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  1. Is that the best you can do - a friend told you? I keep C:\Microsoft \Micosoft Games\ Microsoft Flight Simulator X and have never any problems. You didn't read me my right. I have never changed default permisions or UAL on my PC That is even simpler!
  2. My point is that operating systems can, and do, cause unwanted effects - what 's yours?
  3. What's the disadvatages of not installing in C\Program Files (x86). It avoids messing about with UAL and permissions. I've never had to change either.
  4. The default boxed version of FS9 doesn't instal on a recent security update on Wn 7- I know because I had to reinstall it! Microsoft already regards it as obsolesent
  5. That is my point. The default boxed version no longer installs in Win7. Beig obsolocent, Microsost has no longer any interest in it!
  6. FS9 is a 11 year old obsolete game designed to run on an obsolete Windows 2000/ XP, or 98/ME. It's not going to last for ever
  7. Even when new it had glaring errors. In the UK for example, the Airspace Classification is totally wrong. It ignores Class A airspace totally and uses Class B airspace which doesn't existing the the UK. Microsoft simply used US classification and ignored the rest of the world.
  8. The title of the thead is ATC is NOT 'as real as it gets'! :-(. That's because Microsoft developed it as a game. That that's why add-on developers have enanced it to make a a simulation - if you must call it that. The only agenda here is thoseis who are terrified of being called a gamer - shock horror, we are simulators!!!
  9. Microsoft developed FS9 (and all the version) as games - with all their limitations. By all means enhance FS9 by add-ons to improvement it. Don't blame Microsoft for not including all add-ons people wanted.in the base price. It wouldn't have sold at that prices and we'd have had nothing!
  10. You dsbeleive the OP's initial post?
  11. The simple explanation is that FS9/FSX are games - marketed for the game market.!
  12. Surely it's only honest to state if an reviewer has been given a benefit - even it's a free copy.
  13. This thread is now more than a pointless storm in a tea-cup. It also has a more misinformation about copyright.
  14. It deserved to be grounded if it can't meet the safety standards.
  15. My laptop has one physical drive but: Local Disk (C:) Recovery (D:) HP_Tools (E:) Use only C: for applications. C:\FSX never causes any problems: using C:Program files(x86) can. Why take the risk?
  16. You didn't repurchase any new aeroplanes. You only bought an FSX version - not andP3D one. PMDG decides it 's price based on what the market-will-bear. If you don't think it's not worth it then don't buy it . Enough others are prepared tobuy it - which is why PMDG has no to need to reduce its prces.
  17. When why should Carenado going to tell us if it's a surprise?
  18. The original architect will have a different view. Also there' a different between a building and an aircraft in law!
  19. Perhaps the experts are too busy right now?
  20. In the FSX SDK in Core Untiities Kit>Variables>Simulation Variables in section Aircraft Fuel Data
  21. In its Variables - with many other variables.
  22. FSX has a number of variables that return current quantity in volume in gallons for the individual tanks - FUEL TANK CENTER QUANTITY, FUEL TANK CENTER2 QUANTITY.... through FUEL TANK EXTERNAL2 QUANTITY. In addition it give FUEL TOTAL QUANTITY.
  23. As long as you don't make use of Boeing's and PMDG's proprietory data you can do want you llke.
  24. What decision - that Microsoft thought it was no longer worthwhile?
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