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  1. Thanks for this script. Old post but recently moved everything over to 11.52 Vulkan with same BS. Script works like a charm. Thanks
  2. Same here,I even have an XBOX account that is signed into. MS account is signed into also but cant but Carenado AC that I'm trying to purchase.
  3. Was wondering how to purchase within MSFS marketplace. When I try to buy any payware within MSFS 2020 it fails. I purchased some sceneries for ORBX on their site with no problem but want to get the Carenado AC on marketplace.
  4. Just use both or all 3 of them. I love having P3D V5 ,XP11 and soon MSFS. They all have there pluses and minuses. Too much much money invested in them to simply get rid of any one of them. No one said you only need one. Stop whining.
  5. I fly primarily Boeing heavies and conventional GA so the yoke is more real for me.
  6. Recently updated GPU from 1070 to 2070S. I ran furmark on it and it did fine. I can play other intense games on Steam. When I load up XP11 it will lock up the system. Happens right at end of loading . it made it a couple times to loading the AC but soon locked up afterwards. Did a clean install on drivers to no avail. Same occurs on P3D v5 also. Power supply is 750 Watts. Like I said I ran furmark which stresses the card but it handled that fine.was wondering if there was something to do in XP11 with settings.
  7. Watch Pandemic Series on Netflix. It is right on the money. Also I just finished my 14 day quarantine from Corona Virus exposure in the ER I work at in Nashville. Seen the awful effects from the H1N1 few years ago. This isnt that bad Yet.
  8. Just bought this today. Definitely have to read their manual on the carenado proline. I flew from TE Florida KEYW to KMLB without too many issues. Hard to manipulate the tiny menu formats on the screens. There is a sound issue on startup. Very delayed prop runup. If you lean outside of the aircraft like when you use Trackir the engines are always in a startup sound and that is while they are already running. When outside the AC on the ground there is this weird whining noise with all the power off. Right engine anti ice light doesnt illuminate when that is on, left is okay. Able to capture 9R ILS at Melbourne airport. Not sure if this was a Thranda design or from someone else. Hate to see him gone. I own every Carenado XP11 GA plane. The worst one for me is the not so GA AC the Fokker 50. Very terrible on FPS for some reason. The SAAB 340B is a little better but not as good as the other one from XAviation
  9. Nevermind, I did the content.msi unistall/reinstall which fixed it. Saw that on another post in AVSIM forum. Thanks
  10. I have seen all the post about dark or black nacelles and leading edges at night but on my SWA 737 the leading edges are all black even in bright daylight.
  11. When at the Drzewiecki KMDW airport, the gate from the adjacent stand will dock with the aircraft. Using the ZIBO 737.
  12. Sent message to Carnado, They're looking into it. Probably from last XP11 update.
  13. Havent flown both these AC in awhile. Tried the F50 Fokker. It wouldnt hold altitude. Would go right through the set altitude. Not sure if this is due to the newest update. The other carenado AC like the new 206 does fine. Was using Propwash AP but disconnected it for repeat flight but still had altitude hold issues. Nav mode works fine. Same for the Saab 340B.
  14. The newly done Bristol EGGD for XP11 is out for XP11 and the P3D V4 version also. I had the Pilot Plus version for XP11 , the Definitive Bristol International, but it ran very choppy on my rig. So far this UK2000 seems to run more smoother along with my True Earth GB from ORBX.
  15. New V 1.0 Fokker 50 for XP11 having issues with vertical speed and holding altitude. The vertical speed adjust and altitude select arent adhered to with the autopilot. The aircraft will continue to climb and sometimes descend. Eventually I can get it to hold altitude by manually adjusting controls and then engage altitude hold. Cant get alt select to funtion like it should.
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