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  1. So? It doesn't affect that my system doesn't have this problem - nor, based on the number of posts, the majority of user don't have it either.
  2. Because it confirms what others have said. Also, did this thread help the OP?
  3. I used FSX under both XP (32 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit). - I skipped Vista. I never had uiautomationcore.dll in my FSX directory and never needed it.
  4. It would be helpful if you tell us what error message with some nonsense you got - or we supposed to guess?
  5. I'd like to offer my condolences to Tom's family at this time.
  6. in FSUIPC you can assign a letter to each joystick - that means you can plug them into any USB port and the settings will remain.
  7. Whatever might, or not, happened with Justflight it was still Phoenix Simulation Software that closed its activation servers so its customers could no longer use the add-ons they'd paid for.
  8. It was also because of financial problems. Regardless of that PSS closed its servers so that customers could no longer use was they had paid for. The press release at the time said: The latest Blackbox site states: Can a leopard change its spots?
  9. But only until Phoenix Simulation Software closed its activation servers so its customers could no longer use the add-ons they'd paid for.
  10. Anyone remember Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS)? :rolleyes: Never again.
  11. But, as far as I'm aware, the difference is that FSL isn't taking money for its Airbus?
  12. Doubtful http://earthsimulations.com/
  13. Remember Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS)?
  14. Have I missed something, but what's the point of an Airbus that doesn't have FBW (by-by-wire)?
  15. Snobbery is alive and well in the AVSIM forums. After all, we don't want want nasty gamers polluting our pure simmers do we?
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