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  1. Anyone having issues with the Reality XP 750 not working in the XP11 F33A Bonanza? Its supposed to show up in the VC without adding it since it comes already RealityXP 750 ready like the Pilatus 12. I can add it as a popup but cant get it to show up in the VC. Just a blank screen. Wondering if it is a 11.30 issue. My other Carenado AC like the centurion 210 and Pilatus 12 still work fine.
  2. Sorry didnt see the FSX in the beginning, good luck, very frustrating when these things dont work. Have the Carenado Bonanza F33A which has same issue as yours but works in all my other XP11 AC. Can add it as a popup but not in the VC.
  3. iF NOT DOING, make sure you launch P3D as administrator. That got me after recent purchase since I was able to use it in XPlane 11 without launching XP11 as administrator.
  4. Are you talking about the 4 black screws that attach the backet to the throttle assembly which has the big screw clamp. Also is the throttle assembly the same for the Saitek Pro flight yoke. If so I have the package of the 4 screws still in the plastic bag unopened which I didnt use since I put two throttle quadrants together in a housing and attached 737 flap, throttles and speed brake. I have extra blow red and black handle attachments. You can message me with info on your address and I can send them to you for free.
  5. Had remote CDU working on Airbus and then quit working again. Happened after windows 10 updte. My PMDG stuff still works though. Does the panel state have any relation to the remote cdu working or not. I have turnaround state as default. I ran the experimental update again but no luck.
  6. My aerosoft updater linked me to the experimental channel where I found the beta update to make the cdu work.
  7. t4murphy


    I prefer that software companies don't install scenery and change your scenery.ini file. It rarely goes well. First time for me was the orbx XP11 Miegs field which did not place in correct order. So easy a cavemen can do it by himself. The utility is okay also. I love XP where you can just drop an aircraft or scenery in the folder and boom its done with exception of orthoxp which is still just a quick move in the scenery.ini file.
  8. Everything working now for xplane webfmc and remote CDU. Not sure if it was just turning on sharing which was off. Who knows. Just glad its working.
  9. If you buy more pedals get the combat pedals. They're more heavy duty. I know that doesnt mean they can't fail but they look like normal airline style pedals to me. The pedals are solid aluminum or something. But more beefier. Of course you can go with the more expensive thrustmaster ones.
  10. Connects externally to my win 10 laptop and remotely on existing dedicated pc. It likes fellow windows device. Probably some setting in win10. Tried restoring to prior state. But to no avail. Might have to stick with a win10 tablet until solved. My computer knowledge is limited in how these things work. I'm okay with a cheap win 10 tablet just dedicated to this. It almost something I can't live without like my trackIR and dual quadrant saitek setup.
  11. I sent a ticket to Marc on this already. After last win 10 update I could no longer get the remote CDU to pull up on my Android tablet nor the android note 5 phone. Works perfectly on my win 10 laptop though. This was same issue for the WEBfmc for Xplane 11. For some reason it seems to only cooperate on another windows 10 device. Any ideas. I have most recent remote CDU since I had it working fine on the android tab with the new PMDG 747-8 soon after upgrading the remote CDU just after release. I heard of the file deleting issues with the recent Win 10 upgrade but not compatibility issues with android devices. Anybody else having this problem?
  12. My remote cdu stopped workin after win 10 update last night. It will say connected to 747 v3 but no display. First time having this issue. Worked great recently even after update for 747-8.
  13. t4murphy

    Loading terrain data stuck at 6%

    Thats been that way since FSX for me. Just kick back and wait.
  14. t4murphy

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    Definitely a noob question, go easy om him.
  15. Since my Op Center doesnt work --no livery downloads or updating anything , even after creating ticket and unable to identify an issue, is there any other way to update AC without reinstalling everything. Updates are identified but when running them the download stops as quick as it begins. Just a flash then stops. Same for livery downloader. Sure someone else has this issue. Admin rights and antivirus exclusion as usual.Like a said earlier, no problem found with ticket sent previously.