn. I can't find any tutorials on overcoming this problem. Anyone else find one?
  5. 737ngx99

    737Ngx Out Of Course Problem!

    Hi all! So. In every flight with PMDG 737NGX im getting an problem that destroys my flight. After departure and when i reached my final altitude everything is fine. LNAV and VNAV is on such as Autothrottle. The plane is following the ''Purple line'' on the navigation display and everything works perfectly until about 70-100 Nautical Miles (NM) from Top of Descent (T/D). My plane starts to fly it own way and its not following the Purple Line. Then the plane starts to descent slowly and after a while it starts to climb again above my Maximum Altitude. Its like rollercoaster. I tried to disconnect LNAV and VNAV and CMD A (Command A) and sets up the plane right. I then turn LNAv and VNAV such as CMD A. It dont work, the plane does the rollercoaster and won't follow the route correctly. What am i doing wrong? I've set up everything right (I think) and have watched many YouTube flights from famous YouTuber's and flown them myself but still getting the problem. Anyone out there who has/have the same issue? Here are some screenshots at my situatuon. Thanks!
  6. kstjohn

    Install 3-hrs and counting

    New product - new install 737ngx. i7-3.5GHz-16GB Ram-Win7x64-1TB SSD-21.5MBs download-virus scan off-no other apps running-FSX in C:/fsx not x86-FSX with Acceleratorpack Now past 3-hours and still "Installing Direct-X" going back to 2007 and forward to 2010 and repeat - slider is progressing to about 75% but L O N G time. Seems as though application installed quickly but this install of DirectX seems ridiculously slow. This was of course initiated by the v1.0 installer as purchased. Is this normal??
  7. kstjohn

    Install 3-hrs and counting

    just purchased 737NGX installing on -i7-3.5GHz-16GB Ram-win7x64-1TB SSD-21.5MBs download-in C:/FSX not x86-no other apps running-virus off App installed quickly then started "Download DirectX" - Now 3-1/2 Hours and slider only 75% - no issues with download connection on my end - slowly moves thru SDK updates from 2007 thru 2010 and repeats. Is this normal???
  8. Hi guys! I've experienced a blue weird terrain problem in my fsx. I used ENB but deleted it because i thought maybe that was the problem but its still blue. You can see here: Thanks guys and have a good day! /Jacob
  9. This is a question for those who use PFPX and the PMDG planes. Recently I switched to PFPX for my flight planing, and I really like it. Coupled with TopCat, it really plans the flight using not just the routing but everything else in between. And then it exports the plan to my PMDG aircraft. But right now, I'm a bit confused about how to use this application with the 737/777. If I run PFPX first, and use it to populate the pax, cargo and fuel, then I have to go into the FMS and manually change the data there. OR - should I launch FSX and the aircraft, create the load figures (fuel, pax, etc.) and then go to PFPX and enter that data manually? PFPX doesn't differentiate classes or types of pax, PMDG does. So I'm asking if anyone up here has a preference with this stuff. Would it be better to build my load on PMDG and then carry it over to PFPX, or create the figures in PFPX (i.e. random) and then manually enter them in PMDG? I'm going to post this to the PFPX forum, also.
  10. Joe Flyer2

    You Choose! 737NGX or 777?

    Hi. Amongst myself, as the FSX world has more and more MPDG users, I've been deciding what aircraft to... invest in. This has really been bugging me. I see a bunch of videos with the NGX, and they look awesome! Then I see videos of the 777, and they look awesome too! So, I have decided to turn to the simmers I trust, asking for your personal opinion on which plane I should buy: PMDG 737NGX ---OR--- PMDG 777? In your reply, I would appreciate you include: a.) FPS you have encountered with either aircraft. b.) detail-wise, what looks more realistic? c.) to all you pilots out there, which of the two aircraft handles more realistically? d.) does the simulator stutter randomly with either/both aircraft? e.) do either/both aircraft make FSX more prone to CTD's? f.) For my last question, I will provide my system specs: Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core Processor speed: 2.67 GHz (a bit underpowered) RAM: 8gb Video Board Manufacturer: NVIDIA Graphics Card: NVIDIA NVS 3000 video card (nothing fancy, but does something). OS: Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit So, given your opinion, how well do you thing either/both the aircraft would perform on my system (PC)? Thank you very much of you intend to reply! Joe.
  11. I have an issue with PMDG737ngx after I installed A320x from Simlabs. I use Prepar 3D V4.1. A320x works fine. And before the a320x pmdg works fine to. But when I have installed a320x I cant load pmdg. Pmdg issuemesseger when I load the PMDG 737NGX in the sim "Cant crate the workfiles" Then the p3d crash. When I contact simlabs they say that they have customers with simlabs and pmdg. And it works for them. But somting i wrong here!! P3dv4.1 and windows 10. :(
  12. gmcarr82

