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  1. ilhan kesmez

    Happy New Year All!

    Happy new year to all
  2. ilhan kesmez

    What software got you hooked on Flight Sim?

    Flight simulator for spectrum 48 k it was from psion
  3. Thank you for these answers they help me much as well...
  4. ilhan kesmez

    A.T.S MD11 X-Plane project announced!

    the md-11 is the only aircraft I miss currently while I am flying in x plane. İlhan
  5. ilhan kesmez

    What's your day job?

    I am an architect and have my own office. I am also a part time professor at a University.
  6. ilhan kesmez

    Serious Question - Upgraded FSX/P3D Maddog MD-80

    I would very happily buy it
  7. ilhan kesmez

    Virtual Red Arrows 2015

    That is so ... I don't know what to say. I want everybody to see that.
  8. ilhan kesmez

    Can't use voxpop voices

    Hello, I can't use voxpop voices, and I can't connect to voxpop server I get this: voxpop server stoped working Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: voxpopservercontrol.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 4c891d25 Problem Signature 04: mscorlib Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 5265d021 Problem Signature 07: 1366 Problem Signature 08: 7 Problem Signature 09: System.BadImageFormatException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1055 Do I need to connect to use these voices. But even at the voice configuration utility when I press "speak" these voices don't work Need help, Thank you
  9. all of the 16 computers at your office shows avsim when you type "a" to google
  10. Unbelieveble like allways. I had several wow moments. Thank you...
  11. I enjoy so much your videos, thank you...
  12. ilhan kesmez

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Thank you so much Tom
  13. ilhan kesmez

    NGX Wx radar

    Yes it works with ASN
  14. great pictures and narative thank you