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  1. Sorry have to disagree! 👿👿 Please give us an answer to stop the endless waiting so we can move on. Regards Robert Read here: https://virtualavionics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006085088-How-to-configure-VA-Interface-for-X-Plane You get great support here! No answer at all! only good enough to throw in your money!
  2. If you use a cable from proatc computer (output) on your soundcard to (input) soundcard fsx computer you have atc sound on your fsx computer! Works fine here! Robert
  3. You can try this: If you experience pauses/stutters on approach to one of our airports, open your Addon Manager and set your "Antipopup" value between 15-21. Then click Save. http://flightbeam.net/forums/download/file.php?id=819&mode=view Regards Robert
  4. Hello, Hifi ASN is working on a more detailed weather radar and should be available soon! see: http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?6168-More-detailed-weather-radar-like-REX-WX-ADVANTAGE-RADAR My question is do we get a more detailed weather radar in ASN like the REX WX ADVANTAGE RADAR? Regards Robert Hi Robert, Regarding an included gauge with airborne mode, we've been working on things for quite a while in that regard and should have something to show soon. Regarding the existing radar that was released almost 3 years ago, it is still the most detailed available, and is presented in a NEXRAD format. Regarding our radar API, it also provides the most realistic/detailed airborne radar simulation available, also near 3 years old now. Damian Clark
  5. If you are willing to grap your wallet take a look at this:http://www.desk-pilot.com/products.php
  6. Hello Bryan, Sorry maybe this has been asked before, I don't know. But can we expext an EMERGENCY included in the PMDG 777 as you did with the NGX Reboot? Would love to see it in the T7! Keep up the good and much appreciated work! :wink: Kind regards Robert
  7. Also read post nr 207! I bought this cable and that made a huge sound difference. Robert
  8. gear down - flaps 15 - landing checklist to flaps​ I did some training on the ground for this checklist. I have to speak the words in the sentence with more speed to get it right and the FO responce now just fine! Robert
  9. Hello, I still got a problem with gear down - flaps 15 - landing checlist to flaps!! After GS alive I speak the line: gear down - flaps 15 - landing checlist to flaps I see the tekst in the green bar correct! But the FO does not respond! I have to say this 5 or 6 times before i get a response from the FO !! This is very annoying and screws up my landing!! Is there another way to trigger the FO to respond to this gear down - flaps 15 - landing checklist to flaps?? It is strange because all the other checklist's work perfect!! What am i doing wrong and what can i try more?? Kind regards Robert
  10. Hi, Look at post nr-166 page 12 maybe this will work for you also! I use Opus cameras and buttkicker setup together with asn and it is amazing! Regards Robert
  11. Sorry but how in the hell do I (we) get this message? Yesterday everything was working oke and today at startup FSX I get this crash error! Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name : RAAS Professional Version: Compagny: FS2Crew File: \RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll Did not installed or changed anything between yesterday and today! Just did a new install a couple of weeks ago! Everything was working fine. FSX really makes me wanna trow in the towel sometimes! I have got PMDG 777 and 737NGX with emergengy NGX Regards Robert FIX ???? Tried this just now and FSX is starting again and RAAS is working! go to Username/ AppData/ Roaming/ RAASPRO and I looked in the RAASPRO.INI file. You see the line: DEFAULTProfile=AIRBUS (But I do not have the AIRBUS) and changed it to B738NG and now it works again for me!!
  12. Thanks Andy and Brian, I quess I.am not very good with this kind of work or should I say a bit to lazy :smile: I shall give it a try! :Praying: Thank you for the detailed info. Regards Robert
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