    RAAS for 737NGX

    The PMDG 777 has the RAAS system (runway announcement) Is there anyway to apply this to the 737NGX?
  13. JMoyam

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

    some first shoots on P3D v4 for the most popular addon in the entire sim world guys i hope you like it. ;P cheers
  14. couldabin

    Product activation

    For years I have enjoyed the immersive experience of FSX and PMDG's 737 NGX. Today, I have launched FSX as normal (it opens with a PMDG aircraft loaded) and for the first time ever, I have been asked for a PMDG product activation code. I dug this out and applied it and in return, got the response in the attached screen grab. FSX will not load after this sequence of events. Can anyone help me with a workaround?
  15. kstjohn

    Install 3-hrs and counting

    just purchased 737NGX installing on -i7-3.5GHz-16GB Ram-win7x64-1TB SSD-21.5MBs download-in C:/FSX not x86-no other apps running-virus off App installed quickly then started "Download DirectX" - Now 3-1/2 Hours and slider only 75% - no issues with download connection on my end - slowly moves thru SDK updates from 2007 thru 2010 and repeats. Is this normal???
  16. steve inwood

    Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread...

    AVSIM Member Steve Inwood just posted the following in the PMDG NGX Forum. We thought we would put this up as a news item as it is a file set that some think provides an enhancement to the baseline NGX 737. AS Steve points out, BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE you use these! You can find the discussion topic on this add-on here. File Download: http://www.mediafire...hf563tl6bwmbedk To install these you will have to copy the contents out of the folder provided making sure you back up any originals first.. the PMDG737NGX_GRND goes in this following path... Microsoft Flight Simulator X / simobjects / airplanes / now which ever you have PMDG 737-700NGX and or PMDG 737-800NGX it has to be placed in the souund folder of these two types... ================ To install the other file you must place the PMDG_737_NoseGearGroundroll into this following path... Microsoft Flight Simulator X / sound/ PMDG/ 737NGX / VARIOUS.. please back up your originals first guys. If you are using AES then it is advised to disable the two sound files in the AES sound folder like this.. ** AES USERS JUST RENAME THE AES_RWLamp & AES_RWLamp_altn TO SOMETHING LIKE .ORG this will stop them from playing at scenery that supports AES. These can me located in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Aerosoft / AES / Sound folder / near the bottom i think... Regards Steve. P.S. these are very simular to the previous versions but i have made a few adjustments such as made then alittle lower on vol and changed pitch etc...
  17. captbignell

