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Found 54 results

  1. Normal Routine of Installation: Kaspersky Disabled All installed well Restart PC FSX Enter Activation Code [Kaspersky still disabled] Error, "Activation Code not vallid" Dead Cockpit Uninstalled Same procedure Same result I've checked FIREWALL (although disabled) and nothing of PMDG is blocked and FlexNet is open for incoming and outgoing. Any help?? Terblanche Jordaan FACT
  2. Hello Translated with google I changed my pc, I changed the cpu master card and the video card I am not able to use 777-200 and 777-300 it asks me the activation number I registered the plane appears but There is no wheel and the dial is not functional. I have screenshot with the number Tank you Allo Traduit avec google J'ai modifier mon pc, j'ai changer la carte maîtresse cpu et la carte vidéo je suis pas capable d'utiliser 777-200 et 777-300 il me demande le numéro d'activation je l'inscrit l'avion apparaît mais il ni a pas de roue et les cadran non fonctionnel. J'ai des capture d'écran avec les numéro Merci
  3. cwdmr

    Activation Issue

    Hello all, I have been losing my mind over this Prepar 3D v4 with PMDG 777...I have downloaded, updated...every thing I can think of and read about...When I open Prepar3Dv4 I am able to choose the 777, load it and it seems to be going through all of it's proper initialization. The moment I touch anything, it informs me it will shut down (and it does) leaving me a message about activating my PMDG variant. The thing is, I never was prompted to enter the activation key...I have no idea how or where to do it now. I received the link for these liveries via PMDG, all bought and paid for with the keys...seemed to download fine...but now what??? It is like the PMDG software is only partially communicating with the Prepar. Thanks Much!
  4. Hey guys, so after several reinstalls i am about to lose it here. I have read through all other threads related to this but cannot find any answers that would help me. I have restarted several times as well. FlexNet 64 is running ok no problem. No weird things inside of my hosts file either... The only thing that has changed for me is my hardware - mainboard cpu and gpu, so all other addons I am running asked for reactivation and they reactivated just fine.. I am about to reinstall P3D from scratch (which is a MASSIVE PAIN) with all the addons I currently have... pmdg is the only one that refuses to work.. I am getting to "Creating Context" and then it goes to error where it claims it cannot connect to activation server. Thanks alot,
  5. Hello! I'd like to report a problem that I've had when trying to activate the J41 on FSX-se on the past week and a possible solution that, although obvious once you start investigating, may not be so plain simple for everybody. Also, this is a suggestion of a topic to be added to PMDG Knowledge Base on the Support Portal, since this may be a recurrent problem. - Problem: I'm running a FSX-SE only install and was unable to activate the J41 because of a missing SimConnect version. I formatted my PC recently and this time I only installed FSX-SE on it. I had no problems so far using any of my addons, including most PMDG planes that I own, with exception of the J41. The activation screen simply didn't show up when initializing the aircraft. I tried selecting the aircraft from the FREE FLIGHT screen and after starting a default flight (which is unchanged from factory default), but none worked. In an initial investigation of the problem, I opened Windows Event Log. There were 17 repeated error events; Up to 5 logs had been generated per second. Basically, they contained a message saying that Windows failed to generate activation context for the PMDG_BAe_JS4100.dll and saying that SimConnect version 10.0.61242.0 could not be found. Indeed I did not have this version of SC installed for some reason. I searched the internet for the installer, downloaded (from a safe provider, of course) and installed the software, proceeding to activate the J41. And it finally worked. I thought it would be useful to report this, since other people may be having or may eventually have a similar problem.
  6. I've bought Carenado aircraft from third-party retailers (Aerosoft) in the past and haven't found the serial system too intrusive, since it doesn't phone home, and I'll still be able to use my stuff if the company goes tits up. But, one virtual pilot shoppe informed me a few months ago that Carenado (as well as Alabeo) have begun using an activation scheme. True, or not? I understand from the Carenado FAQ page that individual retailers may handle things their own way, so it may be this one retailer.
  7. I'm trying to activate the package and when I'm pressing Activate, I get the following message: 737NG Activation ERROR: Unable to connect to activation server. Please check your internet connection and try again. I saw previous thread on this problem and that was a server problem, fixed by PMDG. I was just wondering if someone else have the same problem as me today or if my job internet connection has some ports blocked.. Thanks to reply if you are experiencing the same issue. Mikedepo
  8. Hello. I have two planes from PMDG. The 737NGX and the 747 400. I am planning on re formatting my hard drive soon. When I do, will I run into any issues when trying to re-activate these planes again? Thanks.
  9. I've upgraded from Win7 64bit Home Pre. to Win8 64 bit Pro. Now I get activation window every time I start Active Sky. I found similar topic in these forum, but it's for SSD device with same problem. I don't have SSD. Anyone with same problem?
  10. Hi guys so i bought FSX a few days ago and i was really excited to play the game. Then i install the game and then when i started it up i typed in the serial (which was shown from my fsx box) and then i get an error. So then i clicked activate later and played a short flight but then the game shutdown without an error so i was really unhappy if anyone out there could help me i would be glad! i really want to play this game. oh and also i tried re-installing it many times but it does not work. btw i am running on windows Vista :smile: - masterrezaul123
  11. Hi guys, Aerosoft service support sent me here. Recently bought your software and tried installing it on my computer. I had to upgrade the computer and installed windows several times in order to run smoothly Microsfot Flight Simulator X and 737 NGX. The problem is I started getting the following error: "The Activation fo the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because max extra activations exceeded. Incident # 7355-825218" I am very passionate about flying, and I invested a lot of money in the simulator and software; I regret that I cannot use this software, which is one of the best and most complex. Can you please look into this situation, provide me with a new key or tell me what should I do? My current invalid Key is: EDITED OUT. Please let me know if you need any other information from me. Thank you very much in advance and hope to hear from you soon. Danut Radu ------------------------- Shaun Fletcher, Aug 17 16:40 (CEST): Dear Customer, You need to contact PMDG directly regarding the activation issue, you can find them at the link below. http://www.precision...es/support.html With kind regards, Shaun Fletcher Aerosoft GmbH Flughafen Paderborn/L. D-33142 Bueren HRB1989 Paderborn GF: Winfried Diekmann Get your best FS products at http://www.aerosoft.com Our support forums at http://www.forum.aerosoft.com danut radu, Aug 16 22:49 (CEST): To whom it may concern, I bought a soft with the B 737NGX for the use on my new flight simulator, which I built. Because I was not happy with the performance of my old computer, I bought new one for this particular soft. Unfortunately, when I tried to actives I received the next message: “The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because max extra activations exceeded. Incident # 7355-825218”. I am very passionate about flying, and I invested a lot of money in the simulator and software; I regret that I cannot use this software, which is one of the most complexes. I would like very much to activate this software and that's why I need a help from you. I appreciate very much your products and I want to order some new software with US Cities, Airports and new models of aircraft. In attachment you have proof of what I said in email.Registration -Key: EDITED OUT TOO
  12. Hi everyone, I reinstalled my fsx and now i can not activate my PMDG NGX. It say's: The axtivation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy because max extra activations exceeded. [incident# 7289-1464334] Hope someone can help me! Do i need to email PMDG, so yes what is the email of them? Or can some of you help me out?! Kind of regards, Jorick
  13. For years I have enjoyed the immersive experience of FSX and PMDG's 737 NGX. Today, I have launched FSX as normal (it opens with a PMDG aircraft loaded) and for the first time ever, I have been asked for a PMDG product activation code. I dug this out and applied it and in return, got the response in the attached screen grab. FSX will not load after this sequence of events. Can anyone help me with a workaround?
  14. I remember reading somewhere on the forums that the plane can be installed and activated on up to 2 computers at the same time. I tried installing it on my laptop, however, I ran into some trouble: On the first install, everything seemed fine, but despite having been activated successfully, there was no landing gear or PFDs (I think this is the anti piracy system kicking in, right?). So I uninstalled the plane via Windows Control Panel, removed all of its files from the FSX folder, deleted its entries from the dll.xml file, and removed the fsx.cfg file. Then I started FSX to make sure all the changes took place - so far everything seemed to work as expected. Then I reinstalled the plane. Once I fired up FSX again, it asked me whether it should load the various .dll files it needs. I clicked "yes" on all of them. After selecting the T7 from the menu, it asked to load one or two more .dll files. I know it's supposed to show the activation window when the plane is selected for the first time, but it did not. I've tried reinstalling multiple times but still can't get the thing activated. Everything worked brilliantly when I installed it on the first computer (my main gaming rig). TL;DR: Activation window won't show up despite several reinstalls. Halp. Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit with UAC disabled. CK
  15. Hello Simmers, I got some problems right here: 1. Why always activation window pops up when i load the 737-800/900NGX? Even though I have an original activation code. 2. After I put it into the activation window, I continued the free flight process as usual until the aircraft was in the parking gate. When the aircraft was pushing back, i did engine start procedure, but I got the second well problem. Well, for the engine 2 when N1 rotation was observed, N2 reached 26-28 and the start lever was clicked into the idle potition, N2 didn't increase to normal acceleration, it just stayed on 26-28 RPM. I really don't understand why this could be happened. 3. Due this problem, I exit the FSX, and i got "A fatal error occured". I never get this problem before. Could anyone please help me?