    Max Activation

    Hi Kyle I would like to know if you could help me out, as I have run out of Activation for my 737-800/900 NGX. I have made out four ticket, but no reply, maybe because I was a little mad on my first reply. I have most of the PMDG aircrafts, and enjoy them all. Thanks for your time on this matter, and I do enjoy flying PMDG. Wayne Bignell
  18. Hi there, So I recently updated the 737NGX through the Operations Center and just recently I noticed that some DLL's are causing FSX Steam Edition to crash. First Crash: - Happened when I loaded the 737-700 with wiglets and Alaska Airlines livery and was setting it up for a flight out of Portland. - Crash info: BEX, PMDG737NGX.dll as the cause. Second Crash: - After a Flight when I exit flight sim it will crash and say: "Appcrash, PMDG737NGX_2.dll as the cause. Anybody else have this?
  19. Name: PMDG 737NGX - Supplementary Tutorial V2 Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:34 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Version 2 of the earlier video: A supplementary tutorial for the PMDG 737NGX. Includes expected ATC instructions, an in-depth look at the SIDs and STARs that will be used on the route, tips and tricks to make your flights more accurate, and a little bit of non-normal procedures. View Video
  20. Hi folks I have to laugh really. I must be either the most unluckiest or stupid owner of the PMDG 737 NGX! I have been simming for years. I only fly passenger jets including all the usual suspects (737 747 A319 A320). So I decided to trade up to the realistic PMDG 737 NGX. Having spent hours and hours researching Youtube videos on the NGX in conjunction with the training videos, I still cannot fly the first tutorial flight (EGKK to EHAM). I have tried to set the FMC up a dozen times. Although the information entered seems to be ok there always seems to be a problem with the SUGOL waypoint (and yes I did over copy the right one). The Instructions are very poorly written. They fail to explain how the LNAV and VNAV operates fully and which buttons to press to activate at what point of the take off. On the few occasions where I did manage to get airborne I had no idea what to do next and when. Again this is attributed to the poor instructions provided by PMDG. This aside, my main beef with the 737 NGX is that if you do manage to master this fine software you will be stumped by the "route" programing! At the time of writing (December 2014) I have decided to invest in a copy of PFPX so that (hopefully) I can avoid this messy and long winded requirement. Lets hope that PFPX is easy to use and the instructions actually make sense. On the subject of instructions, I would also like to comment on another recent purchase. I purchased FS2CREW for the 737NGX after a good few hours research (again on Youtube). This has turned out to be another computer programmers nightmare to set up! I am using the "button" option as I don't like speech commands (my wife looks at me like an idiot). Once again the instructions are complex and don't actually explain how you communicate with the FO. If anyone has any idea how to communicate back to the FO in button mode please let me know. Would be handy if he asked the question and you could click an answer button that he would want to hear like "check" "checked" "set" etc. I have also ordered Aerosofts new A318/A319/A320/A321 package which I hope is not as confusing as the PMDG. I know it's going to be complex. Lets hope the instructions have the same functionality as the aircraft simulations. To conclude. I love my flight simming and have a lot of patience when it comes to learning these new complex and realistic aircraft. I just wish that the organisations that create them spent a bit more time with the instructions! After all, we are sim pilots not real world pilots. Happy Christmas folks Ian
  21. Name: FS2Crew NGX Reboot SOP 2 (Button Version) Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 20 July 2015 - 09:30 PM Submitter: SierraHotel Short Description: My first flight with the new FS2Crew NGX Reboot SOP 2 (Button Version). EHAM to EGCC with Royal Dutch Virtual. View Video
  22. Hi folks, I am using the PMDG 737NGX with SP1C and the FS2Crew 2.3 (not the reboot one) special Bundle. I have several 3rd party liveries installed. Now when I am flying offline with the Free Flight mode, I have no issues at all...I chose the 737 with a custom livery and everything is okay. I also checked all the FS2Crew tweaks, 2D Cockpit, the command line inside of that .INI file which I don't remember anymore now and the Default NGX Startup state as default. Like I said, when flying offline, everything works fine but as I log in inside the Steam multiplayer and connect to a session, chose the airplane (with our without a custom livery, it doesn't matter), I will get a SDK-Error when opening the FS2Crew interface... I really don't have a clue how that could even happen because everything works offline... could it have something to do with "live weather" which is default-active by almost every online-game host? So desperate Thanks for any advice!
  23. I have been around quite a few different types of jet and turbine engines and don't recall ever hearing this sound before (xPMDG737NGX_JET62e.wav and xPMDG737NGX_JET61e.wav) in the PMDG 737-800 sound folder. This sound is very prominent during the last phase of shut down and initial phase of start up. The PMDG 777-200 and 777-300 do it also, I suspect it is quite authentic, since PMDG went to great lengths to put this sound in. I find the sound makes the engine sound as if it has FOD in it. For now I have replaced the sound files with silence until I can figure what it is. Anyone know what this sound represents?
  24. I have been having issues with all textures on the 737-600/700 ever since I upgraded to the new update. If I uninstall the new update and install the previous version this goes away but as soon as I delete the old one and install the new one it creates a line on the back of the aircraft running under the passenger windows and through the left aft exit. Any ideas? Picture at Shyam Kumar
  25. 737ngx99

    TOGA button problem

    Hi all! So, i have a big problem with the TOGA button, ruin my whole flight. Everything has worked before but it wont work now. When at 30-40% i hit the TOGA button, nothing special about that. But the power is just getting up to about 50% and stops there, so i have no speed? About 1 week ago when i fly everythign has worked fine but now its just getting up to 50%. Whats the problem??? I have done everything correct but it is something wrong. Very frustrated. Thanks for answer guys!