  16. Hello, as win764 won't allow me to setup Oculus Rift software, I've setup another OS (win10), on the same system (dual boot), and then I've installed there a second copy of p3dv4, without any problem with any addon yesterday I set up precipitFX on win10 too (again, same system) today VFX central on win7 is telling me that I have exceeded the limit of activations, specifying that the software may be used on one PC only, yet that's my case I have requested an activation reset, in the meantime I am asking, please, some clarification about this software behavior, thanks
  17. i've bought the 737ngx + expansion recently, but the activation is giving me hard time, the error is "unable to connect to activation server" and then "you don't have a valid license installed for this product" i'm in a campus and i've thought that the broblem could be that here some internet ports are blocked but the problem, even trying to activate it with an external 4g connection, is the same, i seen that i can not connect to the pmdg site with this pc (chrome give me an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ) i realy need the 737 for the flight training that i'm doing, so thanks for your time
  18. Hi Everyone! First time inquiring here. i have recently purchased a Boeing 777X base pack from PMDG, but I have been unable to activate the product over the past few days. I am the proud owner of the PMDG NGX package as well, which I recall had asked me to enter my purchase code after an internet download. However after running the installer for the PMDG 777, it did not ask me for an activation. When loading the aircraft into Flight Sim X (SP2, installed, checked and verified), before clicking the "Fly Now" i get an error which states "initialization of license library failed" . If i skip this error and head into the flight I see the aircraft with no landing gear, Unable to move the control surfaces and with black gauges. I have attempted to do a complete uninstall and re-install it multiple times, with the same results. i have also reinstalled FlightSim from the top up with no change in the situation. I have already submitted a ticket with PMDG support and after receiving instructions for initial troubleshooting (which failed) they have become unresponsive. I would appreciate any help and suggestions regarding the matter, and have not been able to find this topic discussed earlier. Warm Regards, Gautham Manoj Friday, September 4th Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  19. Hello, I intalled the 737 and when I opened the fsx and choosen the PMDG 737 there were no activation window. And when I started to fly I can not use the buttons just the engines worked. What can I do that I can see the Activation window??? Adrian
  20. I want to change my i7 3970 to 4970. May i know do i need to make re-activation after change CPU? I will only change CPU only, will not reinstall OS. Tks
  21. I'm new to Carenado. First things first, is there any kind of product activation required? That's a deal-breaker for me as I like to keep software for DECADES. Seems not to be the case from what I can tell but I want to be sure.That said, I'm looking at getting at least one version of a C-152 and C-172, as well as at least one or two other Cessnas, but am curious as to which sim to buy for. I use FSX by far the most, hands down, followed by FS9. I have X-Plane 9 as well, though I very rarely play it. But if one or more of the Cessnas are good enough in terms of graphics, and especially physics and flyability, then I'd be willing to give it a shot.
  22. Just a quick question. Does VoxATC have any kind of DRM or copy protection? I see it has a "registration" system. I don't mind if I just need a code, but if it requires activation, reauthorization each time I reinstall, periodic check-ins, etc. then it's a deaibreaker. I have a habit of keeping and using software decades after it's out of support.
  23. Hi, when I choose the aircraft from the menu I am Asked for activation code. I try to copy and paste the license key I received from the confirmatİon e-mail but as I paste it stays for one second and then disappears. I try to write down my self and every letter vanishes as a second one is entered. Did any one have the same issue? Regard, İlhan KESMEZ
  24. Hi, After purchasing an amazing 5900x, Pilot2ATC has stopped working - it found the hw difference and couldn't validate my registration key anymore. I've sent an email to admin@pilot2atc.com, is this the correct process? How long does it usually take Dave to respond? Thanks Marco
  25. I know what you are thinking: If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question I be rich... and you're are probably right. But I just build the best computer money can buy, just for FSX and add ons. I messed up in a big way..... the addons were installing so quickly that I flooded my hard drive with add ons without following basic rules... like reboot! So now I uninstalled FSX with KEVO and when I try to reinstall, I get that annoying error message.... unsusseflu due to network or whatever. I tried (without success) all of the following: 1. Re installed from scratch in a new formated SSD ... 2. Cleared all FSX related files from registry (with the KEVO software)..... 3. Reset all licenses with the Microsoft "fix" posted in their support page...... 4. And just kept trying and trying and nothing Of course, I have a T1 connection and I am on the internet when I try to activate. I also have IE as my default browser with all of the cookies enabled. Any ideas? If I buy a new copy, do you think I would be able to activate it or is the issue in my PC? Thanks a lot guys! Nico
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